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1990.05.DD - Conspiracy Incorporated Fan Club Newsletter

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1990.05.DD - Conspiracy Incorporated Fan Club Newsletter Empty 1990.05.DD - Conspiracy Incorporated Fan Club Newsletter

Post by Blackstar on Fri Mar 01, 2019 12:16 am

Many thanks to @troccoli for sharing this with us, and for the amazing collection of GN'R memorabilia he has made available on his site. The original images of the newsletter can be found on his site here:
(The newsletter was accompanied by a sheet with GN’R Lies song lyrics, autographed band photo, Geffen's press release for the release of Appetite for Destruction, the interview with Axl in RIP Magazine in April 1989 and Slash’s letter to RIP Magazine in August 1989)

Transcription (spelling of the original):
Axl, Slash, Izzy, Duff and Steven are hard at it recording the almost forty songs that the band has amassed in the last two years. Sessions have been held at Rumbo, A&M, Take One and One on One in Los Angeles.
Izzy rode his Harley back from Farm Aid in Indianapolis. He journeyed through Memphis, New Orleans and Texas on what he calls “one of the best rides of my life”
Duff built a bar (what else) in his back yard.
Slash has bought a new constrictor for his huge snake tank that fills a considerable part of the ground floor of his home.
Axl has been looking for a cool painting for the record cover, and has been seen in a number of L.A. galleries checking out the weird and the wonderful.

Next time: Studio news!

QUESTION: Is Steven still a member of GUNS N’ ROSES?
ANSWER: Steven is definitely a band member and is winning his battle with hard drugs.
QUESTION: Who is Dizzy?
ANSWER: Dizzy is keyboard player who is being employed to be a Gunner – he may become a full-time member.
QUESTION: When, when, when will the next album be done?
ANSWER: The next album will be finished when it’s finished! No one knows for sure how many tracks will be completed.
QUESTION: Can you tell us anything about the new album?
ANSWER: The first completed track is “Civil War”, which was also performed at Farm Aid. This track may make an early appearance on a record George Harrison is compiling for the relief of Roumanian orphans, many of whom are AIDS stricken.
QUESTION: What’s this we hear about what happened backstage at the awards?
ANSWER: Did you know that the tea urn in the Green Room at the American Music Awards was spiked with 180 proof Vodka and some suspect the New Kids on The Block?
QUESTION: I keep hearing rumors that GUNS N’ ROSES is breaking up. Is it true?
ANSWER: No! No! No!
QUESTION: What is the 1990 tour schedule going to be?
ANSWER: We won’t know that until the album is completed.
QUESTION: Did AXL just get married?
ANSWER: AXL and ERIN EVERLY were married on Friday, April 27, 1990.



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