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1992.03.DD - Conspiracy Incorporated Fan Club Newsletter

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1992.03.DD - Conspiracy Incorporated Fan Club Newsletter Empty 1992.03.DD - Conspiracy Incorporated Fan Club Newsletter

Post by Blackstar on Fri Mar 08, 2019 4:01 pm

Many thanks to @troccoli for sharing this with us, and for the amazing collection of GN'R memorabilia he has made available on his site. The original images of the newsletter can be found on his site here:

Transcription (spelling of the original)

A Publication of the GUNS N’ ROSES Fan Club
March 1992
Dear Fellow Conspirators:
We know you’ve probably been wondering as to what’s going on. Well here’s the real story:
Izzy Stradlin’ resigned from GN’R. Izzy hasn’t been into GN’R for quite awhile. He didn’t want to tour to do videos or anything. So rather than fake it, Izzy felt (and we support his feelings), that it was best to leave the band and do his own thing. We split on good terms and we’ll miss him. He’s been a part of our lives for a long time and losin’ him is kind of a shock for us too. But we’re confident tht things will work out better for everyone this way.
Sitting in on rhythm guitar for the now is a guy by the name of Gilby Clark. Gilby is a cool guy and has been playin’ Hollywood for about as long as we have. He was in a band “Kill For Thrills” and an old Hollywood “Candy.” It sometimes takes a while for the chemistry of band members to develop and meld. So we’ll see how Gilby will fit in... but right now, he’s doing a killer job!
Also, for this tour, we are bringing along an extra keyboard player, three lady horn players and two backup singers. So when you see us in concert, it will sound as close as possible to how the albums sound... Maybe even better!
So, until next time... KEEP ROCKIN’!
[Band members’ signatures]
Let’s meet Dizzy Reed
Here is the long awaited schedule... Don’t forget, it’s subject to change.
[Tour dates]
[Photo of the Conspiracy Inc. staff.]
Meet the the CONSPIRACY, INC. staff. They process your special requests, send thank you notes for gifts and send out Applications and Newsletters. From Left to right: Lina, Ronil, Candace, Alan, Mary and Marc. Hairy Chief-Of-Staff is Natasha
[List of pen pals]
Kim F. of Randolph, NJ wants to know who won Axl’s condominium?
Erica Aidan of Akron, OH won. Erica’s a huge GN’R fan. She said there were only 5 days left in the contest when she decided to send in her postcard. She was flown to Hollywood to check out her new condo and then flew back to New York to seen one of the three sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden and to meet the former owner of the condo – Axl.
Erica, who is 21 years old expects to graduate in June from the University of Akron with a degree in Communications. She plans to marry in September and hopes to move into the condo after the wedding.
Randy S. of Buffalo, NY wants to know who’s the back-up singer on the “DON’T CRY” video?
It’s SHANNON HOON, an old friend who grew up in the same town as Axl in Indiana. Shannon is in a band called BLIND MELON, who are signed to CAPITOL RECORDS. They are currently in the studio recording their first album. The album is expected to be released this summer. In the meantime, be looking for BLIND MELON to be playing this spring as part of the MTV tour.
Many fans have written in with the same question: Who is Joseph?
Joseph is Joseph Brooks, a disc jockey who spins records in many of Hollywood’s hard rock clubs. He’s helped expose a lot of bands to the L.A. scene by playing songs (including ours) at the clubs. Plus... he got “DON’T CRY” to the record company in the beginning. Putting the message on the “DON’T CRY” video was our way of saying thanks for all he did to help us.
Another frequently asked question is what happened to Axl’s hand and how is he?
During a concert in Dayton, OH on Jan. 14, 1992, the weld on Axl’s mike stand broke. It caused a deep laceration running from his thumb across the palm of his hand. Axl wrapped his hand in towels to contain the bleeding, and fighting off shock, insisted on finishing the show. Axl was rushed to a doctor who stitched up the deep gash. Fearing permanent nerve damage that might prevent him from playing keyboards, Axl was flown to New York to see a hand specialist who performed surgery. The band was forced to postpone two concerts in Detroit. Luckily, Axl’s hand is healing perfectly!!!
[Official Merchandise Order Form]
Coming soon...
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