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1989.02.24 - The Howard Stern show - Interview with Duff and Steven

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1989.02.24 - The Howard Stern show - Interview with Duff and Steven Empty 1989.02.24 - The Howard Stern show - Interview with Duff and Steven

Post by Blackstar Tue Nov 06, 2018 3:50 pm

Howard Stern: My favorite band is Guns N Roses.

Robin Quivers: That's right.

Stern: Hands down. They are the best.

Quivers: (?) himself after you looked at him.

Stern: Look at him! We could go (?) short hair.

Quivers: (Laughs)

Stern: We're gonna get some tattoos going here. Where's your tattoos, boys?

Duff: We're here. We got 'em.

Stern: Yeah? I'm thinking to go on for one myself. I'm thinking of making a full commitment.

Steven: (?)

Quivers: Well, how was it making that decision first time?

Stern: Yeah. Did it hurt?

Quivers: I mean, was it the first decision, the first time you decided to go get a tattoo, or...?

Stern: I'm afraid of getting AIDS.

Duff: Nah.

Steven: No, it's something to work for (?)

Quivers: Yeah?

Steven: Yeah, they have meaning to me. I didn't just get something goofy on my arms.

Stern: Yeah, like a superman tattoo like Bon Jovi?

Steven: Yeah, I don't know.

Stern:What a dick boy that guy is, huh?


Stern: Oh man... Little dick boy with his Superman tattoo. I hate that guy.

Duff: What are you trying to say, really?

Stern: Well, he screwed me over big time. You know at least you guys remember your friends. Do you remember your friends?

Duff: Yeah.

Stern: Aah, who knows if you remember your friends. But anyway, let me talk you about my bar for a second. My bar is beautiful. You're at the record company (?), don't you use computers?

Geffen rep: Absolutely.

Stern: Who sets that up for you? You don't know, right?

Geffen rep: No I don't.

Quivers: You hit a button and whatever you want comes up.

Geffen rep: I hit a button and it comes up.

Stern: Remember when the (?) was doing a girl's job? He was the music director to our radio station.

Quivers: He used to hit a button and whatever (?)

Stern: Yeah. But that was a long time ago. You've come a long way. What are you now? What are you doing now?

Geffen rep: Promotion. With Geffen.

Stern: You're the head of promotion?

?: Head at Geffen?

Geffen rep: Yeah, head of AOR promotion.

Stern: What do you make in AOR, up to what, 30,000 a year?

Geffen rep: At least.

Stern: You're all right.

Geffen rep: Plus all the free records.

Stern: I know.

Geffen rep: And I still, you know...

Stern: The (?) gets naked and rubs the vinyl again. "Oh, Guns N' Roses. Oh yes, yes, I represent them."


Quivers: You didn't think you could be around records and make money.

Stern: Yeah right. It's unbelievable. Hey, did you know I had to (?) Rona Barrett?

Geffen rep: Yeah.

Stern: She told me she's had blond hair everywhere, matching collars and cuffs (?), huh? And you probably knew already, you guys probably got her last last night.

?: Axl (?)

Quivers: They've already been to one of her dinner parties.

?: That's cool.

Stern: You know what my bar does? My bar.

Duff: Where's my bar here?

Stern: My bar and my B.A.R? You call that up. They set up the whole computer for you. You guys aren't businessmen. You're artists. You don't know about this stuff.

Geffen rep: His manager does.

Stern: Your manager knows.

Quivers: You've seen him work a computer.

Steven: Nah. (?) fresh.

Stern: But you get a computer in there and you don't know how to set that up. They set the whole thing up for you. They do the whole number. In fact take a meeting with them today. You guys won't. You're looking to take...

Steven: A cocktail break.

Stern:That's right.

Quivers: (Laughs) That's the Guns N' Roses I know and love.

Stern: I want to cut to a break, for God sakes. Right now.

Steven: We're not coming unless there's coctails and food.

Stern: Now, you're looking to take a meeting with Slash. They can't find him for the last three weeks.

Duff: He hasn't gone to bed yet.

Stern: I understand I'm the last person to speak to Axl, the lead singer.

Quivers: Why? He's not doing interviews anymore?

Stern: I called him in his hotel room and we spoke for 25 minutes.

Quivers: Sure, he was great.

Stern: But no one has really got in touch with him since.

Duff: I think he's in New York today.

Quivers: Yeah?

Stern: Yeah?

Duff: I think so.

Stern: Yeah, well, we called him, we spoke to him for a while. He was... he's a good guy.

Duff: Yeah. Great guy.

Stern: I don't know why you guys are having so much difficulty him.


Stern: (?). I handled him just fine. Maybe I should manage the band. "Hey Axl, do you wanna sing today?" "No! Leave me alone. I'll see you in three weeks." "We have a concert tonight." "No, leave me alone!" I talked to him about it. He's gonna calm down now well. He can (?) himself. I told him that.

Steven: As far as he knows.

Duff: Yeah.

Stern: Yeah. And he said the new album is gonna be incredible.

Steven: (?) Whatever he does is just fine.

Stern: Can I give you the number from my bar? 2127254600, 2127254600. That's 2127254600. So Guns N' Roses! Steve Adler, of course, drums.

Steven: Yes sir.

Stern: [00:03:34] And he loves to play the drums. You play the drums damn well.

Steven: Thank you.

?: Damn well. Damn well.

Stern: I'm going to say that.

Steven: Thank you.

Stern: I was one of your early supporters. Was I not, Robin?

Quivers: Absolutely.

Stern: I know a lot of people jumped on your bandwagon now. But I liked your record right off the bat.

Duff: (?) busy to play it though.

Stern: Play it? I'm too busy to play it. Play it? What do you want me, get fired? I can't play that.

Geffen rep: You had success, you guys, with no record.

Stern: No record. Only talk about the band.

Geffen rep: He talks about you guys, but no record.

Stern: That's it. And Duff, you play bass.

Duff: Yeah.

Stern: And you love that. All right. How many girls are we getting? Guns N' Roses must... unbelievable... the amount of "tooky" you guys get at a night. I mean you guys, you guys must be getting, like...

Steven: Seven a night.

Stern: Have you ever had seven in a night?

Steven: Yes.

Quivers: Seven in a night?!

Stern: Tell the truth.

Steven: I am telling the truth.

Stern: You're lying.

Steven: I'm not lying! It's the record Lies.

Quivers: What did you do with seven people in one night?

Stern: But don't you worry about getting AIDS or something from the girls? The girls, some of the girls could have AIDS.

Steven: No, the thing is... Let me show you something.

Stern: Oh, good!

Quivers: Uh-oh, what has he got?

Steven: Tah tah tah tah...

Stern: Trojans!

Quivers: Oh, you carry...

Stern: You carry trojans!

Steven: It works!

Stern: You guys ever hump an ugly girl just to remember what it was like in the old days before you got famous?

Quivers: (Laughs)

Stern: Or you just only go out with models now. Yeah? Do you get ugly girls?

Duff: Yeah, of course.

Stern: Really?

Steven: Women are women.

Stern: Women are women. It's okay.

Steven: Hey, I gotta pee [interrupted by beep noise] Why (?)

Quivers: Uh-oh!

Stern: Is that right! The hell was that stuff?

Quivers: I don't know, but don't say it! If anybody figures it out, don't say it.

[00:05:08] (Laughter)

?: Hey, I did it (?)

Stern: Hey, I love it.

Quivers: Men, oh, men!

Stern: Men, oh, men are (?)

Quivers: You guys were so crazed out in that song.

Stern: All right. When I talked at Axl and he says to me...

[Interrupted by talk and laughter]

Stern: When I was talking at Axl, he says to me he loves Dick Clark.

Steven: Yeah, we all do.

Stern: Now, what the hell is Dick Clark doing that everybody loves him?

Duff: He's a nice guy.

Stern: No, wait a second. Was he there at the beginning, before you guys got famous or something?

Steven: Yeah, he was there for everybody that got famous.

Stern: No, no, wait a second now, I'll back up.

Quivers: So now everybody thinks that.

Stern: I can't figure out why every group loves Dick Clark. To me he's just a moneygrubbing skunk. To me he's just a guy who, like, gets everybody's video clips and makes money off of 'em.

Steven: He gave me free tickets at a Frankie Valli concert.

Stern: Oh that's different, you didn't say that. (?)

Steven: Oh yeah?

Stern: See, that's.... I mean, cuz you guys... You guys, pretty much do anything for him. You'll go at his shows and stuff.

Quivers: Not American Music Awards.

Steven: Not anymore.

Stern: Not anymore?

Steven: No, I don't think so.

Stern: No more American Music Awards?

Steven: No more.

Stern: Good move.

Quivers: Oh, come on!

Stern: Why, did you guys have a bad time?

Duff: Oh, it's just not a room we should be in.

Stern: Right. See?

Quivers: Well I thought of Metallica at the Grammy's. That (?)

Steven: They should have won. They should have won. That was, that was, that was....

Quivers: [00:06:11] (?) was just not worth.

Stern: I mean, why isn't Guns N' Roses up for a Grammy? And that's what's wrong with the Grammy's.

?: Thank you.

Stern: I mean, I don't understand that.

Steven: Well, because they know we would have tore that place apart if we were to win up there. And they would have picked us for (?)

?: Howard, they should tell me about the albums released in '87.

Stern: So why in '87?

Quivers: Oh, yeah, really.

Stern: I mean, I don't understand.

Duff: Cuz nobody would even touch us in '87.

Stern: Yeah, but even so... I was saying this earlier. Like, Bobby McFerrin. I mean that's a nice cute little song, it's sort of a ditty. It's like "Happy Birthday to you". But that album is no...

Quivers: You won't be singing it for ever.

Stern: Yeah, that's no great work of art. I mean that's not... I mean, that whole album, I can't name one other song from the album. What the hell is that?

(?): (?) the album (?)

Stern: And they wonder why, you know, there wasn't one celebrity at the Grammy's.

Quivers: Yeah.

Stern: They suck. They suck!

Steven: Ahh, they suck. I like you (?)

Stern: And American Music Awards. Sucks.

?: Sucks.

Stern: Sucks. I don't want you guys back there.

Duff: We sucked. We sucked on it too.

Stern: You didn't suck. It's just not your venue.

Quivers: Oh, no. I was glad to be able to see you.

Steven: (?) sound, TV sound...

Quivers: The sound is always horrible.

Stern: Oh yeah, right. Yeah. It... they didn't make it sound good.

Quivers: That's why most people lip-sync.

Stern: That's it. I'm telling ya.

Duff: We won't do that [beep] (?).

Quivers: I don't blame ya.

Stern: I mean, Bobby McFerrin is... By the way, what is this?

Quivers: Oh, I love that little thing you did with Billy Crystal too, where they went back over the history of music. Bobby McFerrin is Michael Winslow with... rhythm.

Stern: With rhythm. Yeah.

Quivers: Yeah. That's all he is (laughs).

Stern: He got it from Police Academy.

Quivers: Yeah, he makes a bunch of noise and then beats off his chest!

Stern: That song should be called "Don't listen, be happy".


Stern: Because when I don't hear it, I'm happy. When it comes on I get sad.


Stern: But you guys are so damn good, man. And you guys. Is it... There's a reason I like Guns N' Roses. I don't feel you guys are a put on.

Quivers: No!

Stern: I think you live the lifestyle. I feel you're the real article.

Duff: Yeah. Well, we have. I mean, all the songs on the Appetite album are true, you know.

Stern: Yeah.

Duff: All the stories are true, you know. And it was... We all wanted to do it. You know, we all wanted to come to Hollywood and for a band, you know, whatever a kid wants to do. So none of us were crying about the life we had because we wanted to do it. You know what I'm saying?

Stern: Yeah, but that... Okay. I don't mean to dwell on this but... So what did Dick Clark do for you guys that you like him so much?

Quivers: The Frankie Valli tickets.

Stern: No, no, come on, sure he's (?).

Duff: No, he's a hard worker, man.

Steven: Yeah.

Stern: But what did he do for you?

Duff: (talking simultaneously) (?) in two shows.

Stern: I mean, he must have done something that you like him so much.

Duff: No.

Steven: He's just done things, he's at shows that I'm watching since I was a little kid (?)

Stern: Oh, that's why you guys like him? Cuz of the shows, cuz of the (?)

Steven: Yeah, it's cuz he's done that American Bandstand in Rock 'n' Roll World.

Stern: I'll admit... Alright, I admit, when I was 15 years old... Okay, I'm 35 years old; I still like to see teenage girls dancing and when the camera goes up their skirt, man, I'm into it.

Steven: I love that.

Stern: I love it.

Quivers: That is rock 'n' roll (laughs).

Stern: I do owe him that. I say he's the world's greatest pornographer ever because I used to watch that show and masturbate consistently. Every time it was on, I would consistently masturbate.

Steven: Everybody did!

Stern: (?) Did you ever masturbate to that show?

Steven: Everybody did.

Stern: We all did.

Quivers: Then you love Dick Clark too! What do you say?!

Stern: No! I loved the 16 year old girls. But maybe I do love Dick Clark, maybe I owe him something.


Stern: Hey, maybe you're right.

Duff: You wake up at 11:30 with that morning "woody"?

Stern: Yeah!

Duff: (?) the TV.

Steven: The TV.

Stern: Ah, You guys are rebels! Yeah, YEAH! Oi oi!

(Laughter and applause)

Stern: I bet you Dick Clark went on at masturbating to his shows. "Oh, look at that girl. I really couldn't look at it while we were taping. Oh Jesus, oh God, look at that. Oooh, that little miniskirt. Oh, yes, this is bobby socks. Oh, yes." I love what he did to Pat Boone.

Quivers: Yeah, he's not looking at the artist when he goes on.

Stern: "(?) , oh yes."

Steven: He takes the girls out too.

Stern: Oh yeah, man, he knows.

Steven: (?) If she got a long dress on, forget it.

Stern: He is like, "Hey, sweetheart. Do you want to come up here and write a record? Come on, honey!"

?: (?) thong with the little G string.

Stern: That's right.

Quivers: (Laughs)

Stern: Alright, let's take a break. When we come back we'll be here with perhaps the two most talented members of Guns N Roses.


Stern: The two most... Are you not the most overlooked members of Guns N' Roses?

Duff: Ah, I don't care.

Stern: Hey, come on, come on.

Steven: Slash is my favorite guitar player in the world.

Stern: You know, I sort of have his look, don't I?

Steven: (Giggles)

?: You do. Come on.

Stern: Okay now, come on. Huh?

Quivers: I told you he patterned himself after.

?: You need to shave (?)

Stern: Well, I had to shave this morning. Yesterday I wasn't shaving.

?: Then you must have looked like Slash.

Stern: That's it.


Stern: Let's talk about some of the girls you're getting when we get back from commercial. Come on, man. You've got to (?) some of the more famous women.

Quivers: You got to tell us how life has changed.

Stern: Tell me if you guys get to know that Traci Lords too. I wanna know.

Quivers: Ahhh.

Stern: When we come back. We'll be back right after this.


Stern: I'm back. Hey, you boys must have some good... now that you're making big money. You guys each got a couple of million or what?

Duff: No.

Stern: You guys are getting money now. Where did you get that motorcycle jacket? Where do you guys do your shopping? Where do you get all that neat stuff?

Duff: I got this from some kid on the road. I traded in my vest for it.

Steven: (?)

Quivers: So that's how you got it. You got a trade offer.

Duff: Yeah.

Stern: I got some crummy clothes, man. I gotta get some good clothes. I dig your guys outfits.

Steven: "Ray, Ray, can you make me for a pants"?

Stern: Ah, you've got a guy that makes your pants? Yeah.

Quivers: I told you that was all custom made stuff.

Stern: Yeah, you guys got them made.

Duff: (?)

Stern: Yeah, I've noticed Axl now, at the new video. He's got that nice white leather outfit and everything, man. I know you guys are making money now.

Steven: That's the dude doing his Elvis impersonation.

Stern: Yeah, right.

Quivers: (Laughs)

Stern: "Thank you very much. I'm Axl"."Axl has left the room."


Stern: So, let me talk to you about... What kind of stereo you guys got now?

Duff: (?) AIDS down there.

Quivers: What?!


Stern: Is it (?) with AIDS now, man?

Duff: Looks like it.

Stern: Uh-oh. You guys got to be careful. You guys are getting a lot of girls now. One these girls will shoot up. You got to be careful.

Duff: Yeah. Everybody's (?)

Stern: Yeah, but they use bad needles. You guys got enough money...

Quivers: They share.

Stern: You guys have enough money. You don't have to share needles anymore.

Steven: Needles...

Stern: You're lucky.

Steven: We don't use needles at all.

Stern: Alright, alright. Take it easy, will you? "God, don't ever say that. Don't ever say the word needle!"

Quivers: (laughs)

Stern: Well, you know, you don't want to get reeled...

Steven: (?) Cocaine or (?) either.

Stern: All right. I won't say it.

Steven: (Giggles)

Stern: Anyway... What kind of stereo have you guys got?

Duff: Stereo?

Stern: Come on. What kind?

Quivers: First of all, do you have separate homes now?

Duff: Yeah, we have separate homes.

Stern: You guys got enough money, you don't have to be sleeping now in the same room anymore.

Steven: Yeah, no...

Quivers: So now you've got a stereo in that home.

Duff: We still live together on the road, you know.

Steven: That's right.

Stern: You do?

Duff: We toured for 18 months.

Stern: How did Slash's feet smell on the road?

Duff: I had a room with Slash for the first 10 months until we could afford to have our own room, you know.

Stern: Really?

(?): Very untidy.

Duff: He snores...

Quivers: Oh, man.

Stern: You've seen Slash naked?

Steven: Farts and snores...

Duff: I've seen him.

Stern: Farts and snores. You have seen him?

Duff: I've seen him.

Stern: Hung like a horse, or what? Or hung like an ingrown hair?

Duff: Oh, I don't know.

Stern: Huh?

Quivers: Between the hair and the horse, huh?

Steven: I (?)

Duff: Well, he's got a big old (?)

Stern: (?) huh?

Steven: (?) more to a horse (?)

Stern: Yeah.

Steven: More to a horse.

Stern: You guys ever videotape each other with babes?

Steven: Yeah.

Stern: You do?


Quivers: Who keeps the videotape? Who keeps the videotape?

Stern: Yeah, that's it man. You... Hey, let me tell you something...


Stern: If you want good videotaping equipment, you go to Grand Central Radio. This guy's got stuff, man, that you would not believe you're dealing with the owner. You guys walk in there and you'll be treated right. Arthur Gold is the owner. He's there every day; takes care of the rock community; takes care of the whole community, treats everybody with respect.

Steven: (?) the community.

Duff: He takes care of you now that you said that.

Stern: Yes, he does.


Stern: Grand Central Radio. You have to go if you're very serious about carrying the best equipment, audio and video equipment you cannot find everywhere, such as Nakamichi, Bang and Olufsen, Yamaha, Denon, Mitsubishi, Dahlquist and many other prime brands.

Steven: "Banging"...Who are you banging there? (?)

Stern: Bang and Olufsen.

Steven: Oh...Olaf...

Stern: That's Grand Central Radio, 155 East 45th, just off third avenue. Or call 68238690.

Steven: Come on, no commercials here.

Stern: Hey, come on!

Steven: Come on!

Stern: I got to make a living. (?) You guys got it made.

Quivers: What, do you want to do public radio? No. (laughs)

Stern: Hey, is this the Guns N' Roses CD with the live stuff?

Duff: Yeah.

Stern: The acoustic stuff?

Duff: Yeah.

?: It's half live and half acoustic.

Stern: Yeah, this is great. This is good stuff.

Geffen rep: It's for you, Howard.

Stern: Thank you. Thank you so much.

Duff: That's... That's the original EP. We released, like, 15,000 copies and being out on the road you see it, like, in stores, like, in Kansas City or something for 150 bucks.

Quivers: Whoha.

Stern: Really?

Duff: Yeah, so...

?: Yeah.

Stern: Well, I'm gonna put that in my pocket. (?) You keep your hands off that.

Quivers: (?)

Duff: No, what I'm trying to say is, um... It's all for our fans. You know, the kids can't afford that. So we just re-released... One side is the old EP and then we just put some acoustic tracks on it, you know.

Stern: So you guys.... What tattoos you guys got? You don't have any Superman tattoos, huh?

Duff: No.

Steven: No (?)

Stern: What kind of tattoos?

Quivers: No, what is, what is (?)

Steven: Two roses, heart wings, drum sticks...

Quivers: What does that mean to you?

Stern: What, the tattoo?

Quivers: Yeah, he says they all mean something.

Duff: They do.

Steven: The heart and the rose and the wings means a free, beautiful love.

Quivers: Yeah?

Stern: Oh, baby. Yeah.

Steven: Yeah. And the right side, the rose and the drumsticks and the bloody little sparkle means I play drums...

Quivers: Uh-huh.

Steven: A very rugged but very beautiful a style.

Quivers: Oh, alright!

Stern: So is that what that means?

Quivers: They got to mean something.

Stern: I told you that's what it meant.


Stern: Nobody listens to me.

Steven: They have a meaning to me. It isn't to just go on and get something on my arm. I get them so they mean something to me.

Quivers: (talking simultaneously) Yeah, you don't get them just to mark up your arm...

Stern: I'm telling you. Oh...

Quivers: What are you gonna put on your arm?

Stern: I'm gonna put rabbit tracks on my buttocks.


Stern: The meaning is that...

?: These are free beautiful...

Stern: Free beautiful... Free beautiful love. Oh, whatever. I don't know, man. Free beautiful love. Who is gonna get laid with all those tattoos? (?)

Duff: There you have it.

?: Is that free.

Stern: I know what you're up to.

?: Howard, Kip Winger (?)

Steven: (?) was beautiful.

Stern: Hey, Winger! Kip!

?: Winger!

Stern: How you doing, pal.

Kip Winger: These guys have sold too many records. You need somebody that just starts now.

Stern: Nah, you're doing alright.


Stern: You're not too good looking, man. You must get a lot of girls too, huh?

Winger: Somebody else just asked me that question.

Stern: Ah, they all have the same (?) of questions around here.

Steven: We're going to an orgy after this is over.

Stern: Is that right?

Steven: Oh yeah.

Stern: Oh yeah...

Steven: We've got 12 wonderful girls.

Stern: What happens after a concert? What do they do?

Steven: [00:15:49] (talking over - inaudible)

Stern: Who brings the women... Who brings the women backstage? Who brings the women backstage after a concert?

Steven: Doug Goldstein.

Stern: That's the guy?


Stern: Hey (?), you've gotten these guys (?) You bring 'em some to (?)

Steven: He brings them to our concerts too.

Stern: Come here. Tell me what you guys have been up to. Let's talk about it. Huh?

Winger: I say we call him up when we're at our concerts and send him (?)

Doug Goldstein (?): I can't, Howard.

Stern: You can't? What, are they worried about their image?

Quivers: Whoa!

Stern: (?) He's not talking?

Quivers: He is worried about his image, actually.

Stern: Yeah, right.

Doug Goldstein (?): Come on, my mother listens to you.

Stern: You never brought these guys into a limousine and... got them some girls?

Goldstein (?): No, no.

Quivers: How about the bus?

Goldstein (?): The bus, yeah.

Quivers: (Laughs)

Stern: Yeah? Hook us on that tour bus, eh? What do you guys got (?)

Duff: No, we have (?)

Steven: We have a camera in the back so everybody in the front lines can watch what's going on in the back lines.

Quivers: Oh, you're kidding! Oooh!

Stern: Really? That's nice. Hey, so what about Slash and Axl? What, they're going into a room and they write the songs? Do they let you guys write with them?

Duff: What?! We all write together.

Steven: We all write together.

Stern: You all write together?

Steven: Yeah.

Stern: So you are all getting writing credits?

Steven: Yeah.

Duff: We all write the songs.

Stern: "Read the album, buddy."

Duff: Yeah.

Stern: What do you mean, read the album? I just listened to it. I don't read it.

Quivers: (?) read the album?

Steven: He doesn't even listen to it. He just talks about it.

Stern: I just talk about it? I'm listening to it. I mean, what's the process there. Who writes the lyrics mostly, Axl?

Steven: Yeah.

Stern: Yeah? And then you guys too write music?

Steven: We write the music and then he comes in with the words. Or the opposite, either way.

Stern: Look at Kip (?), he goes, "That's how they do it? I'm gonna start doing that too".

Quivers: Hmm, we're gonna start doing that.

Stern: Hey, I'm sick of doing... I don't wanna do everything.

Quivers: (?) what do you think...

Steven: Kip says, "No, I want all percentages, it's all mine, mine, mine, mine." (laughs)

Stern: No, no, no.

Quivers: Well, what's the thing I just read about Axl? There's one song that he's really, like, (?) he thinks is the best thing he's ever done and if it's not recorded right he's quitting the business?

Steven: Oh...

Duff: No.


Stern: Hey, you better talk to him.

Steven: November Rain.

Quivers: [00:17:28] (Laughs) (?) slap him around.

Stern: November Rain?

Steven: November...

Quivers: Yeah?

Stern: So is that recorded right or is he quitting the business?

Duff: (?)

Steven: Neither (giggles).

Stern: Because I heard he said, "I hope I live to record this next album and (?)

Quivers: (Makes mock crying) (Laughs)


Stern: Yeah. Where's he going?

Quivers: Yeah, what business is he gonna go to with that look? (laughs)

Stern: Yeah, exactly.

Steven: Oh, movies. He wants to be an actor.

Stern: He does?

Steven: Yeah.

Quivers: Yeah? Now doesn't everybody?

Stern: Yeah.

Steven: (Laughs)

Stern: Get in line.

Quivers: Really...

Stern: Hey, who doesn't want to be an actor. So what's the deal? So then the women come backstage... None of you guys are married, right?

Duff: I am.

Stern: Oh you are?

Duff: I just got married, yeah.

Quivers: Yeah!?

Stern: To a model?

Duff: Huh? No, to a girl.

Stern: Regular girl? Regular looking girl or like a real nice looking?

Duff: No, she's beautiful.

?: Yeah, she's not (?)

Steven: She's b-i-utiful.

Stern: And what did she do before she married you? Was she, like, an actress or something?

Duff: No.

Stern: What did she do?

Duff: I dunno.

Stern: Where did you meet her?

Duff: We stumbled into each other.

Stern: Where'd you meet her (?)

Duff: In a bar.

Stern: In a bar?

Duff: Uh-huh.

Stern: After a concert?

Duff: Uh-uh. We weren't even on tour.

Stern: Were you famous yet, when you met her?

Duff: Um, I dunno.

Quivers: You were working.

Duff: We were working.

Stern: You were happening. Ah, yeah, (?)

Duff: No, no, I wasn't. Actually, we hadn't even started touring yet. The record just came out.

Stern: So then she probably loves you for you.

Duff: I think so.

Stern: You're a lucky man, yes!

Quivers: Alright!


Quivers: Let's applaud (?)

Duff: As far as I know, you know.


Stern: Kip, what about you, are you bagging any babes?

Quivers: Oh, geez (laughs)


Stern: You must have bagged a few. Come on.

Quivers: (?) What are you asking (laughs)

Stern: Yeah, really, come on. Not too difficult, huh?

Winger: Yeah, I bagged a few.

Stern: Yeah, you get them all.

Quivers: So you guys are on tour, right?

Winger: Well, not right now but we're going back and...

Quivers: You're going, yeah?

Winger: You wanna know something funny?

Stern: Yeah.

Winger: When I played with Alice Cooper, the first gig we did on the tour, Guns opened for us.

Duff: Oh.

Winger: It was, like, right before your record came out...

Steven:Oh, in Santa Barbara.

Winger: Axl couldn't get in the building so they just...

Quivers: Oh, man! (laughs)

Winger: ... so they all just (?) and jammed. For 50 minutes.

Stern: They thought...

Winger: They were like, 'What the hell is this", man.

Stern: They didn't think he was actually with the group, that (?)

Duff: Yeah. He went to the front. He was late, you know, and he went to the front, whatever, the box office.

Quivers: Oh, man.

Duff: And he said, "I gotta sing, that's the band I sing for". And they're like, "Sure, buddy".


Quivers: "Everybody says that."

Duff: So that was classic Guns N' Roses.

Stern:That's it, huh?

Duff:It was terrible.

Steven:Santa Barbara.

Winger:We weren't so great that night.

Stern: (?) a little jam thing going here, huh?

Duff: We just got...

Winger: Two bass players and a drummer. We could do Big Bottom.

?: (Singing) Big bottom! Big bottom! Talk about mad love. My girl's got 'em.


Stern: There you go.

Quivers: Yeah (?)

Stern: Get it... Quick, somebody (?)

Winger: (Sings) Can't you out of my mind, how could I leave this behind...

Stern: There you go.


Stern: Well, here comes the guitar. Maybe you wanna play something? No?

Winger: No. I don't play. I don't play the guitar. (?)

?: Yeah, yeah, let me play guitar. Yeah, yeah.

Quivers: They don't have a bass here.

Stern: I don't play the guitar. They don't have a bass in this whole building.

?: (?) I've got drum machines.

Stern: See what happens? You don't hear bass on the records.

Quivers: Oooh...

Stern: You don't you don't ever see the bass player.

Steven: Yeah! I know over 50 rock songs.


Stern: You know... You guys are making a lot of money.

Quivers: (?)

Stern: You better hold on to your money though. That's the thing I'm worried about with you, boys.

Duff: What, spending all my money?

Stern:No, I mean how do you guys handle the whole money when it comes to you....

Steven: Invest.

Stern: Invest?

Steven: Real estate.

Stern: Yeah? And you've got a guy doing that for you or you do it....?

Steven: I do it.

Quivers: You do it yourself?

?: Axl.

Steven:Yeah, Axl (laughs).

?: Financial consultant.

Stern: Axl (?) your stuff together?

Steven: No, Duff's the treasurer. He gets all the money.

Stern: Yeah.

Quivers: You're running like a group.

Steven: I'm the vice president, I just hang out, you know.

Stern: Yeah, but you guys gotta invest on something. What do you guys...

Duff: Izzy's the secretary, wears a short little skirt... (?)


Stern: I'm really sure (?) But what do you guys know about handling big money?

Duff: You learn.

Stern: You do?

Duff: Very, very fast. Oh, we've got accountants.

Stern: Yeah, but you've got an accountant. But what is...

Quivers: And who's watching him?

Stern: Who's watching him?

Duff: (?) soft line.

Stern: That's all. (Laughs)

Duff: That's part of the business.

Stern: He's in Monte Carlo right now.

Quivers: That's your dough too, Doug.

Stern: You know that he's dressed better than everyone. He's got more money than... (?) a bulging wallet.


Doug Goldstein (?): I just got off the bulges from my wallet.


Stern: Yeah, you (?) Mr. Big Penis over there.

?: That's doggy.

Stern: I don't know two many guys named Goldstein with a big penis to be honest with you, pal.


Stern: (?) All right, we've got to take a break. I want to thank....

Steven: In this exception this is true (laughs)

Stern: I wanna thank the guys from Guns N' Roses who stopped by. That was very nice of you.

Duff: And Kip? Kip?

Stern: That's good. You're good people. You're good.

Duff: Alright. You (?)

Steven: Kippy... Kippy...

Stern: And Kip, I want to thank you for stopping by.

Winger: Thank you. (?)

Stern: And I see your video on MTV all the time. It's happening. I swear to God, MTV is like a Guns N' Roses station now.

Quivers: Yeah.

Stern: Every minute there's a Guns N' Roses video.

Quivers: That's got to be (?)

Steven: And we throw Kip in there once in a while. (?)

Stern: Kip's on there too.

Steven: Gotta move his body like he does real good, like that shnake thing.

Stern: That shnake thing.

Steven: Sexy man, sexy man.

Stern: That's it.

Duff: That move got you laid, huh?

Winger: (?)

Quivers: (Laughs)

Stern: And you guys are digging this cuz all, the whole industry, thought you guys were scum. And then all of a sudden now you're happening.

Quivers: Now you're the industry. You're beautiful.

Stern: Now you're the industry, and they will treat you like scum. You guys were sleeping on floors and Axl was living in black neighborhoods.


Stern: Dealing with all the black people. Right?

Quivers: That look's gotta work in the black community (laughs)

Stern: Yeah, I'm sure he fit right in. "Hey, blond boy, come here. Come here. Come on over here."

Steven: Yeah, they'll beat you like the redhead stepchild that you are. "Come here. Come here, boy."

Quivers: (Laughs)

Stern: [00:22:29] Yeah. "Come here, boy. We wanna teach you now. What's these tattoos here. Mamma Lucian. Oh yeah. Tattoos."

Quivers: Yeah. I gotta say they're goin' over real big, yeah.

Stern: Yeah. Axl's got too many tattoos, I think.

Steven: [00:22:47] (?) Izzy's (?)

Stern: I don't like them all. He just willy nilly puts them on his arms and stuff. And then he told us he's puttin' on more tattoos.

Steven: [00:22:54] Yeah.

Stern: He's gonna be like the illustrated man.

Quivers: Life's got a lot of meaning to him, Howard.

Stern: Yeah, oh yeah. What do his tattoos mean?


Stern: He's got a lot of tattoos.

Steven: Izzy's all have meaning to him.

Stern: You guys got a lot of talent. I like you. Kip, I like you. And I gotta take a break and I wanna thank you guys for coming out. We'll be back later.

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1989.02.24 - The Howard Stern show - Interview with Duff and Steven Empty Re: 1989.02.24 - The Howard Stern show - Interview with Duff and Steven

Post by Blackstar Tue Nov 06, 2018 3:50 pm

I'm transcribing this. Silly interview for the most part, though.

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1989.02.24 - The Howard Stern show - Interview with Duff and Steven Empty Re: 1989.02.24 - The Howard Stern show - Interview with Duff and Steven

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I posted the transcription. Nothing much here.

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1989.02.24 - The Howard Stern show - Interview with Duff and Steven Empty Re: 1989.02.24 - The Howard Stern show - Interview with Duff and Steven

Post by Soulmonster Thu Nov 15, 2018 7:55 am

That really was a pretty worthless interview. I hope it was more fun to hear than to read Very Happy
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1989.02.24 - The Howard Stern show - Interview with Duff and Steven Empty Re: 1989.02.24 - The Howard Stern show - Interview with Duff and Steven

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