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2006.09.DD - - Izzy Stradlin Q&A

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2006.09.DD - - Izzy Stradlin Q&A Empty 2006.09.DD - - Izzy Stradlin Q&A

Post by Blackstar on Sun Dec 16, 2018 10:23 am

Thanks to On Down The Road for collecting the Izzy interviews.


September 2006
Izzy Stradlin Q&A w.

1. How's life treating you at the moment?

Izzy: Life is good at the moment, I am alive.

2. Last time we caught up you recommended people listen to the Detroit Cobras. Who will you be recommending this time?

Izzy: I've been drumming a lot lately w/ Toots and the Maytals Greatest Hits. One of my favorite all time CD's.

3. Last week you released 4 albums on iTunes (Ride On, River, On Down The Road, Like A Dog). Do you see the internet being an important part of your musics future or are you still a CD/cassette /vinyl man at heart?

Izzy: The future looks a bit digital at this point in time but we will have to wait and see.... They are closing down the "Tower Records" stores in America as we speak and it feels like a big hit to the whole system. It was a rock more!?

4. Obviously a lot of fans would like to ask various questions on the GnR tour. Anything you feel comfortable telling us would be if came about, how it felt, future involvement with the band....?

Izzy: I spent my summer vacation touring with Axl`s new gnr and had some fun playin live again. Amazing fans out there.... It's hard to believe at times. Fantastic! GnR tour: Axl and I connected via cell phone [digital] this year, I stopped bye to see if he looked as old as he might be............same age as myself, you know and he looked great!, and it was nice to reconnect with an old friend/war buddy/fellow musician. I told him later I`d like to join the fun in some way and he said I was welcome to come and play something, so I did! Took me about 3 weeks to recover from the 6 weeks of touring!

5. Finally, everytime we catch up we ask the obligatory "do you have any plans for a solo tour anytime/place?". We thought we would be slightly more vague this time and throw you the following: "Any cool plans for the future?"

Izzy: I will let you know if any future stuff comes up.... today I am just happy to finally have my last 10 years of solo work made available [through "i tunes"] to people who may have an interest....

......over and out, Izzy

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