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2002.MM.DD - - Izzy Stradlin Q&A

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2002.MM.DD - - Izzy Stradlin Q&A Empty 2002.MM.DD - - Izzy Stradlin Q&A

Post by Blackstar on Wed May 06, 2020 5:55 pm

Izzy Stradlin Q&A

1. Fans at the Izzy Stradlin message board often talk about a 'lost ju ju hounds' record that was recorded around 1993. Is this the 117 Degrees album that you put out in 1998, or is there another record full of tracks out there?

Nothing i know of is unreleased, 117 was new stuff back then.

2. Are you looking to get On Down The Road put out in Europe and USA?


3. How long has the song-writing process taken for the new album and where has the inspiration/influence for the new songs come from?

Around holidays/winter. Till now been writing/recording ideas....they just come sometimes.

4. Can the fans expect a summer release for the new album? Would you be interested in getting back on the road to support the release of your next album?

Possible summer release and tour.....will keep you posted........

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