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1994.11.05 - Kerrang - Welcome To The Courtroom!

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1994.11.05 - Kerrang - Welcome To The Courtroom! Empty 1994.11.05 - Kerrang - Welcome To The Courtroom!

Post by Blackstar on Fri Jul 26, 2019 8:02 am

1994.11.05 - Kerrang - Welcome To The Courtroom! 1994_110
1994.11.05 - Kerrang - Welcome To The Courtroom! 1994_113
1994.11.05 - Kerrang - Welcome To The Courtroom! 1994_111
1994.11.05 - Kerrang - Welcome To The Courtroom! 1994_112




GUNS N' ROSES frontman Axl Rose is said to be suing bandmate Slash, according to sensational reports this week!

The never-ending GN'R saga took on an incredible new twist with these shock reports from LA, which indicate that the deteriorating relationship between the pair has now reached an all-time low. Once again, the whole future of 'The World's Most Dangerous Band' looks in jeopardy!

The centre of the new row between the volatile singer and his long-time partner seems to revolve around Slash's forthcoming solo album, 'It's Five O’clock Somewhere’, which is due to be released by Geffen during mid-February.

Apparently, Axl is claiming that certain songs on Slash's album were actually earmarked for inclusion on the next Guns record. Thus, he's asked Slash to pull them off his own record and to save them for use by Guns N’ Roses!

The guitarist seems to have refused this request, thereby leading to a major internal conflict that does threaten to end up in court.

It should be stressed that, at this point in time, there has been no confirmation of these reports from any of the parties involved. However, when Mayhem contacted various official parties in LA, nobody would deny that there is a serious rift between the two major guiding forces behind the Guns N' Roses success story. Nor would they deny that this might well end up in litigation.

But, a cautionary note was sounded by a source close to Axl's camp: “You will hear a lot of rumours about what's going on between Axl and Slash. Don't believe them all.”

What should be born in mind as Axl and Slash move towards a potential split, is that the name Guns N' Roses' is allegedly owned solely by Axl. This makes it entirely possible that he could choose to carry on the band without Slash's involvement!

Slash, meantime, is keeping a very low profile, distancing himself from the rumours and preferring instead to work on his solo project and its attendant tour.

Despite the impression given by various sectors of the media that Axl has been doing nothing of late but defend himself against lawsuits, Mayhem can reveal that the singer has been far from idle. He currently seems Intent on resurrecting the Uzi Suicide label which was formed by GN'R back in the mid-’80s for the release of their very first record, the 'Live?!*@ Like A Suicide' EP in 1987.

To this end, Axl recently hosted a showcase for unsigned bands at the infamous Troubadour club in West Hollywood. The invited audience consisted almost entirely of high-ranking executives from Geffen Records, the label who market and distribute any product issued by Uzi Suicide.

There were lour principal bands on the bill that night. They were Salt Of The Earth, Soul, Davy’s Farm and The Assassins. As a result of the night's activities, Davy's Farm, said to be a strange amalgam of Santana and the Grateful Dead, are now negotiating a deal. Soul, apparently one of the hottest unsigned acts in California at the moment, are currently working on a self-financed CD. They are also set to shoot a promotional video, to be directed by Del James, a long-time associate of Axl's, who has recently collaborated with the vocalist on the forthcoming official Guns biography 'Shattered Illusion’ (due out next year through Del/Bantam-Doubleday).

However, the focus of the night was on The Assassins, who feature Axl's brother Stuart Bailey on guitar. The band are said to be a Southern Boogie-tinged outfit and look likely to sign a deal with Uzi Suicide/Geffen very shortly.

Bailey, who has spent much of the past few years working for his brother in various capacities, has been involved with a number of bands in recent times. The most high profile of these until now was Dr Whiskey- with whom he was the lead vocalist - but they never got beyond playing the occasional club show. Having switched to guitar, Bailey also has a major hand in writing The Assassins' material.

One person present at the showcase described The Assassins as being akin to classic '70s Southern Rock merchants The Outlaws. If the outfit do land a deal, one can expect a huge media interest given Bailey's filial affiliations. It remains to be seen, however, whether Bailey has the talent and application to break free of Axl's considerable shadow.

On a lighter note, aside from expending energy on A&R work, Axl recently took time out to go and see the movie 'Interview With A Vampire’ in LA. The film, starring Tom Cruise and based on the celebrated Anne Rice novel of the same title, apparently received the thumbs-up from the fiery frontman!

Slay tuned for further Guns developments as and when they happen!...



• The Uzi Suicide label was actually started as a con trick! When Guns N’ Roses signed to Geffen Records in 1986, it was decided that their first release shouldn't actually be seen to be on Geffen, but rather on a supposed unconnected ‘small label’, in order to retain the band's street credibility!

Thus, when ‘Live ?!*@ Like A Suicide’ was issued in ’87, it was on Uzi Suicide and not Geffen. The ruse worked, and the band retained a crucial grassroots cred. Indeed, this started a trend, with other acts on major labels releasing their first product on an invented ‘small label’; Bang Tango, for instance, had their first product put out by World Of Hurt - actually owned by Mechanic/MCA.

Since the release of ‘Live...’, Uzi Suicide has been comparatively inactive, but this hasn’t been for the want of trying on Axl's part. In 1990, Uzi acquired the US rights to the Hanoi Rocks back catalogue, issuing albums on CD, but without making the expected commercial impact. And when Thunder were seeking a US deal after leaving Capitol in 1990, Axl tried to sign them, eventually losing out to Geffen themselves.

Now, the singer seems to be gearing up for an increase in the label’s activity...




• In 1988, when Guns N’ Roses were on the road, Axl locked himself in a Texan hotel room and refused to come out! This was too much for the band, who promptly fired him! Not surprisingly, though, he was reinstated not long afterwards.

• In 1989, Axl announced onstage in Los Angeles that he was quitting the band because of certain members’ drug habits! The frontman was referring to guitarists Slash and Izzy.

• In 1991, Axl showed up very late for a performance in Dallas. A furious Matt Sorum (GN’R’ tub-thumper) threatened to punch out the singer following a post-gig row!

• Also in 1991, a fed-up Izzy quit the band, no longer prepared to deal with GN’R’s ‘unusual’ way of life!

• In 1993, former drummer Steven Adler sued the band, claiming that they had turned him into a drug addict! The skinsman netted more than $1 million for his troubles, but any hopes he might have had for a reunion of the original Guns line-up went up in smoke!

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