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1994.06.25 - Kerrang - Slash 'N' Burn!

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1994.06.25 - Kerrang - Slash 'N' Burn! Empty 1994.06.25 - Kerrang - Slash 'N' Burn!

Post by Blackstar on Sun Sep 01, 2019 4:17 pm

1994.06.25 - Kerrang - Slash 'N' Burn! 1994_062
1994.06.25 - Kerrang - Slash 'N' Burn! 1994_063
1994.06.25 - Kerrang - Slash 'N' Burn! 1994_064



Guns N' Roses axeman lines up solo album and special UK live appearance - and confirms that Axl has sacked Gilby Clarke!

SLASH: solo album will be pure rock 'n' roll - with not a ballad in sight!

GUNS N’ ROSES guitarist Slash is to start work imminently on a solo album for the Geffen label. To be titled 'SVO Snakepit’, it will be co-produced by Slash and Mike Clink, who handled GN’R’s legendary ‘Appetite For Destruction'.

“The ‘SVO’ stands for ‘Slash’s Very Own’!” laughed the six-stringer when speaking to Mayhem recently. “The album will be very heavy and kinda real simple. The best way I can describe this is that it will be like my contributions to Guns n’ Roses - only more solidified! It will concentrate on pure rock ’n’ roll and won’t have any ballads.”

Joining Slash on this project will be Guns drummer Matt Sorum, guitarist Gilby Clarke and Alice In Chains bassist Michael Inez.

“I hope to begin work on this in early July, but a lot will depend on whether I can find a suitable singer. I’m looking at the moment for a guy who sounds like a young Steven Tyler or Alice Cooper, somebody with a real hunger. I've already auditioned a few people, but so far I haven’t found anybody suitable. I have been taking singing lessons myself, but quite honestly I don’t think I’ve got the personality to carry it off!

“This whole idea came about because I was working on material for the next Guns album at my home studio - but then everything had to be put on hold, because Axl Rose was dealing with the lawsuits brought against him by his ex-girlfriend Stephanie Seymour and his ex-wife Erin Everly.

“So I thought I’d go ahead and use the songs I’d been working up for a solo album... only now Axl has decided we should start on the new GN’R album anyway! So the two projects will be run almost in tandem.”

Slash has some 17 songs ready to go for ‘...Snakepit’, from which a selection of 10 will make the album.

“I’ve got one number called 'I Hate Everybody But You’, which my wife Renée insists is her song! I might also include a cover version of Steppenwolf's ‘Magic Carpet Ride’. I actually did this with Michael Monroe for the soundtrack to ‘Coneheads’, but it virtually disappeared, so I am thinking of reworking it, without Michael this time.

“As for other song titles, I want to keep them under wraps for the moment.

“I am under a bit of pressure timewise on this project, because Michael Inez is committed to touring with Alice In Chains very shortly; but on the other hand, I don’t want to begin recording until I have the right singer, so the July starting date might be pushed back a little.

“I’m also none too certain when the album will appear, because I want to ensure that it doesn't get lost in the Geffen pack, but has a good promotional push. One thing is definite, though: i will do a two or three month club tour in support of the record, playing places where you wouldn’t see Guns.”

Back on the GN’R front, Slash has confirmed that “Gilby was fired from the band by Axl recently. We have been trying out a couple of potential replacements, but so far no one has really worked out. Gilby is working with me at the moment, and we shall just have to see what happens with him.

“And, contrary to what some people might think, Guns N' Roses haven't been idle. We already have some songs down on tape... In addition, Slash's heavily rumoured special appearance at the Gibson Guitars Centenary Concert has finally been confirmed. He'll be scorching his fretboard alongside Zakk Wylde, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jimmy Barnes, Cozy Powell and Bon Jovi bassman Alec John Such at London Wembley Arena on June 26.


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