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1997.02.25 - The Howard Stern Show - Phone Call from Slash

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1997.02.25 - The Howard Stern Show - Phone Call from Slash Empty 1997.02.25 - The Howard Stern Show - Phone Call from Slash

Post by Blackstar on Sat Feb 08, 2020 8:40 pm


Stern: Yeah. Hey, Slash is on the line. He just called in.

Quivers: You kidding? He was indiscretion [?] last night.

Stern: Yeah. Slash?

Slash: Yeah?

Stern: Did you, oh, you didn't see it. He lives in LA.

Quivers: That's true.

Slash: Wait [chuckling]

Stern: It's Howard.

Slash: I know, hey, how are you?

Stern: What are you doing up?

Slash: What am I doing up?

Stern: Yeah?

Slash: Me and Teddy have been driving around Southern California trying to find something to do after 2.

Stern: Isn't that great?

Quivers: Who's Teddy?

Stern: Who's Teddy? Your girlfriend?

Slash: There's absolutely nothing to do here. What?

Stern: Who's Teddy?

Slash: Teddy's the singer for the Blues Ball.

Stern: Oh, is that a chick?

Slash: No, he is not a chick and he doesn't wear one either.

Stern: Slash's got a great life, man. He made a bunch of dough with Guns N' Roses and now he can just drive around in LA.

Slash: We did, we just found this one place that's like the Toys R Us for adults. We bought a bunch of magazines and videos and like that.

Stern: Porno? Isn't it funny...

Slash: However you want to look at it, mature.

Stern: Like Slash could go anywhere and get laid and yet he's like out two in the morning buying porno magazine.

Quivers: Buying dirty magazines!

Stern: Yeah, it's weird. He's as desperate as I am. I like that.

Slash: No... and also there's this peep show thing there and we also took one of the crew guys with us and - I don't know - they have this thing where you go and you put two dollars in the thing goes up and you watch your girl dance for a couple minutes.

Stern: Is she hot or is she like kind of sloppy looking?

Slash: You know, actually over in this particular place they're really nice-looking.

Stern: Really?

Slash: So I...

Quivers: What do you get out of watching a girl dance behind a glass?

Slash: I didn't do it. I gave the guy two dollars...

Stern: Yes, you did.

Slash: ...his name's Micro, he's never seen one.

Quivers: Micro!

Stern: Micro, I wonder where he got that name.

Slash: Right there against the glass and then thing went down.

Stern: Wow.

Slash: That's where you lose your money.

Stern: Yeah, you need another two bucks.

Slash: Right, and I said, "let's get out of here," okay? I already paid for my stuff so... Anyway, so that was my evening's night. But we did rehearse tonight and record tonight.

Stern: You coming in for the premiere?

Slash: Uhm, yeah.

Stern: Oh good.

Quivers: Very cool

Slash: I don't know if the word's out or not but I'm playing at this thing.

Quivers: You're playing?!

Stern: Oh good, I didn't know that.

Slash: You didn't know that?

Stern: No. That's great. They're keeping som stuff, they're keeping some stufff.

Slash: ...we're playing, we're playing.

Quivers: Yeah?

Slash: We're doing the West Coast version of it.

Stern: They're keeping me out of, like, special guests and stuff.

Slash: Oh see, I didn't know whether I was gonna say anything, I just called to say hi off air, I didn't know I was gonna be on air.

Stern: Yeah, well, I'm sort of doing a show, Slash, so...

Slash: Well, I mean, I figured you had a commercial…


Slash: the midst of all this stuff, you know there's a lot of hoopla going round about this.

Stern: Yeah well, it's exciting actually and... and... I don't know, like last night they ran The Making of Private Parts. You were prominently displayed, you're interviewed for it. It's pretty good. You came off real good.

Slash: I did?

Stern: Yeah, you actually made some... didn't he make like some intelligent comments?

Quivers: Yeah [laughter] He said, uhm...

Slash: I never know how to predict how I'm gonna come off.

Stern: [laughter] Yeah. You actually seemed, you know, like you were right in the room, yeah.

Quivers: He said that, aaah, that, you know, that when you were off the air you were the greatest guy, you're the nicest guy, and then when you go back on the air you become Howard.

Stern: Yeah. That was your comment, but it was good.

Slash: Did you just hear that in the back?

Stern: Yeah, what was it?

Slash: That's Ted's Great Dane [laughing]

Stern: Oh, I heard it.

Quivers: What's he doing to him?

Stern: Gargling noise.

Slash: Wait, wait, no, okay, there's this huge Great Dane in here and there's a cat behind me.

Quivers: Oh my.

Slash: And they're having a confrontation.

Stern: Hey, where's your wife?

Slash: Huh?

Stern: Where's that hot wife of yours?

Slash: She's at home, she's sleeping. I've been here for the last two days working on new songs for another record.

Stern: Let me tell you something.

Slash: We have a rehearsal tomorrow to come to the…

Quivers: So you don't want to go home, either? [laughing]

Slash: No, I never go home. That's why I...

Stern: neither.

Slash: [laughing] I have a lot of, uhm, I don't know, I mean, I'm really proud of Howard because somehow he manages to keep it all together.

Quivers: Uh-oh! It's over!


Slash: It's a rough one, you know. It's like, "honey, I'm not coming home tonight," "Yeah, right, anyway, whatever, I'm going to sleep."

Stern: So what's the deal? You're breaking up or what?

Slash: No, no, no, no, it's just when I'm working I'm working all the time.

Stern: I hear you.

Slash: I'll be home.

Quivers: How long do you think you'll be working, three-four months? [laughter]

Stern: Couple of years.

Slash: With the gig on Thursday I'll come home Wednesday night. And she's coming to this gig and she will look...

Stern: Okay, good. His wife will be over at the premiere.

Quivers: We will see her at the premiere.

Stern: We have a star-studded premiere going on. Tickets go on sale...

Slash: Yeah, that's what I hear.

Stern: go on sale this morning at 8:00 a.m. and there's a plenty of, there's thousands literally of tickets, thousands of seats so you can see the movie the week before.

Slash: I talked some kids on the radio over here with Ricky Rachtman Show and I guess they're giving tickets away on KLSX or something, and so, you know, these kids are calling in and they're winning tickets...

Stern: They're caravanning in from Los Angeles.

Quivers: That's right. They're coming in on a bus?

Stern: Yeah. There's a guy, there's a guy, uh, I got a guy in the caravan right now, he, uh, I don't know, I just saw a whole bunch of so much stuff going I can barely keep track of it.

Slash: You know what? Like you still doing the show though, that's what's cool. No matter how cluttered things get you still do your gig.

Stern: Yeah, that's what I'm looking to bail out on.


Slash: [?] proud would be Keith Richards, that's what he always told me, says as long as you show up and never miss the show, regardless. You could be rolling in on a skateboard on your ears.

Stern: Keith Richards said that?

Slash:[?] having slept in a chandelier the night before, at least you make the gig.

Stern: Keith Richard said that?

Slash: Yeah. He actually told it to somebody very close and dear to me [laughter]

Stern: Yeah, I remember.

Quivers: Uh-oh!

Stern: I can imagine who that was.

Quivers: Speaking of which, what happened there?

Stern: Well, there is no more Guns N' Roses, I say it's over. So what?

Slash: It's not a real big concern with me right now because if it gets together, you know how I always put it, if we get together we get together, and in the meantime there's so many other things to do.

Quivers: But you guys were working things out?

Slash: I did, I went back for like ten rehearsals. It just didn't work out. It was worse than before I left and I just, you know what, [?]

Stern: Weird. So many hassles. Doesn't Axl want to have the band together anymore?

Slash: He does, but he wants to... I don't know. For me personally we're just not...uh, let's put it, like a more civil kind of way of putting it, is we're not seeing eye-to-eye on the direction point of view and it's a lot of friction and it's just worth it.

Stern: Alright, whatever.

Slash: Once it falls together, it will. We've been through this so many times.

Stern: Yeah, what the hell's the difference?

Slash: Yeah.

Stern: What are you gonna do? Hey, I got a run.

Slash: All right.

Stern: I'll see you Thursday.

Slash: Say hi to both of you guys and...

Stern: Thanks for being in the movie.

Slash: I hope to see you over satellite or something on Thursday.

Stern: Okay, good, cool, bye.

Slash: Have a good one.

Stern: Okay, thanks, take care.

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