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1995.02.04 -Aftonbladet - Interview with Slash

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1995.02.04 -Aftonbladet -  Interview with Slash  Empty 1995.02.04 -Aftonbladet - Interview with Slash

Post by Blackstar on Thu Aug 09, 2018 11:08 am

Slash Is Tired Of The Superdiva Axl

by Ronny Olovsson

Guns N' Roses guitarist takes vacation and enjoy being solo.

Slash has taken vacation from the circus known as Guns N' Roses. Now it is the hobby band Snakepit that takes his time.

- Axl thinks that Guns N' Roses is his own solo project, he says and snorts.

No, he don't want to say that Guns N' Roses have broke up. But if you read between the lines there is no doubt that Saul "Slash" Hudson is beginning to grow more then tired of the superdiva Axl Rose. So tired that he now intensively enjoys to dedicate himself to the side-track Snakepit. A hobbyband which he has formed with among others Eric Dover, ex-Jellyfish.

- Incredibly nice not to be part of a high profile band like Guns. To be able to do something without the need to always think about that everything shall look cool. It's a vacation. And Fun.

Funnier then Guns N' Roses?

- Guns is fun too, but it's more like an institution today. Yeah, I can't describe in any other way.

Okey, you and Axl are both grown up men, why are you always arguing?

- We've always have had different opinions and will always have. But as long as we can record a good Guns-record we are a band. Right now there seems to be a fucking confusion about what "a good Guns-record" is.

Will there be another album?

We are going to meet in August after we've toured with Snakepit. Then we'll see what happens. We've been jamming a bit, but there isn't any actual songs.

You, Duff McKagan, Gilby Clarke... The most people in the band have made records outside Guns. Isn't Axl going to do a solo-record soon?

- Axl thinks that Guns is his solo-project.

Okey, you have a lot of chains and rings everywhere. Are you a piercing freak.

- Well. I've pierced the nose and the navel, but not anything else. I don't have any bolt through my dick if someone thought so.

- One problem with these stuff is that the alarm always sets off in security-controls at the airports (laughter!).



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