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1995.02.DD - MTV - Interview with Slash

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1995.02.DD - MTV - Interview with Slash Empty 1995.02.DD - MTV - Interview with Slash

Post by Blackstar on Wed Aug 21, 2019 6:02 pm


Tabitha Soren: ... since we’ve heard from Guns N’ Roses. But guitarist Slash has just released his first solo album, It’s Five O’ Clock Somewhere is what it’s called. He calls his band Slash’s Snakepit, but it has a few Gunners in it, keyboardist Dizzy Reed and drummer Matt Sorum, as well as ex-Gunner Gilby Clarke, and they’re playing songs that could have turned up on a GN’R album, and that led to some of the much rumored recent friction between Slash and Axl Rose, as Slash told us recently.

Slash: I played some of the stuff for Axl and he didn’t seem to take to it too well. So I kept it and – I mean, it could have been Guns N’ Roses material at the time, if he’d been really into it, but that wasn’t a musical direction that he wanted to go.

[Clip from Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door performance]

Slash: Axl at some point decided that he wanted certain songs back and they were already - the album was already finished by that point. It sort of was a shock to him that it was done so quickly, you know? And then he was like, “Well, I want those songs back,” and I was like, “No, it’s too late, they’re gone.” And so we’ve come to terms about it at this point, but there was a little bit of friction there for a while.

Tabitha Soren: Meanwhile, sources close to Guns N’ Roses confirm a report in the new issue of Metal Edge Magazine that Slash has been jamming with former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Zakk Wylde. Whether it was a whim or an audition for a Snakepit touring slot or as a replacement for Gilby Clarke in GN’R is not yet clear, but we’ll keep you posted.

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