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2001.05.11 - Metal Hammer - Guns N' Roses 'Postpone' UK Dates

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2001.05.11 - Metal Hammer - Guns N' Roses 'Postpone' UK Dates Empty 2001.05.11 - Metal Hammer - Guns N' Roses 'Postpone' UK Dates

Post by Blackstar on Tue 21 Apr 2020 - 11:46

Guns N' Roses 'Postpone' UK Dates

Guns N' Roses have 'postponed' their up-coming European dates because lead guitarist Buckethead is too ill to tour.

According to an official statement, the six stringer is currently undergoing tests to explain a recent bout of "internal haemorrhaging" and has been unable to join the band in rehearsals.

However, Metal Hammer can exclusively reveal that this cancellation may have something more to do with the fact that the band's long awaited new studio album, 'Chinese Democracy', has not actually been finished!

Apparently Axl is fulfilling a long held Queen fascination and has drafted former Queen producer Roy Thomas Baker to sift through a whopping seventy-two tracks!

The average amount of tracks a producer is asked to remix is roughly between fifteen and twenty, and it would not be an unreasonable to say that a remix of seventy-two tracks would set the album back at least another twelve months.

Daniel Lane - Metal Hammer


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