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2006.01.DD - - Izzy Stradlin Fan Q&A

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2006.01.DD - - Izzy Stradlin Fan Q&A Empty 2006.01.DD - - Izzy Stradlin Fan Q&A

Post by Blackstar on Sun Dec 16, 2018 10:15 am

Thanks to On Down The Road - Unofficial Izzy Stradlin Fan Page for collecting the Izzy interviews.


Izzy Stradlin Fan Q&A w.

1. Rick Richards told us in an interview that there's a new solo album recorded in Miami (Criteria Studios), are there any plans of getting it released via a label or the "Like A Dog" way?

Izzy: yeah,still workin on it......should be ready soon.

2. Ron Wood guested on your first album. Have you ever tried to get Keith Richards to appear on one of your album? Or to co-write any songs?

Izzy: no....maybe i should...would be cool.

3. How many guitars you have in your collection and which is your favourite one?

Izzy: something between 12 and twenty-ish....favorites are the gibsons....les paul gold top....les paul 135.

4. You've done a lot of travelling over the years. Can you suggest one place you think everyone should go if they get the chance?

Izzy: lafayette, indiana!.......just kidding. amsterdamn-it was always on my top 10 list for guaranteed deviant entertainments.....for all ages of course!

5. Are there any new bands out there at the moment that you really like?

Izzy: "detroit cobras" the coolest band i`ve heard in a long time......they do rock!

6. Is there any chance that some unreleased projects (acoustic album, Slash/Duff album etc.) will see the daylight some day?

Izzy: yes,i have a few ideas.....06/07 release of some cool stuff possible.

7. Do you have a guitar tech?

Izzy: not at the moment.....

8. Most of your albums contains 10 songs, are there a lot of songs that didn't make it to the final cut or did you just recorded those 10 songs?

Izzy: we usually record as many as possible, and pull the 10 favorites for a a cd. so...yes ,there are a few others hangin around.

9. Can we expect another tour or shows from you in the future?

Izzy: possibly.....would like to do a few europe dates soon ,and south america is a possibility......promoters should contact us with offers at [removed]

10. How did you find out about the "Like A Dog" petition on the internet?

Izzy: e-mail from somewhere?.............i`m thinking of releasing entire catalog of solo materials,1993-2006,plus out takes and some bonus material.looking for a cool label to make this happen. labels can contact us at same email.thanks,izzy

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