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1997.01.22 - The Howard Stern Show - Interview with Steven

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1997.01.22 - The Howard Stern Show - Interview with Steven Empty 1997.01.22 - The Howard Stern Show - Interview with Steven

Post by Blackstar Sat Feb 08, 2020 8:16 pm


Comment: Howard Stern seems to have a button he can press when a guest swears, resulting i it, and the few seconds before, being deleted from the broadcast. This results in some missing words here and there.

Howard Stern: Anyway, I got to get to Steven Adler, see if he's out there. Formerly of Guns N' Roses. I think they threw him out of the band for bad behavior. Which is a very funny thing.

Robin Quivers: I got to know how bad the behavior can be to you get thrown out of Guns N' Roses.

Stern: Yeah that's gonna be funny. Anyway let me take a break. Steven's here, I will get to Steven right after these words.

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Stern: All right. Steven Adler is here. Used to be in Guns N' Roses. They broke up and you know...

Quivers: Did he sue them?

Stern: Yeah, he sued them.

Quivers: And he won?

Stern: I don't know. Did he?

Quivers: I think he did. I think they had to pay him.

Stern: Well Axl supposedly own the name "Guns N' Roses".

Quivers: But he wasn't suing for the name.

Stern: Yeah, but I don't understand how he owned the name if the other guys started the band?

Quivers: Ooh, he had a good lawyer.

Stern: Yeah.


Stern: There are a million questions I have for him. Also I think Steven had like a stroke or something. Didn't he? Didn't Steven have a stroke?

Quivers: Is he like Crackhead Bob?

Stern: Yeah he like was doing so much drugs that he stroked out, or something, I don't know.

Quivers: But he's so young.

Stern: Yeah, I forget what Steven whole story.

Quivers: I didn't know about a stroke.

Stern: Yeah. I don't think he managed to save any money from Guns N' Roses.

Quivers: He didn't look destitute.

Stern: Yeah. Where's Steven? Oh there he is. Hey Steven, how you doing? Hey, take a seat right over there. Hey man, how you doing? Good to see you. What is that? Oh! You just knocked me off the air. All right, all right. How you doing? don't you were always [?]. Steven shot out of a cannon.

Steven: [?]

Stern: Really? Take a seat. No wonder they throw you out, you are hard to control.


Stern: I couldn't even get you under control in here. Steven, of course…

Quivers: Wait, have to ask one question. They one day gonna do something with this thing so I can actually see people again?

Stern: Yeah, we're having trouble. We have to mount that camera off the ceiling. It weighs too much so it's going to change in about a week, or not even, three days.

Quivers: All right.

Steven: Where the hell's Robin?

Stern: Robin's over there. She's in there.

Steven: Oh, hi!

Quivers: You will just have  to communicate with me by voice.

Stern: We're having some problem with our cameras, they won't stay on the wall, they fall down. That's what's going on. So Steven...

Steven: Yes, sir.

Stern: Let me get this straight, okay? Because I'm, you know, I'm a big fan of Guns N' Roses and everything and it's kind of sad that the whole damn thing kind of exploded on everyone but I think... I don't know what happened I always hear rumors that, like, Axl... I don't know, he was difficult or something and...

Quivers: I don't think that's a rumor.

Stern: He wanted to throw everyone out of the band and then, because he owned the name, he would rehire them to work as like day players.

Quivers: Is that...

Steven: Nah, that wouldn't work.

Stern: Right. And you had a stroke, right?

Steven: I had a stroke and a heart attack.

Stern: Really? From heroin or something?

Steven: Cocaine.


Stern: Yeah, Steven's like Crackhead Bob.

Steven: I'm going down… and I went down...

Stern: Did you manage to save any money from Guns N' Roses?

Steven: Oh yeah.

Stern: You did?

Steven: I think I'm doing good.

Stern: Are you really? I couldn't tell cause like, I know.... you just, what do you selling them t-shirts on the Internet?

Steven: Uhm, yeah. I got t-shirts, hats...

Quivers: What kind of t-shirt?

Steven: Well, I'm gonna bring them in to you in a few minutes.

Stern: Oh, okay. All right, all right. So anyway. So you're in Guns N' Roses and then the guys throw you out cuz you're on crack or coke or whatever the hell you're on?

Steven: Well... Actually...

Quivers: Was it crack?

Steven: No, it was crack, coke, heroin, alcohol…

Quivers: Good lord!

Steven:  But hey, we were all doing it. We're all hard boys. I was just a little harder than they wanted.

Stern: Right, you were all doing it.

Steven: You gotta be hard to not be able to... for them to not want to hang out with you, you got to be hard.

Stern: So you sued them. You say, "hey, look man, it's not like I was the only guy doing this stuff, how can you throw me out for doing drugs? If you guys are doing drugs, how could how can you throw me out?" And so what happened? You sues them and you won?

Steven: Yeah.

Stern: No kidding.

Steven: Oh yeah.

Stern: Like millions?

Steven: I'll put it in that category.

Stern: Really?


Stern: When I saw you selling t-shirts on the internet I thought maybe you didn't get any money or something.

Steven: Oh no.

Stern: You know what I mean?

Steven: No, that part's cool.

Stern: It is?

Steven: Pat Boone just did Paradise City.

Stern: I know. Isn't that weird.

Steven: That's gonna come in. I can't wait to hear that.

Stern: Pat Boone wanted to come on the show...

Quivers: Aha?

Stern:...but I was like, didn't he call me the Antichrist or something?

Quivers: Yeah, and you don't want a person like that on the show.

Stern: I don't know, what you gonna talk to Pat Boone about? He's like one of those guys… he is like trying, he wants to do like what Tom Jones did. Get hip again, you know what I mean?

Quivers: I don't think he was ever.

Stern: Yeah, I know.

Quivers: I don't think it's gonna happen.

Stern: In his mind he thinks he's heavy. He sees Tom Jones he's like, "hey man I'll record a heavy metal record". Yeah.

Steven: Hey, Tom is hard, Pat is soft.

Stern: I'd like to hear that remake, oh I really would.

Steven: Oh yeah, it would be cool. I want to hear this.

Stern: Alright. So, okay. So you sue those dudes and it's sad because the band was so great, it really was a great band. I still don't know what happened with that band.

Quivers: The band is no more?

Stern: Yeah.

Steven: You know, if you listen to Use Your Illusion, the second one, the blue one.

Stern: Yeah?

Steven: This is a Civil War, even you Axl, this is a Civil War and then this next song after that, it's all change, it's a totally different band.

Stern: Really?

Steven: And you can hear it.

Stern: What do you mean? The heart and soul just dropped out?

Steven: Everything. Cuz the last song I recorded with them was Civil War.

Stern: Right.

Steven: And I listened to it and it just  drives me nuts. It all changed.

Stern: The band wasn't the same?

Steven: The band wasn't the same.

Stern: Wow.

Steven: And I'm putting out a 25 cent bounty on Axl's head.

Quivers: 25 cents?

Steven: That's 25 cents. You don't need any more. Anybody could get him down on Billboard live, on Sunset, while we're over there playing and do a song with us, you got it.

Stern: Really? So you don't even talk to those guys anymore?

Steven: Oh, I see Duff at the gym. I saw Slash the other night. He says "hello."

Stern: Yeah? Tell him I said hi. But Axl you never talk to?

Quivers: Is Duff talking to Axl?

Steven: You know, I don't think so. I don't think anyone.... in fact, Axl, I don't think anyone knows where he's at.

Stern: And you guys were such good friends, right? I mean, weren't you guys close at one point?

Steven: Oh yeah. I know Slash is [?] and Axl and Izzy and Duff is [?].

Stern: It's weird that everybody's at the gym, too. Guns N' Roses at a gym is a weird concept. Duff's in incredible shape. We saw him, he looked really good.

Steven: Incredible! I was working out with him and he's just sweat and like, I couldn't believe and I said, "you're a madman".

Stern: And he's got all day y to work out, I mean really, seriously, think about it. He's waiting for the band to get back together.

Steven: I mean I said, "you're crazy [?]"

Stern: So Axl was actually smart businessman because he bought the name off the other band members, right? You guys sold the name of the band.

Steven: Yeah, that's fine.

Stern: You named... Who named the band Guns N' Roses?

Steven: Axl.

Stern: All right, he named it.

Steven: He named it.

Stern: And then he came to you guys one day and said, "look, I want to own the name"? You guys must have been high.

Steven: He went by person-by-person. First I was out of the band, and I said, "I am not in the band, go ahead, give me some money."

Stern: Really?

Steven: "Show me the money, you got it." "Show me the money, you got anything."

Stern: Right. So he wanted to own the name Guns N' Roses?

Steven: Yeah. It's not doing him any good! Unless it's the five of us together.

Stern: It ain't happening.

Steven: It ain't gonna happen. I mean, look at the solo projects. It was just... I mean, Axl thinks it's just him. He is Guns N' Roses and...

Stern: That's not the way it is. It's the whole five.

Steven: It's a team effort. We all worked together. We made something happen. He wanted to do it his own way and look what happened.

Stern: Right. Now he's sitting at home. Now he's sitting at home, Robin.

Quivers: With nobody to talk to.

Stern: He's sitting talking to the wall. That's who he's talking to.

Steven: I want him to come out, I want Slash. I mean, I got this gig over with my new band, "Freaks in the Room"...

Stern: I wanted to know, you started a band and you play at something called the Billboard Live in Los Angeles, right?

Steven: It's where Gazzarri's used to be.

Stern: I see, and you're starting February 24th, there, your new band?

Steven: We're back there again, and every Monday we're the house band - we got people from George Clinton, to Rick Springfield, to Mick Jagger coming out and hanging out and they come up and do a song.

Stern: And you're the real deal too, because even your tattoos, I mean, who tattoos a peace sign on your hand? When you get to put a tattoo on your hand, Robin, that's the ultimate because you have to look at your hand all the time, right? And you know it's like... that's a real man who tattoos his hand, you know t I'm saying? You gotta really live with that. You're a real man. You are. You're not a pussy. You're a real man. See the band always had a tough image because...

Quivers: That's what we loved about Guns N' Roses. They were rock and roll.

Stern: Yeah, I liked it they were on heroin. I liked it. I mean I enjoyed that.

Steven: Donnie [?], the heroin thing wasn't good.

Stern: It wasn't.

Quivers: How did you get into that?

Steven: Well...

Stern: It was there.

Steven: It was there and I just wanted to be a part of the band. Everybody...

Quivers: …and everybody in the band, and it was mandatory to do heroin?

Steven: Of course not but it's like, you know, I wasn't doing it, everybody else was in the hardest one [?]

Stern: Really?

Quivers: And all of a sudden he got into drugs and you went nuts!

Steven: I just love the way that comes out, I'm the worst drug addict ever. I'm sorry, what happened to Jimi Hendrix? Jim Morrison?

Quivers: Who died!

Steven: Right, if I'm so bad, why am I still here?

Stern: Right, so yeah, at least you handled it.

Quivers: The baddest guys died.

Stern: You had a heart attack, you had a stroke, but, you know what, you came threw it all.

Steven: That's right.

Stern: You're there.

Quivers: Scary though at your age to say I had a heart attack.

Steven: It sucks! I go to speech therapy. [?] on my speech.

Stern: Wow. Your speech is a lot better now cuz I see on TV and you were like "mhmhmhmh," and now you're like, fine.

Steven: Well, that was four months ago.

Stern: Right.

Steven: And I've been going to speech therapy since then.

Quivers: When did you have the stroke?

Steven: In a bathroom in one of my houses.

Quivers: But when?

Steven: About three years ago.

Quivers: Wow.

Stern: Wow, cool.

Steven: I had a stroke, a heart attack, I knocked my teeth out.

Stern: Wow. How'd you knock your teeth out?

Steven: I snorted too much coke, I went right down.

Quivers: BAM!

Stern: Oh, you fell right in your face?

Steven: Right on my face.

Stern: And did you even know it?

Steven: Well, for the first five seconds I have no idea but then after I sort of go, "Oh wait, you bashed your face in the bathroom floor. Grab a towel so you can put underneath it". It was the worst.

Stern: Was it cold [?], I mean did the rest of the band get into it?


Stern: How many teeth came out that day?

Steven: Just one.

Stern: Just want. Alright.

Steven: But they had to take three out to put one back in.

Stern: Really?

Quivers: Haha, they always do.

Steven: Yeah.

Stern: You don't have that on video, do you?

Steven: [laughing] No.

Stern: Because I think that, Id buy that.

Quivers: But you must have loved drugs.

Stern: Oh my.

Quivers: [?] must have been great.

Steven: I was the worst drug addict. I could never find a vein, okay? I was just so bad at it.

Stern: You were bad at it!

Steven: I could never cook up the coke. Don't come on no rocket [?] so mushy…

Stern: So you would get the coke and you'd have to cook it up to put it in here in your arm,  and then you couldn't even cook up the coke?

Steven: I couldn't even cook it up.

Stern: What's so hard about cooking up? You take a match...

Steven: I'd have some guy who would be next to me, he'd do it... boom!

Stern: Three seconds?

Steven: And I did it exactly like he did it, I just couldn't do it! I am not a cook.

Stern: You know, my wife is a bad cook too. But I got to tell you something, my Jones, I'm not drug free, I'm on Tylenol PM. [?] I got the whole thing [?] But I don't cook it [?].

Steven: I'm on antihistamines [?]

Stern: Are you really? Yeah, I've messed with that. But the thing is that what you're saying is that, a lot of people don't talk about this, there is a whole science to cooking up these drugs and stuff and not everyone's good at it.

Quivers: Or even rolling a joint.

Stevens: I'm good at that.

Stern: You're good at that?

Steven: I love [?]

Stern: I'm terrible at that.

Steven: I'm good at that.

Stern: Nobody even lets me roll a joint.

Quivers: The stuff you have to do to get the drugs into yourself!

Stern: That's right. Alright, so you take the spoon, right? You always have a spoon, I've seen that on tv.

Steven: Right. That silver spoon thing.

Stern: You take your spoon and you'd be there with the other guys and everything and everyone be cooking up and you had your little rock of coke or whatever.

Steven: I had my mush of coke. Everybody else had the rock.

Stern: You take a lighter and hold it under the spoon, and no liquid would come about?

Steven: It's basic, so basic! I was just not meant to do it.

Stern: So would somebody come over and do it for you? And help you out?

Steven: [?]

Stern: Right, right.

Steven: "I can't take it anymore, god dammit!"

Stern: And then you would draw it into the needle and then you would go to find a vein and now you can't find a vein?

Steven: No, I had the vein I just could never hit it.

Stern: Really?

Quivers: Oh, you'd see the vein?

Steven: Oh yeah! As I said, I'm so bad!


Steven: I mean, it is like right there but it's [?]

Stern: Wow. So when you get a vein it was exciting, it was like, "wow!"


Quivers: But we never knew when that was gonna happen!

Stern: Yeah, right!

Steven: No idea! That's why I'm sticking with the sex thing.

Stern: That you're good at?

Steven: I am good at that. [?]

Stern: Right, that you're good at. So you had a heart attack from drugs or was it really the frustration of trying to cook up the drugs?


Steven: Also the frustration.

Stern: Right, it was embarrassing because when you're around drug addicts you want to look like, I mean, if you're gonna be drug addict, do it right.

Steven: I'd be with ten other drug addicts and we'd all be in different rooms by ourselves. That's why... I knew when to coke, when it was like, "hey, you gotta do something." My dogs looked at me and said, "hey, if there was somebody outside, we tell ya". And that's when I knew I had problems!


Steven: I am over looking out the curtains and looking [?]

Stern: Paranoid.

Steven: Yeah, my dog's going, "there's somebody out there! We tell you," and they are just sitting there looking at me.

Stern: Did you ever do a cocaine enema? That's an easy way to get it in.


Stern: But you can't talk about that. Alright, alright. [laughter] So wait a second. Yeah. Steven, so you are on these drugs, right, and you're in Guns N' Roses and then one day they.... how do they fire you? They come up to you and they go, "Hey you, you are out"?

Quivers: But wait a minute, you know, because we're always having this question about Stone Temple Pilots.

Stern: Yeah.

Quivers: What was it that you couldn't do?

Stern: Right.

Steven: I couldn't...

Stern: Yeah, what was it that you did that made them so upset to throw you out of the band?

Steven: Yeah. I have no.... the thing that I guess, the bottom line was Slash calls me up he says, "We're going in the studio and record Civil War and a week before then, I said, "Okay", you know they're giving me crap about the drugs, it's okay, manager took me to the doctor, he gave me this opiate blocker but you're not supposed to take an opiate blocker when you have opiates in your body, right?

Stern: Okay.

Steven: The doctor didn't tell me.

Stern: Right, the doctor never said anything.

Steven: He gives me an opiate blocker. I'm sick for six weeks. If I had to go to bathroom I had to crawl. It was that bad. And he calls me, Slash, "We got to go in but you're just messed up," and....

Stern: So you're messed up.

Quivers: In other words you couldn't get to work.

Stern: "I'm on opiate blockers and I am all messed up, I can't come to work for six works because I am so sick" and they said, "No man, you're just messed up on drugs"?

Steven: Yeah.

Stern: And they threw you out of the band?

Steven: Yeah.

Quivers: Bottom line was, he couldn't get to work.

Steven: No, I got to the studio. I just was so sick I had.... I couldn't...

Stern: ….couldn't drum.

Steven: I had no timing cuz I was so weak and dizzy.

Quivers: This is crucial to a drummer, though!

Steven: Of course, but Slash is all, "We can't waste the money" and I'm "Don't even go there with 'waste money' cuz there is one other person we know who is very good at that."

Stern: Right. Axl?

Steven: Yeah.

Stern: That's right. How about when you guys used to go to concerts and the tickets would say "around 8:30"?

Quivers: It was never around 8:30.

Steven: Maaaaaybe if you're lucky it is 8:30.

Stern: And you guys are going on stage around like midnight. People would show up for a show at 8:30.

Quivers: I've seen them! I know what the deal is.

Stern: Is that because of Axl or because of everybody? Axl? Yeah.

Quivers: It was always Axl. Everybody else was there, Axl had not yet arrived.


Stern: Yeah, it was him. You were on opiate blockers, you had your own problems.

Steven: I definitely had my own problems.

Quivers: And what made Axl...

Steven: ...but I still made it on stage.

Stern: So who came and told you that you're out of the band?

Steven: The manager Doug Goldstein.

Stern: Oh Doug. They gave it to him?

Steven: Of course.

Stern: They have a Jewish guy, the business [?]

Steven: Who else to give better [?]


Stern: You're right. So he comes up to you and he says, "Listen Steven, you're out of the band"?

Steven: Well it's more like, "Come down to the office, I want to talk to you."

Stern: Alright.

Steven: I get down to the office. He has his papers, that's about half a foot thick, going, "Sign everywhere where the little colored paper clips are" and I'm under [?] signing away and "What's this for?" and he said, "Oh nothing, it just means you are on probation for three weeks." But then what I really find out, I'm signing away all my rights.

Stern: Wow.

Steven: That's why I sued them.

Stern: I see.

Steven: Because I was messed up, I wasn't in my right mind, I didn't have a lawyer there.

Stern: Right.

Steven: It was just a mess.

Stern: It was a mess.

Stern: We can't even smell the F-word. The reason I keep hitting the button is Steven keep using the F-word, now he chose to spell the F-word.


Stern: You messed up. It's very hard to talk without the F-word, believe me, I go through that struggle every day.

Quivers: Just say you f'ed up.

Stern: Yeah, just say you F'ed up.

Steven: I F'ed up bad.

Stern: Right.

Steven: drugs... I'm so happy...much...If I would have known I'd be this happy and be having this much sex and it being that good...

Stern: You have a girlfriend? Or you just have multiple partners?

Steven: I got a beautiful girlfriend…

Stern: Oh, no kidding?

Steven: ...her name is Johnny Sue [?].

Stern: Johnny Sue [?]? Nice.

Quivers: You're off drugs, that what you're saying?

Steven: I am off drugs.

Stern: Really? Would you ever go back to the drugs, you think?

Steven: No.

Stern: No, you mean, you've got this thing beat?

Steven: Well, I could never say never.

Quivers: How did you beat it?

Stern: He had a stroke and a heart attack! [laughter]

Steven: I wish I could see your beautiful face, Robin. You know...

Stern: ...we're afraid you'd go back on drugs. There she is, right. She can see you.

Steven: It took two years of just going, "I can't take it," "I'm sick of being sick," and stopping and then messing up again...

Stern: ...even after your heart attack you did them again?

Steven: Of course!

Stern: Really?

Quivers: That's what I am saying, people who got drugs they don't care about heart attacks.

Stern: You are hardcore.

Steven: I'm the hardest.

Stern: Yeah, I know. Robin's on roofies right now.

Quivers: Look, Richard Pryor burned himself up and still did crack.

Steven: He burned himself up, went to hospital, went back over and did it again.

Stern: Damn right, he's a real man [giggling] Now look at him. So the thing is, I mean, it's got to be out of your system now because, I mean, seriously, you went through too much. Speech therapy...

Steven: It's been over a year now.

Stern: ...right, all your teeth removed...

Steven: You know, sometimes, like everybody else, I get a little depressed and...

Stern & Quivers: Uh-oh!

Steven: the back of the mind is that monkey still sitting going, "Just gotta take one hit" but I've been real good, I don't want to feel that.

Stern: And then when you go to a party, you're still in with a rock and roll crowd and everything, you probably see people, "Mhm, I wouldn't mind doing that again."

Steven: You know, I have... there was a little bump here and there within this year and a time I did twice….

Stern: ...fell off the wagon?

Steven: ...well, yeah.

Stern: Did a little what? Coke?

Steven: One little line of coke. And I did my brain, I just started thinking, and I got that feeling in my stomach, "this is ain't cool." I mean the feeling in that stomach I had before I walked in this room, you know, butterflies, was way cooler, and I can control it.

Stern: Right. Getting in touch with the real you.

Steven: Yeah. I was I was doing a stroke [?], I couldn't control myself and so...

Stern: And then what about the second time?

Steven: ...walking around in my underwear...


Stern: Oh, you were walking around in your underwear?

Steven: I had no idea what I was doing.

Stern: Really?

Steven: I was stealing popsicles from 7-eleven.

Stern: Really?

Steven: I couldn't even open the front door, I couldn't turn the knob, that's how bad I was.

Stern: Wow, sounds great! [laughter] That sounds scary actually.

Steven: I couldn't open the door!

Quivers: Yeah, walking around stealing lollypops from 7-11 [laughter].

Steven: Popsicles.

Stern: Really, popsicles, not lollypops.


Stern: What are you gonna do, baby? [?] So even with everything you've been through, the teeth, the heart attack, the stroke, this year you tried the coke once and then you even tried it again?

Steven: Yeah.

Stern: Wow.

Steven: Well, hey, if I was perfect I'd scare myself more than I do.

Stern: Right, right. Hey, listen, you are a rock star...

Quivers: You went to a lot of rehabs, though?

Steven: I went to 23 wasting… wasted time rehabs. Let me explain the rehab thing to you.

Stern: Okay, please.

Steven: You go in there and you're of course wasted, that's the reason you go there. And you're gonna be sick of course, they give you medication for five days. When five days are over, boom, they give you nothing.

Stern: Cold turkey.

Steven: I did seven years of damage does, actually since I was twelve…

Stern: You've been getting high since you were 12?

Steven: Well, pot and...

Stern: Right, right.

Steven: Since I was 12, I'm 32 today.

Stern: Right, congratulations again.

Steven: Thank you.


Quivers: Every year, is that an accomplishment…

Stern: You ever been to Betty Ford?

Steven: I've been to Betty Ford.

Stern: I hear that's a great place to meet chicks.

Steven: Any rehab's a great place to meet chicks.

Stern: Is it really?

Steven: Oh yeah. Everybody's horny in there.

Quivers: [?] scored Elizabeth Taylor...

Stern: A major score. Oh yeah. So you got laid in rehab?

Steven: Oh yeah.


Stern: You make it sound fun.

Steven: Oh no, it was most...

Stern: Do they make you clean toilets and all that to humble you?

Steven: [?]

Stern: [laughing] Yeah. They humble you, right? That's part of the therapy.

Steven: They're all screwed.

Stern: Right. So you go in there...

Quivers: So what you are saying is that rehabs are waste of times?

Steven: Waste of time.

Stern: So how did you do it?

Steven: Cuz they give you, like I said, meds for five days and then you're right back. There's 18 years of damage they're trying to fix in five days.

Stern: Right.

Steven: No way.

Stern: They give you medication five days - that's cool - and then they don't wean you off the thing?

Steven: No.

Stern: Cold turkey.

Steven: Yeah, in some prison-like... except there's no bars but it's same thing.

Stern: But they make you bend over and clean toilets and stuff?

Quivers: [?] tell stories about your drug-taking?

Stern: Yeah, did you have like a group encounter?

Steven: Oh yeah. Lots of those group things.


Steven: Lots of just shut the…

Stern: ...hell up. Right right right.

Steven: God!

Stern: There you go, shut the F up. You're getting it, right. Like a nude encounter group.

Steven: Hey, listen up. Before I forget, I brought something for you.

Stern: Okay, wait, you've got some plug to do here. Maybe we should get to that, you're right.

Steven: I got to plug for my internet which is

Stern: No, no. I give you....

Steven: You go…

Stern: It's

Steven: … my name.

Stern: We gotta have something between the com and the ww….

Steven: I forgot my name.


Stern: Yeah right. All right. You can buy t-shirts, hats, boxer shorts, autographed sticks and drum heads. And you also sell your personal paintings.

Steven: Yeah, I've been painting.

Stern: Really? A lot of guys who come out of rehab start painting, right?

Steven: I just...

Quivers: A lot of guys who come off drugs...

Stern: I didn't know you were an artist! I mean, you do a lot of different things.

Steven: Well, when I was doing the drugs I really couldn't get out the talents and artistic moods and swings I go through now. Being on drugs I was just always so down.

Stern: I mean, this stuff is great [?], but really, you should sell coke and luudes.


Stern: And I know you would really make a....

Steven: I am not selling the luudes, they're staying!


Stern: You won't give those [?]

Steven: The luudes stay [?]

Stern: Now, I always heard a rumor. Clear this one up for me. The real reason you were thrown out of the band had nothing to do with drugs the rumor was that you had had sex with Axl's wife. That was the rumor, right? You've heard that?

Steven: Okay now. Are you ready for this?

Stern: Go ahead. This is a bombshell.

Steven: Erin Everly, beautiful girl…

Stern: Beautiful!

Steven: ...comes over with this guy, I'm not going to mention his name, and Izzy's old girlfriend.

Stern: Alright.


Stern: I had to bleep the f-word! Okay, wait a second, wait a second! What happened?

Steven: She came over [?] and this guy who's this girl was going out with were playing in my studio in the backyard. Erin comes over with this other girl and I said, "Don't come over," "Don't bring him over" and they just came over after we start playing and there's a knock on the door and Erin's not looking right, as I bring her in my room, I lay her on the bed, I'm going "What's up? What's up?" and then the girl goes, "Oh, I gave her 30 Valiums and 35 clonidines" which are all...

Stern: ...which are heavy drugs.

Steven: ...lowers your blood pressure. And she gives her all these pills and I said, "What the hell did you do that for?" And she goes, "Because she got in a fight with Axl and is depressed," [?] and I was watching this girl die on me.

Stern: Right, right, you don't want her to die on you. That's Axl's wife.

Steven: Yeah, so I call the ambulance. Ambulance comes, wakes her, gets her back up. And Axl thinks I shot her up with heroin....

Stern: ...I see. And had sex with her.

Steven: No. There was no sex but that I shot her up with heroin and almost killed her. I never did anything like that. I was just in my studio plan. And they just came over.

Stern: And you got a bad rap.

Steven: And Axl wants to kill me. I got a bad rap, it was this goofy girl who did it.

Stern: Right. You weren't even with her.

Steven: Yeah, right.

Quivers: This reminds me of that scene in Pulp Fiction.

Stern: Yes, yes, it reminds me of a lot of scenes.


Stern: You have some life, man, I'd say you got the greatest life.

Steven: I'm working on it.

Stern: You're not kidding.

Steven: You know, I would really like to be able to get Axl and Slash and Duff and Izzy...

Stern: Get them all together - yeah! Get them in the studio, what's wrong with these guys?

Steven: Well, if I could get them down to Billboard Live and just come up...

Stern: an informal jam.

Steven: Yeah, just get up and do a jam with my band.

Stern: You'll be there February.

Quivers: I think that will take a few more years [laughter]

Stern: [laughter] Yeah.

Steven: I got Ronnie Jenkins on guitar, he's from Kicks [?], I got Steffen Adiga [?] on bass, uhm... let's talk about, see we got Sebastian Bach, I just talked last night...

Stern: I know Sebastian.

Steven: ...he wants me to come down and I'm putting a call out for Ian Astbury. I want Ian to come down.

Stern: And that's February 24th you'll be doing that?

Steven: Yeah and we got Ryan Roxy whose played with Alice Cooper, he's coming down and jam with us too.

Stern: Noel Redding [?] is looking for work.

Steven: Who?

Stern: Noel Redding from the Hendrix, man? You don't know?

Steven: Oh, no, that would be cool.

Stern: There you go. Get him right in there.

Steven: Oh yeah, no, come on down, Billboard Live February 24th and every Monday after that.

Stern: All right. Steven, I got to tell you something, you're one hell of an interview. Steven's got some entourage out there, he's got porno stars and all kinds of thing out there.

Quivers: Yeah?

Steven: I got the pres with me.

Stern: Yeah, I saw you got a Bill Clinton look-alike. Those guys scare me , lookalikes.

Steven: This guy's great.

Stern: They freak me out. They'll put me on coke.


Stern: It's always weird, guys who make a living, uh…

Quivers: Looking like someone else.

Stern: Let me see your entourage. Who are these chicks you're with?

Steven: Come on in girl!

Stern: If it goes quickly. Let me just see quick. Steven Adler, of course, will be at Billboard Live in LA starting February 24th. Also his internet addresses where he sells various things. You go on there, you take a look at it.

Steven: Jerry Pressman and Mark Carney and Pat Pennington.

Stern: Who is those people?

Steven: They're running the Billboard.

Stern: Oh, they are.

Steven: Yes.

Stern: Right. Let me see, now. Who are these guys? Here we go.

Steven: It's Jamie my brother…

Stern: ...who is you brother? Hey, are you on heroin, or what? You're not on heroin? All the Adler's on heroin. Oh wow, look at all the hot chicks you're traveling with. Hey now, hey now! Gary, Gary, Gary, go around the room and find out who everyone is.

Gary: This is Steven's brother Jamie.

Jamie: Hey, how are you doing?

Stern: How you doing, man? Wait a second. You're his brother, when he was going through all this were you trying to help him or were you having your own problems?

Jamie: I was by his side the whole time. You know, he's my brother, I love the guy to death.

Stern: Right, right, yeah. So now you're hanging with him and everything?

Jamie: We're best friends. I manage the band 'Freaks in the Room.'

Stern: Oh, is that right? And your name is?

Stefan: Stefan.

Stern: And you're in the band. You look like you're in a band.

Gary: Stefan's wife is the famous porn star.


Stern: You can't say that. You married to a hot porn star, right?


Quivers: Wait a minute, does the porn star not want people to know she is married?

Stern: Is that what the problem is?

Stefan: I don't know how this rumour gets out. I got a beautiful wife that looks like Pamela Anderson oh and I met her working out at a [?]

Stern: So she's not a porn star?


Quivers: A lingerie store.

Stern: So she is not a porn star?

Stefan: She's my beautiful wife.

Stern: Alright, alright, whatever.

Quivers: She doesn't make movies.

Stern: Now you two are… I see how I got confused. You two are porn stars?


Stern: Yeah? What's some of the movies you've been in? Any clean titles?

Tabitha Stevens: I was actually in the second John Bobbitt film.

Stern: Oh you were?

Tabitha Stevens: You actually talked about me on the air. I'm the one with the one I couldn't pee for a couple days after [laughter]

Stern: Oh! That was you, huh? Yeah you had a bad problem after you... a very weird guy. And what is your name?

Tabita Stevens: I'm Tabitha Stevens.

Stern: And what is your name?

Liana Hart: Liana Hart.

Stern: Liana Hart and Tabitha Stephens.

Steven: They're the Baywatch girls.

Stern: Are you girls... are doing all doing these guys? Is that what's going on? I mean...

Steven: I've been done.

Stern: Really? Both of them?

Steven: Oh yeah.

[porn stars laughing]

Steven: They got something for you, they're gonna take off.

Stern: Really? Both of you... you had both these women Steven?

Steven: And their friends.

Stern: And their friends? Steven is having some life. You don't need coke and heroin! What are you hiding from?


Stern: You are very scary, you know that?

Clinton impersonator: God bless you.

Stern: And you get work doing that?

Clinton impersonator: Absolutely. I'm here to take care of the FCC for you now that I'm reelected.

Stern: Is that right? You're gonna get rid of them for me?

Clinton impersonator: Absolutely.

Stern: Excellent.

Quivers: What an eclectic group!

Clinton impersonator: You're not going to make me take my top off for you, are you?

[cut out stuff about other people]

Stern: So Steven, you hang around with porn stars, you get you get laid a lot, I mean, that's a great life.

Steven: Yeah, it works for me.

Stern: Yeah, well, congratulations to the whole entourage.

Steven: I wanted to give you...

Stern: … I thought you had a girlfriend?

Steven: Yeah, I do.

Stern: But you also have these...

Steven: Do you see any ring on these fingers?

Stern: No, no, you're allowed to have sex with anybody you want in your relationship, is that correct?

Steven: Oh well....

Quivers: "No, but...."


Stern: You just do and you get away with it?

Steven: It works.

Stern: It works.

Steven: But now I got, I brought a little gift for you and your little entourage. Girls, we don't you take it off good and give it to him.

Stern: Girls, what are you gonna do? Get nude? I want to describe to my audience what's going on, that's all. I love porno stars, they just love getting naked.

Steven: These are the shirts, these are the shirts.

Stern: Did you have messed up childhoods? Girls? Were you molested as children?

Liana Hart: No. I'm from Long Island.

Stern: Oh, you are? Well there you go.

Quivers: Oh that's a mess right there.

Stern: You were probably exposed to...


Stern: You're on the radio [?] Easy, easy, we're on the radio.

Gary: I think what they are trying to tell you, the reason why they're wearing this red one-piece bathing suit is because they just did a porno version of Baywatch.

Stern: Oh, you did? "Babe watch"? I see. Well you girls look great.

Steven: That is heaven.



Stern: Steven, I got to tell you, you had sex with both these women you're a lucky man, aren't you? Girls, was he any good in bed?

Liana Hart:  I thought so.

Stern: What did you think, did you think he was good?

Tabitha Stevens: Yeah.

Stern: Or you've been with so many men at this point, are you desensitized?

Liana Hart: ….and women.

Stern: Oh, you've been with a lot of women. Are you a lesbo?

Liana Hart: Uhm, somewhat.

Stern: Mostly?


Stern: I mean...

Steven: Girls on girls.

Stern: I like that.

Steven: Love that.

Stern: You had the two at the same time?

Steven: Yeah.

Stern: Oh really.

Steven: And their friends.

Stern: Really?

Steven: [?]

Stern: Oh, that's his brother. Too nuts.


Jamie: I learned from the best!

Stern: Well girls, you look fantastic…

Quivers: Did Steven's brother get to partake in all of this excitement?

Stern: Steven, do you get, I mean, do you get... you get your brother's action?

Jamie: Where he goes I go.

Stern: Really. So you've had sex with these two girls, too?

Jamie: I don't [?]

Stern: You have two wives? Well, I'll tell you something, it's great.


Stern: Girls, do stroke victims last a long time in the sack? I would imagine he'd do better in bed after a stroke, right?

Tabitha Stevens: He is pretty good.

Stern: Really? Very pleasurable?

Tabita Stevens: He makes that weird face, though.

Stern: He does?

Tabitha Stevens: You look like a serial killer...


Tabitha Stevens: Kinda creepy.

Stern: Wow, everyone's having a party, aren't they? Well, girls, you look great. First of all, thank you Steven and thanks all you guys for coming in. And Steven will be at Billboard Live in Los Angeles starting February 24th and you can reach him at

Steven: Hey, could the president just say one thing?

Stern: All right.


Clinton impersonator: These are the hard boys, Liz [?] Johnny, my love number one, Steven Bar Levy,,,

Stern: What is he talking about?

Someone: He's got a page-long of plugs.

Stern: No, I'm gonna take them and throw them out the window. No, you can't say anything more. I'm gonna smack you around. [?] Bill Clinton lookalike, that's a way to make a living. We'll take a break. Thanks Steven.

Steven: Thank you.

Stern: All right.

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