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1995.08.DD - MTV - Interview with Slash

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1995.08.DD - MTV - Interview with Slash Empty 1995.08.DD - MTV - Interview with Slash

Post by Blackstar on Wed Aug 21, 2019 5:59 pm


Interviewer: So you’ve had a good time with Snakepit and, you know, it was everything you wanted it to be and more?

Slash: Actually I wouldn’t have traded this particular experience, this tour and these guys for anything. There’s no amount of money I would have traded it for.

Interviewer: That must be a great feeling.

Slash: Yeah, it’s great to go back and reestablish what the fuck I started playing guitar for in the first place, you know?

Interviewer: Yeah, I totally respect you for that. So just to finish up with them, how are you gonna be spending the rest of your day, if you can tell us that?

Slash: Tonight?

Interviewer: Yeah. What are you gonna be up to? Are you gonna see any bands here or-?

Slash: I’m gonna stay here for a while and, as you know, I gotta get back to the hotel, so we can get up and fly early in the morning. But I’m just gonna do any number of things.

Interviewer: Good (laughs).

Slash: Unpredictability is the motto here (laughs).

Interviewer: Indeed. Well, thank you very much for taking time to talk to us.

Slash: Nice to see you. You look hot!

Interviewer: Oh thank you. Thank you. And that’s Slash. All the latest news for you there. And right now we’re going to show you some more live performance from Slash’s Snakepit. Here we go back on stage, Donington 95.

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