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1999.08.13 - Metal Hammer - Guns N' Roses Double Up

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1999.08.13 - Metal Hammer - Guns N' Roses Double Up Empty 1999.08.13 - Metal Hammer - Guns N' Roses Double Up

Post by Blackstar on Tue Mar 10, 2020 2:11 pm

Guns N' Roses Double Up

Guns N' Roses are preparing to end their lengthy silence, as they finish up work on two new studio albums, both of which are being produced by Sean Beavan and expected to be released simultaneously in October.

The two, as yet untitled, albums feature the new line-up of vocalist Axl Rose, guitarists Robin Finck and Paul Huge, keyboard player Dizzy Reed, drummer Josh Freese and bassist Tommy Stinson.

One source close to the band describes the new material as being, "Cleaner and fatter, but completely Guns N' Roses. Despite the rumours, there's no hint of any techno or industrial influences."

Also, on the Guns' horizon is a third new album, this one being a live record featuring mostly "Appetite For Destruction" - era material. This will include a revamped version of the classic "Sweet Child O'Mine", which incorporates a live version dating back several years which has been embellished with guitar parts from Finck and Huge. This new version can, in fact, be heard as the credits role at the end of the new Adam Sandler hit movie Big Daddy, which opens shortly in the UK.


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