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1997.03.07 - The Howard Stern Show - Interview with Slash

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1997.03.07 - The Howard Stern Show - Interview with Slash Empty 1997.03.07 - The Howard Stern Show - Interview with Slash

Post by Blackstar on Fri Feb 14, 2020 6:26 pm


Stern: Let me say hi to Slash from, formerly of Guns N' Roses. He's here to say hello to the crowd and congratulate us on the movie.

Quivers: There he is.

Stern: There he comes. Always smoking a cigarette. Looking extremely rock'n'roll with beautiful leather pants, multiple tattoos. Slash, everybody! The definition of Rockstar. By the way, Slash is featured in the film as well. Slash has a small role but an important role, pivotal role, in this film. What is it, Slash?

Slash: I was just gonna say you cut me off.

Stern: I did?

Slash: When I was on the radio with you, cuz I wanted to say hi to Robin. You didn't let me.

Quivers: Oh!

Stern: Well Slash [?]

Slash: I'm sorry.

Stern: You've been drinking?

Slash: Huh?

Stern: Have you been drinking?

Slash: No.

Stern: I could never tell with you.

Slash: [?]

Stern: I never know if you're high or not.

Slash: You've been pretty funny actually all night.

Stern: Really?

Slash: No what happened was I was pretty good about it, what I did was I got home from Brazil this morning.

Stern: Wow, what a life.

Slash: Came home, ran my errands, did all the stuff I had to do, saw Renee, spend some, you know, quality time with the wife.

Quivers: A minute or two.


Slash: ...half an hour and then I said I got a go deal with [?] [laughter]

Stern: But Slash, of course you are in the film with your beautiful wife who's a matter of fact.

Slash: Yeah actually, someone just asked me if I was actually in and I said, "Well someone told me I was in it."

Stern: Yeah, you are in it. You are a featured in it.

Slash: First three minutes.

Quivers: You are there.

Stern: You open the movie and congratulations on all the great reviews we're getting.


Slash: In all honesty I have to say I've been watching them on CNN for the last two weeks.

Stern: Right. Yeah it's been pretty remarkable and the press...

Slash: ...I know, I tried to, you know, when I called to say hi the other day, you know, when you blew me off?

Stern: Yeah? No, I mean, come on, we're on a busy schedule, Slash.

Slash: When you say, "I gotta run," so...

Quivers: "Where's he running"?

Slash: Where you go to your in a radio station for chrissake?


Stern: Well, you know, Axl was on hold, I had to get to him first.


Stern: And you know you're number one in my book, pal. Anybody who's in my movies is number one.

Slash: Well, but anyway, what I was trying to tell you was that I thought it was really cool, I though it was a huge accomplishment. It's been, you know, just a big deal.

Stern: Four years in the making.

Slash: You're just a disc jockey.

Stern: Yeah, exactly.


Slash: I mean, but you know, all things considered, that's a big accomplishment.

Stern: You better watch it, this crowd will turn on you [?]

Quivers: What he's actually saying is he's used to disc jockeys going nowhere and doing nothing.

Stern: Yeah, well, so am I.

Slash: No, no, I'm not saying that.

Stern: Are you saying all disc jockeys are bums?

Quivers: [laughing]

Slash: No, and, but, just to be, but...

Stern: ...cuz I am!


[someone in the studio yelling something]

Slash: Yeah, yeah, I know.

Stern: What do you say?

[someone in the studio yelling something]


Stern: There you go. Yes, Slash?

Slash: But still, all things considered I was, like, impressed, like, you know, the guy made a statement and you guys have done all...


Quivers: We're still on radio unless you get us off.

Stern: [?] But Slash, let me introduce you to someone now. Where's Barry Nolan from Hard Copy? He wants to come up, I'd like to sit him next to Slash. I just like to see the two of them together.

Quivers: We like to have a weird panel going.

Stern: Yeah. Here's Barry Nolan of a Hard Copy. He said some nice things on the television the other night about the movie.

[Nolan is introduced to Slash]

Nolan: What kind of errands do you have to run? I was trying to picture that? Is that like getting milk and bread?

Slash: In total honesty, I have said…. We have a new house so we're trying to take care of that, I got friends of mine and they're working at the house so I wanted to check in, see what was going on, get my pants fixed cuz ass is hanging out.

Stern: Is that a bad thing? You got a gorgeous ass.

Slash: I did a video with my ass hanging out for the whole thing.

Stern: Slash, tell us something. When you, Barry brings up a good point. Slash, you're a multi-millionaire you don't really - Cliff, look at me.

Slash: I'm not putting that on.

Stern: Slash, put your headphones on, you can't hear me. Listen to me. You're a multi-millionaire. I mean, you don't even have to do any errands really, do you?

Quivers: You can have people you do that for you.

Stern: Yeah.

Slash: All things considered, it's not really like that. It really isn't. You know that.

Stern: You've remained humble?

Slash: You have a movie coming out that's gonna, you know, obviously is really populist, you're gonna make a lot of money but, you know, you have to watch your, you know, your income and you have to watch the odds and ends, and go on and so we're not...

Stern:, I don't. [laughter]

Slash: Yeah, you do. I know you.

Stern: Barry, I see you have a crown on your head.

[talking about the movie with Barry]

Slash: But when you talk about something so personal as your career, which is, you know, initially your whole life's work, right?

Stern: Can I say something, Slash. There is nothing funnier than looking at you and Barry in the same frame. It is unbelievable.

Slash: You know what was funnier?

Stern: And you are getting along.

Slash: Me and Trebek. I think that...

Stern: Yeah, Alex Trebek. Did you go on Jeopardy?

Slash: Huh?

Stern: Did you go on...

Slash: No, I was on the [?] Show and they had Alex and me next to each other.

[Stern thanking Slash and Nolan for coming on]

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