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1992.04.30 - The Howard Stern Show - Phone call from Slash [incomplete]

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1992.04.30 - The Howard Stern Show - Phone call from Slash [incomplete] Empty 1992.04.30 - The Howard Stern Show - Phone call from Slash [incomplete]

Post by Blackstar on Sun Oct 27, 2019 1:31 am

After Slash's phone call to Stern on April 29
he called in again the next day.
The beginning of this phone call is missing.



Slash: ... I’m way over it, and the fact that what’s going on now at this point - it’s, you know, unless the verdict is changed, it’s not gonna get any better. So they better take care of it.

Robin Quivers: You can’t change a verdict back, Slash!

Stern: You know, well, tell Slash. Slash is poolside. Let me tell you something.

Robin: Yeah, you know, people don’t even understand the American system anymore. He’s saying, like, they gotta go back and change the verdict.

Stern: They can’t change the verdict.

Slash: Well, you know what? You know, screw the verdict.

Robin: (Laughs).

Stern: (Laughs) Oh man! Yeah, screw everything.

Slash: People are dying, you know?

Stern: Well, let ‘em.

Slash: There is fires all over -

Robin: Right! But how did that happen? The verdict didn’t just erupt into a fire!

Slash: Well, they shouldn’t have – for one, they shouldn’t have those juries, you know? That was screwed. I mean, that whole - that was wrong. I mean, the whole thing was just wrong.

Stern: Maybe we should get back to the poolside conversation.

Slash: I think – I know they won’t do it, but they should have a retrial or something.

Robin: They can’t.

Slash: Yeah, I know they can’t.

Robin: That would be called double jeopardy.

Stern: Double jeopardy.

Slash: I know they can’t, but it’s, like, ridiculous. And these guys got off. That shouldn’t even –

Robin: If there’s a problem, then you have to work to fix it. You don’t burn down things.

Stern: You can’t burn down things, Slash.

Slash: You’re not supposed to grab people out of cars and –

Stern: Yeah, it’s wrong.

Robin: That’s right.

Slash: But I know this mentality, because I’ve seen it.

Stern: Well...

Slash: You know, you’re talking about, like, a very irrational kind of situation, where – once you get them started, one after the other, it’s not gonna stop. It’s spread.

Stern: Let me get this all straight now. Let’s review our conversation, cuz I’m running out of time.

Robin: Alright.

Slash: Uh-hah.

Stern: Over at the Scrap Bar, you didn’t screw that girl.

Slash: What do you think?

Stern: What do I think? You want to get me started?

Slash: Yeah.

Stern: Alright, I’m gonna tell you something. I don’t like anybody doing a high-speed chase. That’s number one. I think this guy –

Slash: You saw that tape. Don’t give me that. I mean -

Stern: Wait a second. Let me tell you about that tape. I gotta tell you about that tape. The cops here in New York – this goes on all the time, but what they do is they –

Slash: Yeah, but the cops in New York don’t –

Stern: They beat the guys down in the station house. They never do it out in the public where the videotapes are available –

Slash: They’re very cool as far as that goes (laughs). I’ve been arrested over there before, so don’t tell me (laughs).

Stern: That’s right. Exactly. That’s the way to do it.

Robin: (Laughs)

Stern: What did he say?

Robin: (Laughs) He’s been arrested before over here and he knows they’re cool.

Stern: I know. Our cops know what they’re doing. They beat everyone downstairs, in the station house. They wait to bring you in and beat you.

Slash: Uh-hah?

Stern: Alright? Hey, let’s change the topic, because we’re getting (?)

Slash: Okay, I know. Okay, I’m sorry. I’ll be cool. I’ll be cool, I'm sorry.

Stern: Alright. And let me tell you something. To be a cop now - you gotta be out of your mind to be a cop, because you go into a street now, and people got Uzis and all kinds of things. So these guys are so freaked out by what they see every day. They don’t know what to do. They go up to a car, and they see a car with the windows blacked out –

Slash: You know, that’s their responsibility. You don’t go beat anybody up like that, I'm sorry.

Stern: Sure you do, but - you know you gotta beat some people up sometimes to get them –

Slash: You know, the guy tried to get up once. I don’t even wanna hear it.

Stern: Alright. So now let’s get to the – after the jury comes out. I’m all for people going to the streets and protesting, and just like those women did –

Slash: I’m not really sure you’re on top of it.

Stern: Right. I’m all for the jury – I mean, I’m all for people going out in the streets and protesting. But if you start ripping people out of their cars and killing them, and shooting firemen in the face, and all that kind of stuff, man, I’ve got no sympathy for you.

Slash: No, that’s wrong -

Stern: I think they’re just hoodlums and they’re out – You know what, those aren’t even political out there on the streets. Those are people out there trying to rob.

Slash: No, no. That is wrong, but that’s society. That’s what – you know, that’s what was instigated by the situation, the fact that these guys were let off. I’ve been watching it all day.

Robin: So anytime I don’t like something, I should go break a window?

Slash: Okay -

Stern: Every time you don’t like something, you should go kill somebody or steal a TV.

Robin: Yeah.

Slash: No, you shouldn’t do that! But people, you know, they don’t have it together enough to rationalize, alright?

Stern: I know! But what are we gonna do with them? They don’t have it together enough to act like human beings!

Slash: Okay. I mean, they can try and control that in L.A. as best as possible.

Stern: How can you control that?

Slash: I don’t even wanna go back there (?).

Stern: I know! I know, you gotta come here.

Slash: But at the same time, the whole thing that instigated it was not right either. So you’ve got a real serious problem. You’re talking about like World War 3 over in L.A.

Stern: I’m ready for it. I’ve got a bunker in my house.

Slash: The whole thing is stupid.

Stern: Well, anyway. Let’s review. Come on, let’s review on a high note. Let’s find out what we learned about Slash.

Slash: Okay, just – you asked me.

Stern: Alright. So we’re talking.

Slash: You keep asking me things and I keep trying to tell you how I –

Stern: We’re having dialogues.

Robin: It’s fine!

Stern: It’s fine. We like this. Let me review the conversation, alright?

Slash: Uh-hah.

Stern: Number one: you’re upset about Los Angeles.

Slash: Yeah.

Stern: Number two: you don’t need girls.

Slash: Wait, wait.

Stern: You love women, but you don’t need them.

Robin: What?!

Slash: Well, no, I didn’t even say that.

Stern: Oh (laughs).

Slash: Get off the phone so that I can jerk off.

Robin: We would really like to have all of these statements in their entirety, but we can’t (laughs).

Stern: Yeah, the reason you keep hearing bleeps on the air is because it’s Slash.

Slash: But people understand what I’m saying.

Stern: No, but you understand what I’m saying. You’re a single guy - how old are you? How old are you?

Slash: Huh?

Stern: How old are you?

Slash: I’m 26 going on 27.

Stern: Yeah, but so that’s the point. I mean, you’re a single guy. I got married young. I didn’t know I was gonna be famous.

Slash: Well, that’s your problem.

Stern: I didn’t know I was gonna be famous.

Slash: No, listen. I’m very – listen, just for the record -

Stern: Jerry (?) –

Slash: I’m very madly in love with somebody that I’m not married to.

Stern: Who is this person?

Slash: And who I’ve gone through a whole major ordeal with.

Stern: Yeah, but you’re not gonna get married to her. You know better than that.

Slash: Well, I’m not gonna get married – you know, not at this point in time. But, at the same time, it’s one of those heavy things, where I’ve been having to deal with it.

Stern: Is she a model?

Slash: To deal with whether I wanted to be with somebody or not.

Stern: Is she a model?

Slash: Um... Why?

Stern: I know that she is. I bet she is, man.

Slash: (Laughs).

Stern: She’s a model.

Slash: No, I’m not gonna get married –

Stern: You’re in love with a model, aren’t you?

Slash: I’m (laughs) – alright, stop it.

Stern: You guys, all you rockstars got models. I swear to God. How am I ever gonna –

Slash: (Laughs): You’re just overly horny. You should go get laid.

Stern: No, I’m not. You are, too. Come on, man.

Slash: You should go get laid and then you’ll probably –

Stern: I got laid last night, my friend.

Robin: (Laughs)

Slash: Well, I’m sure you did.

Robin: It hasn’t changed him (laughs).

Stern: It hasn’t changed me at all. I’m still horny.


Stern: I got laid just last night. But anyway...

Slash: Okay. I didn't mean to insult your masculinity.

Robin: (Laughs).

Stern: Well, let me tell you something. You can insult my masculinity all you want, because right now I’m holding hands with Fred over here.

Slash: Well, tell Fred I said hi.

Stern: Hey, Fred looks like Axl, by the way.

Slash: He’s got a grip. I heard it (laughs).

Stern: Fred’s got a grip alright. Hey, Fred, you see? Slash heard about you. He’s heard that you have a grip.


Stern: Alright, listen to me. Let me review quickly. You have –

Robin: You know I’m liking Slash a whole lot?

Stern: Yes. Well, we like him. He’s our new friend.

Robin: Well, I always liked the music.

Stern: Yeah, but we didn’t –

Robin: But we didn’t know him. I’m liking him.

Slash: You guys must have thought that I was a real ass last night.

Robin: No, we thought you were funny.

Stern: But we thought you were great. Everyone told me they thought you were funny.

Slash: But, you know, Malika calling, that wasn’t pleasant.

Stern: Malika was weird with you.

Slash: She goes, “You’re not making any sense” before I even know who she was.

Robin: Yeah...

Slash: I know, yeah (laughs).

Slash: And I was like – it just totally stopped me dead in my tracks.

Robin: (Laughs).

Stern: Slash was trying to say something nice to Malika about Sam’s death, Sam Kinison’s death.

Slash: That’s sort of heavy, because me and Sam were good friends at – you know, before that. We got into a really big fight.

Robin: Oh, really?

Stern: Oh, you two, huh?

Slash: It was real violent, and Duff punched him out, the cops were involved, too, and it was a big deal.

Robin: Wow, I didn’t even know that!

Slash: Of course not!

Stern: Wait a second. What happened?

Slash: Huh?

Stern: What happened between you and Sam?

Slash: I don’t know, he just got – I don’t wanna get into it. I don’t wanna talk about his personal stuff, so I’ll leave it at that. But we got into a big fight, and it was pretty violent.

Stern: And the cops had to come?

Slash: And the cops came and this whole big deal. And then we sort of made up slowly but surely.

Stern: That’s always the truth about Sam, though, one other thing. Cuz Sam and I got into a fight once, in the last couple of months, but we found a way to make up. And once we made up, it was, like, forgotten. Do you know what I mean?

Slash: Well, did you ever read “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”?

Stern: I’ve tried to. I don’t understand that guy at all.

Slash: Well, that’s my favorite book in the world.

Stern: Yeah, I don’t get that guy, Hunter Thomson.

Slash: Well, Sam calls me – he calls me up - I was supposed to do a show in Las Vegas, and I didn’t go because I was sick.

Stern: Yeah.

Slash: And he was driving, and he roasted me in Las Vegas, right?

Stern: Right.

Slash: Just because I didn’t go. And we got into a big fight about that. And then, later on down the line, the one time that he really had it together, and he was happy, and Malika was happy, and everything was going well, he gets nailed by some guy that’s fried.

Robin: Yeah...

Slash: And I was just like, “I can’t believe that.” So -and this whole month has been really weird.

Stern: I know.

Slash: You know, as far as, like, everything’s been really negative.

Stern: I know! Well –

Slash: I would never wish, you know, like – you know, regardless of us having a fight, I still loved the guy.

Stern: Yeah, I know.

Slash: And so –

Stern: But it was always like that with Sam. You know, Sam would get into fights with somebody, and then he’d forget about it and you’d forget about it.

Slash: Yeah.

Stern: I remember that time Sam and I almost got into a fistfight.

Robin: Right. He was always touch and go. Sometimes he’d come in here and just be a wild thing.

Slash: It’s a beer thing, you know? It’s like, he got to (?) beers and -

Stern: Who won? Who won the fight though? Who could beat up who? I bet you could take Sam in two seconds.

Slash: Well, no. He actually – I don’t want to... Duff punched him out.

Stern: Right.

Slash: He gave him a black eye.

Robin: Oh, man!

Slash: But, before that, he was sitting on me.

Robin: He was sitting on you! (laughs)

Stern: Oh, he was sitting on you. Oh, man! (laughs)

Slash: And I had no way of getting out, because he had my elbows pinned down.


Slash: And by no means, like, something against Sam.

Stern: Right.

Slash: He had a lot –

Robin: He was a great guy.

Stern: Yeah, Slash just said he -

Slash: He had a lot going on, but he was a great guy.

Stern: He really was.

Slash: And so when Malika called, that totally threw me for a loop. I mean, I know I was drunk as it was, and when she called, I was just like, “Huh?” (laughs)

Stern: Yeah. Well, you know, the thing with Sam was that I know that he’d be very happy that you said that he was able to pin you, because you’re a pretty powerful looking guy to me.

Slash: Well, as far as he’s concerned, he’s a better guitar player, as well.

Stern: I know, I know. He’s very (?).

Robin: (Laughs).

Slash: That’s another thing. It was like, he was always – I said, “I never talked about your guitar playing before, why do you talk about mine?” you know.

Stern: Yeah, well, Sam got a little carried away with all that.

Slash: Yeah.

Stern: But the point is that’s kind of neat to know that Sam was able to pin Slash, because I never would have thought that.

Slash: Well, I couldn’t get my arms up, you know?


Robin: How did he get you?!

Stern: How did he get you down on the floor?

Slash: He jumped me in from the blue and just landed on my chest.

Stern: Let me get this straight: first Duff punched him and gave him the black eye?

Slash: No, Duff punched him out afterwards. I was gonna be dead. He was chocking me.

Robin: Oh, man!

Slash: It was a big fight.

Robin: Oh, jeez!

Stern: (Laughs) Oh, man!

Slash: I was history. I was sitting, like, going, “I’m going out this way.”

Robin: (Laughs) Oh no!

Slash: I believed I’m gonna go out this way.

Stern: Crushed by Sam. Oh, man! That’s funny.

Slash: You know, I mean, this wasn’t funny, because at the time we had a long conversation about certain things we’d been through. And, at that particular point in time, he was – you know, he was, like, about as out there as they get.

Stern: Right.

Slash: And so he just showed up at my hotel room one night. I didn’t even – you know, a knock on the door and, like, it’s Sam, and I’m like, “Okay.” And so he got on my case about all this stuff, and he called me a dickhead.

Stern: Right.

Slash: And I got pissed off and I jumped off the bed, and I didn’t expect him to react the way he did. And I turned my back – you know, I turned around for a second – and he just jumped on me.

Robin: Oh! (laughs)

Stern: (Laughs) Oh, man!

Slash: He got me by the throat and my arm was just underneath his knee. And I was like, “Oh, this is it. I’m going out.”

Robin: And then Duff came to the rescue.

Slash: Then Duff woke up in the other room.

Stern: Hey, you owe Duff, man. I’ll tell you, that’s kind of funny, too. And leave it to Sam to jump Slash from behind. I mean, that is a low blow.

Robin: (Laughs) Oooh!

Stern: That’s not right.

Slash: I was just this little guy with no clothes on.


Slash: I mean, cuz I was in bed when he called, when he came.

Stern: (Laughs) Oh, that’s too funny.

Slash: Anyhow. But, you know, all said and done –

Stern: Yeah?

Slash: It’s like, when I heard exactly what went on, when he –

Stern: I used to – me and Robin were driving with Sam one night, and Sam would never wear a seatbelt. And I was in the front seat, and I kept saying, “I want to be in the back,” but Malika and Robin took the back seat and wouldn’t let me back there. I was scared out of my mind.

Robin: Nobody wanted to be up front.

Stern: No, nobody wanted to. But Sam was being totally safe that night. That’s the killer thing about all of this.

Slash: Well, when he called me up and asked me to drive to Las Vegas -

Stern: Yeah?

Slash: I was like - I was sick, but I was almost about to go. I was like - you know, cuz I said I would do it.

Stern: Right.

Slash: And then I thought about “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” and I said, "Nah -"

Stern: And you skipped it, right?

Slash: - “I’m not going.” I could just see – you know, that’s another way to go, like sitting in the car with Sam Kinison going 500 miles in an hour (laughs).

Stern: (Laughs) In an hour! What is it, Gary?

Gary: I just wanted to know if Slash had a chance to call Malika, cuz Malika called me last night looking for Slash.

Stern: Oh yeah?

Gary: So did you get a chance to give her a call?

Slash: Yeah... No, Malika is a sweetheart though.

Stern: Hey, don’t get advantage of her in her in her weakened state.

Slash: No, I’m - I mean, you know, it was just weird to talk to her last night, cuz I didn’t expect it.

Stern: I know.

Slash: But she’s really got a good heart.

Stern: Yeah, she’s a nice person. Alright, Slash, I gotta go. I gotta do commercials.

Slash: Well, go do a commercial, what’re you doing.

Stern: I gotta go!

Robin: Do you wanna stay?

Stern: You wanna stay?

Slash: Do a commercial.

Stern: Hey, Slash is a little too weak at this.

Robin: (?) he likes this!

Stern: Are you gonna run up some bill?

Slash: (?) I’ve got the edge now, like, I can run.


Stern: I don’t know. All I hope - when I think about Sam, I hope that he went with his head buried in Malika’s lap, I swear to God, man, cuz I know that would make him happy.

Slash: That’s not even funny, cuz she’d have to go to the hospital as well.

Stern: No, I mean, you know what I’m saying. I mean, that’s what made him happy.

Slash: See? That’s what’s wrong with you!


Slash: That’s why you were so interested in what I was doing. Cuz your head is in the gutter, dude.

Stern: Hey, dude, what can I do, man? I can’t help it. I’m honest about it.

Slash: Y’ know? At least, wherever mine is at, you know, no one is (?) They didn’t know about it until recently (laughs).


Slash: But, to tell you the truth, okay? That Steve Trimboli guy, or whatever his name is –

Stern: Yeah, alright. Let’s wind up with this. Alright. So this –

Slash: He’s a total idiot.

Stern: Well, anyway. Hey, listen –

Slash: That’s not truth. Anybody who’s listening, that’s... that’s –

Robin: No truth to the story about Savannah. Okay.

Stern: Yeah. Hey, Slash?

Slash: What?

Stern: Give my regards –

Robin: Bye!

Stern: (Laughs) I had to delay it nine times. He goes, “Okay, effing goodbye.” I’m sorry that I have to keep hitting the delay, but –

Gary: You know what the amazing thing was – I mean, he was really good today and he sounded different than yesterday, but I think that there were the equal amount of “f” words (laughs).

Stern: Yeah, didn’t make a difference.


Stern: Well... Those guys are used to just using the “f” word. They have no –

Robin: Yeah, they don’t know about any restraints at all.

Stern: Yeah. Well, that’s why they’re Guns N’ Roses. That’s great.

Robin: They’re great on stage, too, if you get to see them.

Stern: I thought he was gonna pop a (?) when I told him to start worrying about the bottom line, huh?

Robin: Oh!

Stern: That was great. He was so good (laughs).

Robin: I was waiting. I said, “Oh he’s going to just forget about it. We won’t be able to have any of that on the air.”

Stern: I was just having some fun. I know how those guys feel. I just want to provoke them a little bit.

Robin: (Laughs).

Stern: How funny is that, Sam Kinison running into Slash’s room –

Robin: And jumping him!

Stern: And jumping him from behind and pinning him!


Stern: And Duff punching him out.

Robin: Oh, that’s a – Duff’s no... you know.

Stern: Yeah.

Robin: He’s a string bean!

Stern: These are three millionaires wrestling in a hotel.


Robin: Rolling around on the floor. Over something really stupid.

Stern: Yeah, over the fact that Slash wouldn’t go to Sam’s concert.


Stern: I love that. I love that... Oh, that’s great. He seems like a pretty good guy, so that’s...

Robin: Yeah! I like him a lot.

Stern: Yeah. He was okay. Alright, I’m gonna take a break and then we’ll come back.

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1992.04.30 - The Howard Stern Show - Phone call from Slash [incomplete] Empty Re: 1992.04.30 - The Howard Stern Show - Phone call from Slash [incomplete]

Post by Soulmonster on Sun Oct 27, 2019 7:23 am

Interesting. I suppose Slash wanted to make a better impression than he did the night before Razz

I have to say I agree with Slash's assessment of the LA riots and Rodney King beating. Slash seemed to be the voice of reason there.

Then there's the Kinison thing. I have to make this into its own chapter, with Kinison roasting Slash in Las Vegas, fighting him in a hotel with Duff giving him a black eye, and eventually the death of Kinison. Do we know when the show in Las Vegas took place?
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1992.04.30 - The Howard Stern Show - Phone call from Slash [incomplete] Empty Re: 1992.04.30 - The Howard Stern Show - Phone call from Slash [incomplete]

Post by Soulmonster on Sun Oct 27, 2019 7:29 am

The Kinison show in Las Vegas was likely April 20, 1991. So Slash was supposed to have been there, but didn't feel well and Kinison roasted Slash from the dtage, saying shit about Slash's guitar playing.

This was about a year before Kinison's death. That gives an entire year when the violent fight between Kinison and Slash could have happened where Kinison allegedly tried to strangle Slash before Duff punched him out.
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1992.04.30 - The Howard Stern Show - Phone call from Slash [incomplete] Empty Re: 1992.04.30 - The Howard Stern Show - Phone call from Slash [incomplete]

Post by Blackstar on Sun Oct 27, 2019 9:59 am

There was an interview with Andrew Dice Clay on Stern's show on May 14, 1991, where Clay mentioned the incident. I couldn't find the audio of that episode, but here is a summary from here:
Dice told Howard that Duff from Guns N Roses beat up Sam Kinison recently. Howard said he didn't know that and now Sam is going to think that he's goofing on him if he talks about this. Dice went on to tell the story about what Duff told him about beating Sam up. Dice said that duff told him that Sam was choking Slash to death and Duff had to step in and do something about it.

Dice said that Duff was held down by Sam's body guard but he was able to get in a punch to his head. Howard said that he doesn't know if this story is true or not. Dice said this is what he heard. He went on to say that Duff ripped off the dirty rag from Sam's head at one point. Sam was going to have him arrested but they dropped the charges after the cops showed up.

Howard said that he's friends with both Sam and Dice and he's not going to say anything bad about Sam. Dice said he thinks that Sam is a very talented guy and he's not saying anything bad, he's just telling the story. He said it's a shame what happened to the guy.
So the incident with Slash and Duff likely happened in the first half of May 1991. I would guess, since they were in a hotel, it was around either the warm-up show in San Francisco or the one at the Ritz in New York.

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1992.04.30 - The Howard Stern Show - Phone call from Slash [incomplete] Empty Re: 1992.04.30 - The Howard Stern Show - Phone call from Slash [incomplete]

Post by Soulmonster on Sun Oct 27, 2019 5:29 pm

Thank you, thank you, thank you Heart

Then I will make a chapter on this and add it to the history section in the next revision.
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1992.04.30 - The Howard Stern Show - Phone call from Slash [incomplete] Empty Re: 1992.04.30 - The Howard Stern Show - Phone call from Slash [incomplete]

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