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1991.05.DD - The Howard Stern Show - Phone Call from Duff

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1991.05.DD - The Howard Stern Show - Phone Call from Duff Empty 1991.05.DD - The Howard Stern Show - Phone Call from Duff

Post by Blackstar on Thu Aug 22, 2019 11:16 am

Thanks to @cass for sharing it over at mygnrforum.

And thanks to @Surge for sending us the complete version and for helping with the date.


Robin Quivers: Which one is he?

Howard Stern: Duff McKagan (?). He’s the drummer.

Male: Didn’t they throw him out?

Quivers: Yeah, the drummer’s out.

Stern: Hey, Duff, you’re on the air.

Duff: Yo!

Stern: Duff, I thought they threw you out of the group.

Duff: No! What are you talking about? Steven.

Quivers: Steven!

Stern: Oh, they threw Steven out of the group!

Duff: Yeah, what d’ya mean?

Stern: Alright!

Quivers: You’re the bass player.

Duff: (?) together.

Stern: Whoa! Ease it. Wait a second, Duff. Duff, you gotta use clean language, my friend.

Duff: Oh, I’m sorry... I’m on the air?

Stern: We’re on the air. It’s Howard.

Duff: Oh, Howard!  How are you doing, buddy?

Stern: Dude!

Duff: (?)

Stern: By the way, ladies and gentlemen, from the excellent, most excellent group in the world, Guns N’ Roses, this is Duff. You guys are the most excellent group, you know that.

Duff: You know what, you’re the most excellent dude.

Stern: Right!

Duff: (?) California language (?).

Stern: That’s alright. You guys sound like you’ve been working hard. I can tell just by the way you’re talking.

Quivers: Yeah, you need some sleep.

Stern: You need sleep (laughs).

Duff: Who? Me? No, no, no. I’m – actually, I’ve been sane because I’m doing a record of my own.

Stern: You make Joe Walsh sound well rested.

Duff: What?

Stern: You’re making Joe Walsh sound well rested.

Duff: (laughs).

Stern: No, I can tell you guys have been drinking a little bit, haven’t you?

Duff: No, not really.

Stern: Really?

Duff: No.

Quivers: How did you get like this?

Stern: Yeah, what did you do? (laughs)

Duff: Um... I have – Howard –

Stern: Yeah?

Duff: Don’t embarrass me on the radio. I have speech impediment, okay?

Stern: No, you don’t, Duff.

Duff: Huh?

Stern: You do not.

Duff: What? Remember when we met at – we did that thing at the (?) hotel?

Stern: Yeah, sure.

Duff: Aaah.

Stern: Hey, Duff...

Duff: You made fun of me then.

Stern: How do I know this is really Duff?

Duff: Okay, remember when we (?)

Stern: Yeah, but all the listeners know that.

Duff: Oh, okay... Let’s see... What...

Stern: Alright, let me see. I’ll ask you a special question about Guns N’ Roses only a guy from Guns N’ Roses would know.

Duff: Go for it.

Stern: Alright, are you ready?

Duff: Yeah?

Stern: Alright, Gary, go ahead.

Gary: When you guys played the American Music Awards and Steve couldn’t make it, who filled in?

Duff: Steve couldn’t make it?

Gary: Yeah.

Duff: Oh, you mean Don Henley?

Stern: Alright! You passed! You know what? You’re Duff! Man!

Duff: Hey, Howard, it’s me, man!

Stern: Hey, I can’t believe it.

Quivers: We have to check. We have to check.

Stern: Hey, this is cool.

Duff: Is this... What are – is this Rosie?

Quivers: No.

Stern: No, that’s Razi.

Quivers: (Laughs) Robin.

Stern: Robin, right.

Duff: Robin!

Stern: What’s your name again?

Duff: Robin remember when we hung out?

Quivers: Oh yeah!

Stern: Yeah, we remember. Hey, wait a second, now –

Duff: I’m in town and I’m up in this ungodly hour...

Stern: Hey, Duff, let me ask you something.

Duff: Yes.

Stern: So you’re in the studio –

Duff: We’re mastering our album. Slash and I are in town mastering the album. Slash is in the room below me, he’s with a young woman right now.

Quivers: Oh!

Stern: Oh, man! Hey, where’s your women?

Duff: Oh yeah, I shouldn’t say that. [Beep].

Stern: Whoa!

Duff: Oops!

Gary: Oops.

Duff: (?) to L.A.?

Stern: No, we’re not in L.A. yet.

Quivers: Not yet.

Duff: Oh.

Stern: No. Don’t use the “s” word. Hey, is there women in the room with you?

Duff: Um... I... Well, yeah...

Stern: (Laughs).

Quivers: Look around. Look around. Tell us –

Stern: Let me talk to those women.

Duff: Okay. Alright, you know what? Do you wanna hear a – I got a... I’ve got Live And Let Die. I was covering it, if you wanna hear it.

Stern: Yeah, let me hear it.

Duff: On DAT.

Stern: Alright, go ahead.

Duff: You wanna hear it?

Stern: Yeah.

Duff: Okay.

Stern: Hey, this is the Guns N’ Roses...

Quivers: Yeah (?)

Duff: Yeah, I’m gonna play it through headphones to the phone.

Stern: Alright, just play a little bit of it. This is –

Duff: I’ll play a little bit exactly.

Stern: This is an exclusive, isn’t it?

Duff: Yeah. So don’t tell anybody except for all (?) (laughs).

Stern: Alright (laughs).

Duff: (?) am I stupid.

Stern: This is Guns N’ Roses, doing Live and Let Die?

Duff: It should be Live and Let Die.

Stern: Alright, go ahead. This is a world exclusive! I’m very excited. I didn’t expect this.

[Live and Let Die starts playing over the phone – it can barely be heard]


Stern: I wish I had a band.

Quivers: I wish we could hear it. I mean, it’s a great song (laughs).

Stern: I just wish I had a band so I could be having this kind of fun.

Quivers: You would be dead by now (laughs).

[Live and Let Die is being played over the phone]

Quivers: (Laughs).

Stern: Sounds like it was recorded to Channel 9, doesn’t it?


Stern: (Laughs) Channel 9 audio team.

Quivers: Hey, it’s an exclusive (laughs).


Stern: Hey, what do we care. We’re just happy Guns N’ Roses calls us. Hey, Duff!

Duff: Guys, it sounds like crap!

Stern: Yeah, I know! What happened?

Duff: Well, I’m playing it to a DAT machine through headphones.

Stern: Well, maybe digital audio technology isn’t that good.

Duff: Um, it’s Jap crap. That’s what it is.

Stern: “Jap crap” (laughs). Hey, Duff...

Duff: Yo, brotha!

Stern: Now, let me get this straight. So Slash is busy with some girls...

Duff: Yeah.

Stern: And you’re busy with some girls.

Duff: Well, I’m with a young woman, yeah.

Stern: Where did you meet her?

Duff: Where did I meet her?

Stern: Yeah.

Duff: Um... I... I don’t know. Where did I meet her? (laughs)


Stern: Is this somebody new?

Duff: Um...

Stern: Is it that simple that you just go to a club and then all of a sudden all the women flock to you, cuz, you know, you’re –

Duff: No! No!

Quivers: No?

Duff: No! I don’t – I’m not (?). I’m not like that.

Stern: Really?

Duff: Robin?

Quivers: So where did you get this girl?

Duff: Robin, I’m not like that.

Quivers: Okay.

Stern: But where did you get this girl?

Duff: I... Well, I didn’t, like, get her. She, like, grabbed me or something.


Stern: Let me talk to her.

Duff: (Laughs) You wanna talk to her?

Stern: Let me speak to her.

Duff: (Laughs) Do you wanna talk? But Howard, man, seriously, I saw the TV show...

Stern: Yeah?

Duff: I thought it was the most rocking thing.

Stern: Yeah? Which –

Duff: When you showed the clips of the Joan Rivers thing?

Stern: Yeah?

Quivers: Oh yeah?

Duff: That was [beep], man.

Stern: Which one are we talking about there?

Duff: Well, when you –

Quivers: That’s the one when you were to win on the show and Joan –

Duff: Yeah.

Stern: Yeah.

Duff: And you showed, like, clips of –

Stern: Hey, was that cool?

Duff: Yeah. And Robin, of course. You were most lovely on the show.

Robin: Wow, thank you.

Stern: Did you see her breasts? Very beautiful.

Duff: Well, you’ve got other women with breasts on there, so...

Stern: Yeah.

Quivers: He’s right. There’s lots of breasts (?)

Stern: Yeah (?)

Duff: Okay, Howard wants to talk to you.

Stern: Yeah, let me speak to her.

Duff: Okay. Her name is Tracey.

Stern: Alright.

Quivers: How come Guns N’ Roses doesn’t do a show?

Duff: Well, how come... Maybe you don’t know that we might be doing a show.

Quivers: Oh, okay!

Stern: Oh, cool. Hey Duff, that would be most excellent.

Duff: Most definitely excellent.

Stern: Yeah. Let me speak to this girl.

Duff: Okay. And then I’ll talk to you and then we will sign out.

Quivers: Alright.

Stern: Alright. Let me speak to her.

Duff: Okay. And tomorrow –

Stern: Hey, how is Axl doing, man, since the breakup of his marriage? I spoke to him when he first got married. He called me. I mean –

Duff: Well, he is... he is... he’s still got red hair.

Quivers: (?) he actually looks a lot better.

Stern: How come he’s not mastering the album? Where is he?

Duff: Um, he’s packing away. This time around Slash and I are basically mixing and mastering the album.

Stern: Are you getting along with him and everything? I mean, is everybody –

Duff: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Everything is very (?)

Stern: Because you guys got to stay together. You understand that?

Duff:  Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know, we headlined two nights in Rio, the Rock in Rio?

Stern: Yeah.

Duff: That is, like, the biggest outdoor stadium in world or something.

Quivers:  Yeah.

Stern: Dude, you’re, like, a millionaire already.

Duff: (?) I don’t care.

Stern: Oh, you care. Come on, man. How cool is that.

Quivers: He’ll care later, Howard.

Stern: What have you got? Like a Ferrari?

Duff: No, I -

Stern: What do you drive?

Duff: I’ve got a pickup track.

Stern: Oh... What have you got? Some kind of big mansion or something?

Duff: I have a nice home.

Stern: Do you watch your money? You’ve got, like, an accountant or something?

Duff: Yeah, but I have two dogs. This is more important to me.

Stern: Yeah, but, I mean, someone’s watching your money, right?

Duff: Yeah! Howard, you’ve got more money than I’ve got.

Stern: No, come on!

Duff: Come on!

Stern: Come on. What, are you kidding me?!

Duff: No!

Stern: What do you think I am, like Johnny Carson or something?

Quivers: He must have talked to you (?)

Duff: You are a baddy Johnny Carson, let’s put it that way.

Stern: Really? You think my TV shows got potential, huh?

Duff: And Robin is a baddy Ed McMahon. She only gets a (?).

Stern: You mean, I should be dating lots of young girls soon.

Quivers: (?) lots of young men.

Duff: Yeah, exactly (laughs). Bobby Brown or something.

Stern: But seriously...

Duff: (?) Hey, here’s the girl, here’s Tracey.

Stern: Alright, let me speak to her.

Duff: Okay, yeah.

Quivers: Tracey.

Tracey: Hello.

Stern: Tracey, you must be so fine for Duff to pay attention to you.

Tracey: Oh yeah, I’m so fine.

Stern: How old are you?

Tracey: It’s none of your business.

Stern: Oh, come on.

Tracey: I’m 21.

Stern: Oh, you’re so young. Too young.

Quivers: How did you meet him?

Stern: How did you meet Duff? He doesn’t remember.

Tracey: No, I’m not letting him say. I met him through a girlfriend.

Stern: Oh. So, like, you’re a big Guns N’ Roses fan?

Tracey: No.

Stern: What, are you, like, flipping out? That’s some catch you’ve got there.

Tracey: No, it’s no catch at all.

Stern: He might like – he might be the kind of guy that, you know, he’s, like, treating you special for a night and you’ll never see him again.

Tracey: It doesn’t matter. He’s not gonna get anything for a night.

Stern: Oh, you’re not doing him or anything?

Tracey: No, I’m not doing him.

Stern: You must be so fine. How much do you weigh?

Tracey: (?)

Stern: Are you a model?

Tracey: No, I’m not a model.

Stern: What do you do for a living?

Tracey: I’m a bartender.

Stern: You’re a bartender?!

Tracey: Yeah, I’m a bartender.

Stern: What are you wearing right now?

Tracey: Um... (laughs). He wants to know what I’m wearing.

Stern: Did he call me to impress you?

Tracey: No, he didn’t.

Stern: Like, are you a big fan of mine?

Tracey: No, actually, yeah. I said you’re on the radio and he wanted to hear it. And then he got the idea to call you after they put it on.

Stern: What are you wearing right now?

Tracey: It’s none of your business.

Stern: Come on! What’s the big deal?

Duff (in the background): None of your business!

Tracey: I’m fully clothed. That’s all you have to know.

Stern: Hey Duff. You’re turning homo. You can’t make it with her?

Quivers: Oh geez!

Stern: Duff is turning homo if he can’t make it with you.

Tracey: He says you’re turning homo if you can’t -

Duff (in the background): Hey! Hey!  


Duff (in the background): I’m coming there right now (?)

Tracey: Actually he has been a perfect gentleman.

Duff (in the background): And I ain’t kissed any (?) guy’s ass on TV.


Quivers: Oh, you kissed some guy’s ass –

Stern: Alright. Big deal! Don’t bring that up.


Tracey: Are you kissing guys’ asses? (laughs)

Stern: Yeah, maybe I did. It was a football player though.

Tracey: Oh so then you ain’t no right calling (?) a homo, homo.

Quivers: (Laughs)

Stern: So what’s the deal? Why don’t you want to make it with Duff?

Tracey: Maybe it’s none of your business. And maybe...

Stern: What color hair do you have?

Tracey: Blonde.

Duff (in the background): I know, I saw it on the TV show!

Stern: You have blonde hair?

Tracey: Yeah, I do.

Stern: What cup size are you? Bra size?

Tracey: I’m not gonna tell you that.

Stern: Tell me something, is it C? C cup?

Tracey: I’m not gonna tell you that! It’s not important.

Stern: Sure it is. To me it is.

Quivers: Do you look like anybody famous?

Tracey: (Laughs) Yeah, a lot of people compare me... (laughs) No, I’m not -

Stern: Come on, who they confuse you with? Seriously. Just come out –

Tracey: No, cuz she’s not great. She’s fat and...


Stern: Helllo? Hello?

Quivers: What happened?

Stern: I don’t know (laughs).


Stern: Well, there you have it, exclusive from Guns N’ Roses who is in New York right now, as we speak, mixing.

Quivers: With Slash.

Stern: With Slash. But Slash is downstairs with a girl. What a life those guys have!

Quivers: I’ll tell ya. You know, for the last couple of days we’ve been hanging out with these bands.

Stern: Wait a second. Hello? Duff?

Duff: Yo!

Stern and Quivers: What happened?

Duff: I don’t know. You hung up on me.

Stern: No, I didn’t. You guys hung up on me.

Duff: No! Howard –

Stern: Hey, Duff, what’s her deal? I mean, how come you can’t make it with her?

Duff: Hey, come on now!

Stern: I’m being serious. What’s going on? Why can’t you get her?

Duff: No... You’re not working with me here on this one here.

Stern: Well, come on, Duff. Tell me what’s going on. What does she look like?

Duff: She is beautiful girl. And she’s a nice girl.

Stern: And you’re not gonna go to bed with her?

Duff: Uh-uh. Howard...

Stern: Come on, Duff. Let me in.

Duff: Howard! Come on.

Stern: Let me in on this. What’s going on? Why can’t you (?)

Quivers: Are you trying or what?
Stern: You’re a rock star!

Duff: I’m not a rock star.

Stern: Yes, you are.

Duff: Howard, we should hang out.

Stern: Do you wanna come to a movie opening with us? Tomorrow afternoon?

Duff: Oh, (?) what’s-her-name thing?

Stern: No, no, no. What are we seeing tomorrow?

Quivers: (?) The Bos movie.

Stern: I’ve got a private screening of that new Brian Bosworth movie.

Duff: What time?

Stern: And that’s just – we take over the whole theater, just me, Robin, Fred and Jack.

Quivers: It could be fun!

Stern: Yeah.

Duff: What (?)

Stern: They want us to see it, so they’ve given a -

Duff: We can’t say where I’m gonna be going.

Quivers: Nah.

Stern: No. Do you wanna go?

Duff: Um... Yeah... Um, [beep] Howard, you know...

Stern: Wait a second, hold on.

Duff: Shoot.

Stern: Shoot. Watch that language. You wanna go or not?

Duff: Yes.

Stern: Alright, I’ll tell you what. I’ll put you on hold, and Gary will give you all the information.

Duff: Okay, but we’ve got to finish our conversation here.

Quivers: Okay.

Stern: (Laughs) Okay.

Stern: See, we’re making a new friend, Robin.

Quivers: I like this!

Stern: These are the kind of friends we need. Guys –

Duff: Howard?

Stern: Yeah.

Duff: Okay. (?)

Stern: We keep making friends with losers. This guy is a winner.

Quivers: Yeah, why do you hang out with Neil Drake?

Stern: Right. What do I need Neil Drake for? I’m hanging out with Neil Drake. I should be hanging around with Duff.

Quivers: That’s right.

Duff: I’m winner. She likes me, we’re friends. I’m one of the only guys who are, like, playing in a rock band and it, like, doesn’t [beep]. Oops! Doesn’t frigging [beep] on.

Stern: Hey, Duff. I’ll hang with you anytime, dude.

Duff: Okay, so –

Stern: Let me put you on hold, and Gary will give you (?)

Duff: Okay, so this is the end of the interview, right?

Stern: Well... (laughs).

Quivers: (?)

Stern: Do you wanna talk about something?

Quivers: We did the whole show with you.

Stern: Why don’t you put that girl back on. I’ll tell her to go to bed with you.

Duff: No, no, no. The girl is very nice.

Stern: I mean, if you want me to go –

Duff: She is very nice.

Stern: Hey, bring Tracey, man. I’ll close the deal during the movie. I’ll do the old popcorn trick. I’m gonna cut a hole in the bottom of my popcorn box and let her, like, reach here for some popcorn?

Duff: Come on, Howard.

Stern: Come on, man. Let me do that.

Duff: Howard!

Stern: Hey, come on. We’re rock ‘n’ roll.

Duff: Howard!

Stern: Hey, what happened to you?

Quivers: We ain’t rock ‘n’ roll, he is in rock ‘n’ roll.

Stern: Oh, I got swept into it.

Quivers: Yeah (laughs).

Stern: I thought I was in rock ‘n’ roll for a second.

Quivers: You’re in this hell call radio.

Stern: Hey, aren’t you to take her back to your hotel room?

Duff: What?

Stern: Aren’t you to take that girl back to your hotel room? What’s your deal?

Quivers: He’s there now!

Stern: Oh, you’re in the room right now?

Duff: Yeah!

Stern: And you don’t have her naked?

Duff: Howard!

Stern: Are you kidding me?

Duff: Howard!

Stern: Duff, what’s going on?! Level with me.

Duff: Howard!

Quivers: Duff, no matter what he says, I respect you for this.

Duff: Thank you, Robin!

Stern: What are you wearing, Duff?

Duff: I’m wearing a (?) and a little pantie...

Quivers: (Laughs over).

Stern: Hey, come on, you’ve been drinking something.

Duff: No!

Quivers: A little Perrier?

Stern: You didn’t have anything to drink?

Duff: A little Perrier.

Quivers: (Laughs).

Duff: Of course. What do you think?

Stern: No one in that room is naked?

Duff: No!


Stern: Okay. Alright.

Duff: Alright?

Stern: Alright. Duff, hold on. I mean –

Duff: See, Pamela is a very nice girl.

Quivers: Pamela? What happened to Tracey?

Stern: What happened to Tracey?


Stern: You’d better get her name straight – if you want to score.

Duff: What?

Stern: Yeah, you gotta be – How did Slash meet his girl?

Duff: Um...

Quivers: I bet that’s Tracey’s friend.

Stern: Yeah.

Duff: Pamela.

Quivers: Yeah, that’s who’s down there with (?).

Duff: Pamela.

Quivers: Yeah, okay.

Stern: Alright. Listen, listen. Listen to me. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Duff: Okay.

Stern: Alright Duff.

Duff: And we’ll – we’ll go to the – we’ll go...

Stern: We’ll go to the movies.

Duff: Yeah. We’ll go to... and we’ll get some pants and stuff like that.

Quivers: Yeah, we’ll go to the Village.

Duff: You gotta show me where to get pants (?)

Stern: I’ll show you a good place to get pants. Do you like stretch jeans?

Duff: Yeah, that’s what I need to get.

Stern: Yeah, alright, I’ll hook you up.

Duff: Cuz all I’ve got is, like, one pair of pants (?) –

Stern: I’ll hook you up. It’s taken care of.

Duff: I’m gonna go on tour and I got no clothes.

Quivers: We’ll take care of it.

Stern: Yeah, and Axl is wearing some really nice duds. Did you see that big white outfit he wore in the Live and Let Die video?

Quivers: Oh, I love that.

Duff: Yeah, yeah, I know (?)

Stern: See, that’s gotta be about 1,000 bucks.

Duff: Yeah, but see, I don’t like (?) like these designers (?) clothes.

Quivers: We’ll take care of it.

Stern: Hey, Duff, I thought you were married.

Duff: Oh, like three years ago.

Quivers: What happened?

Stern: Yeah, what happened?

Duff: What happened?

Stern: You’re still married?

Duff: What? No, no.

Quivers: You’re not.

Stern: You’re not married anymore?

Duff: Don’t bring this up. You guys, come on!

Stern: What are you intimidated about?

Quivers: Only in the state of California is he married.

Stern: Alright. Seriously, that’s like me. Whenever I leave New York, I’m not married. I’m being serious.

Duff: I’ve heard you are married – and you’re happily married.

Stern: Yeah, when I’m in New York. If I go to California, I’m not married.

Quivers: (Laughs) See, that’s the way it goes.

Duff: You are a (?)

Stern: So where did you get married? In California?

Duff: Yeah... In California, yeah...

Stern: See? Now you’re in New York. And you’re like me. You’re not married on Wednesday.


Stern: My wife and I have had an arrangement from the beginning. Every Wednesday I’m not married.

Quivers: You saved your marriage.

Duff: You’ve got kids and everything –

Stern: Oh yeah, I’ve got the whole situation going there.

Quivers: Are you a father every day of the week?

Duff: You’re a lucky – you’re a lucky man.

Stern: Thank you, Duff.

Duff: No, I’m serious about that.

Stern: Yeah, thanks, man. Alright, listen. I’ll see you tomorrow, I’ll get with some pants...

Duff: Yeah, yeah.

Stern: And we’ll go to the movie...

Duff: Okay.

Quivers: We’ll have a ball.

Stern: We’ll have a ball together.

Duff: I have to be at (?) 6 o’clock, so...

Stern: Hold on.

Quivers: Alright, we’ll get you there.

Duff: [beep]

Quivers: Oh, Duff (laughs).

Duff: I mean, I have to be at... No, that’s...


Stern: I bleeped it off.

Quivers: We’ll take it off.

Duff: (?)

Stern: I bleeped it off (laughs).

Quivers: It’s alright. It’s okay. We took care of it.

Duff: Oh, you took it off?

Stern: Yeah.

Duff: Phew...


Duff: Thank you. God, I’m stupid. (?) dump.

Stern: Alright. Duff...

Duff: Yeah.

Stern: Listen...

Duff: Okay. Are we off the air now?

Stern: No, we’re on the air.

Duff: We’re on the air.


Stern: (Laughs) Okay. I’m going to take you off the air. I’m gonna put you on hold. After I put you on hold, Gary will pick up and tell you where we can meet.

Duff: Okay. Howard? Robin?

Quivers: Yeah?

Duff: I love you guys.

Stern: We love you. And what’s the deal? So you get to see us on TV out there, huh?

Duff: I see you on TV out here.

Quivers: In L.A.

Duff: Yeah, yeah. There’s channel 19 in Los Angeles that’s –

Stern: So you get to watch the show.

Duff: Secaucus or whatever it’s called.

Quivers: Whatever.

Stern: Right. Secaucus. Hey, don’t bring that up. You know how you’d want me to bring up your marriage, don’t bring up Secaucus. Hey, Duff, I’ll see you tomorrow. Hold on.

Duff: Alright, Howard.

Stern: Duff, from Guns N’ Roses.

Duff: See ya!

Quivers: Bye [cut]

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1991.05.DD - The Howard Stern Show - Phone Call from Duff Empty Re: 1991.05.DD - The Howard Stern Show - Phone Call from Duff

Post by Blackstar on Mon Sep 09, 2019 12:46 pm

I replaced the video with the longer (seems complete) version @Surge sent us and added the rest of the transcript.

I also corrected the date from March 1991 to May 1991.

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1991.05.DD - The Howard Stern Show - Phone Call from Duff Empty Re: 1991.05.DD - The Howard Stern Show - Phone Call from Duff

Post by Soulmonster on Tue Sep 10, 2019 2:57 pm

Oh, Duff. This read like the ramblings of a drunken fool.
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1991.05.DD - The Howard Stern Show - Phone Call from Duff Empty Re: 1991.05.DD - The Howard Stern Show - Phone Call from Duff

Post by Blackstar on Tue Sep 10, 2019 3:55 pm

@Soulmonster wrote:Oh, Duff. This read like the ramblings of a drunken fool.
I'm sure he is embarrassed of it now.

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1991.05.DD - The Howard Stern Show - Phone Call from Duff Empty Re: 1991.05.DD - The Howard Stern Show - Phone Call from Duff

Post by Soulmonster on Tue Sep 10, 2019 4:18 pm

Just a drunk with a very big heart.

He shouldn't be too embarrassed, he was young and in a rock band.
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1991.05.DD - The Howard Stern Show - Phone Call from Duff Empty Re: 1991.05.DD - The Howard Stern Show - Phone Call from Duff

Post by Surge on Tue Sep 10, 2019 5:15 pm

For the record: The movie Stern refers to with Brian "Boz" Bosworth was released May 17. This was a private screening they mentioned, but Stern said "opening" as well. See

Mastering happens very late in the process, for AFD it was almost certainly in June or even July. That would be my two arguments for why this was done in May.

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1991.05.DD - The Howard Stern Show - Phone Call from Duff Empty Re: 1991.05.DD - The Howard Stern Show - Phone Call from Duff

Post by Surge on Sat Oct 19, 2019 10:59 am

It's listed here as September 8, 1991, but it doesn't make any sense, does it?

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1991.05.DD - The Howard Stern Show - Phone Call from Duff Empty Re: 1991.05.DD - The Howard Stern Show - Phone Call from Duff

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