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1993.07.21 - Vos En Todas Magazine - Guns N' Roses In Argentina

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1993.07.21 - Vos En Todas Magazine - Guns N' Roses In Argentina Empty 1993.07.21 - Vos En Todas Magazine - Guns N' Roses In Argentina

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Google translation:


Throughout their history, Guns have generated the most varied reactions. There are those who love them unconditionally, to the point of offering to have a child with them without even having met them. There are those who hate them for some early songs in which they attacked homosexuals and blacks. Some consider them a bad example for the American youth because of their marginal origin and their constant defiance of establishment norms. Musically, there are those who consider their approach a simple recycling of 70s hard rock; and those others that see in Axl a unique singer with a great sense of rhythm, who constantly shows he has guts, and in Slash one of the best guitarists of these times. Everything has been said about Guns, unless someone finds them indifferent.

For this reason, when the band that toured three continents throughout the last two years, playing in 240 cities in more than 30 countries in front of 7,000,000 people, confirmed that the last two shows were going to be performed in Argentina, we decided that we were going to be there with you.

Guns’ return to our country deserved a special issue of this type for all those who are interested in the group, whether or not they were able to be in River.

Fernando Cerolini


The preparations

The stage weighed 150 tons; it was 70 meters wide by 18 meters long and 20 meters deep. The lights, commanded by a 180-channel console, displayed 500 kW. The 240 speakers, dosed by two 80-channel consoles, let out 150,000 watts. 120 people worked at full capacity for more than 10 days for the Guns’ performance at River.

The afternoon was falling over the residential neighborhood of Nuñez. A friendly little sunlight helps to warm the cold Buenos Aires winter, on the way to the Monumental stadium. There, in the background, the mass of cement harbored an unusual and incessant movement. But for the residents of the area, the move had nothing mysterious: even the most off-hook was aware that Guns N' Roses would perform at the stadium, on Friday 16 and Saturday 17 July, in what would be the culmination of their world tour. And when VOS entered the field on Wednesday, 15 July, the preparations had already been going on for more than a week in full-time workdays. 120 people (employees, workers, technicians, leads and production personnel) had the goal that the lights and sound were in optimal condition, so that more than 100,000 people could still enjoy the most popular band of these times. That's why on Wednesday the stadium was almost a factory ...

“Since Amnesty (the 1988 Human Rights Concert), I have worked in all the events organized by the company,” says the man in charge of everything that happened in his perimeter: Nestor Raschia, head of production. With such experience on his shoulders, the man with the Mexican mustache did not blink an eye while he saw parts of the enormous infrastructure that, once ready, would allow Axl's ferocious moves. “The particular and unique thing about this concert is going back to work with an infrastructure that is already known (from last year's shows); that will allow us to take advantage of every last detail,” he said, pointing out a distinctive ingredient of the work in question. Extending over other recent productions, the boss of the show stressed that “this type of shows makes the technical part grow a bit. And to think that there are many who say that this only serves to get money out of the country..."

Immediate assistant and self-proclaimed production “goaltender” Igor Burstein contributed specific data on the proportions of the operation. "There are 60 people working in loading and unloading, 20 in production, another 40 specialized in tubular structures," he revealed, to which we had to add truckers, catering services and several more. Go get the bill...

Fast foods

With such a human display traveling through the field and its consequent expenditure of energy, in the service of catering spending the night in the same stadium. Long distances to their homes and the obligation to get to work in the early hours of the day (the task started type 7 in the morning) were strong arguments for deciding the provisional move. Of course, when judging the quality of the service there were no complaints. There was not even the traditional barbecue at noon...


* July is a traditional foggy month in Ezeiza and it is not uncommon for the airport to be inoperable due to this phenomenon. And keep in mind that low clouds and fog were forecast for Thursday. But at the time of arrival, the guide above took pity and allowed a maximum visibility of 6000 meters.

* The number of Regambas mothers who accompanied their girls and boys to the airport was striking. But what about Doris and Mariana (both 13 years old) is to stand out. They were accompanied by their grandmother, who confessed "I really like GNR ballads". A gunner of law.

* The Guns traveled in the exclusive first class of the Aerolineas Argentinas plane that brought them to our lands. Of course, they bought the excess seats to avoid the gaze of curious.

* The only television channel that approached Ezeiza was Telefé. The quías ventured into restricted areas and were intercepted by security forces.

* The huge security operation deployed in the vicinity of the hotel did not have its health correlate. In the early hours of Thursday there was no ambulance to attend to a large number of girls and boys who suffered from fainting.

* The number one fan who came to the Hyatt was Juan José, 14 years old: he was located in front of the entrance from Wednesday at 4 in the afternoon.

* Those who earned everyone's hatred in these intense days were the Hyatt bellboys (and we are not talking precisely about those who open the car door for you). There were more than forty men dressed in black jackets and more than once they put things red hot: they did not hesitate to hit the fans who were dying to see Los Gensos Rosas a little closer and to squeeze the cameras that the photographers were carrying . So much security operation was exaggerated and only heated the atmosphere.

* At one point Axl Rose's personal bodyguard came up with a raid to McDonalds, which is about 150 meters from the hotel. But it was not a good idea. Some 50 fans crowded around the dark-haired man, who is about 2 meters tall, making it difficult for him to step, hugging him as if he were Axl himself and even trying to remove the black cap he was wearing. Quite annoying, the black man, who had nothing cute, chose to scare the swarm of kids with a scream. But this did not help and he was back on the phone in less than five minutes.

* Crowded together so as not to get lost, the guys from one of the many Guns N 'Roses fan clubs waited in front of the Hyatt for the moment when the hand of God would bring them in to give the musicians a silver plaque. The gift was jealously guarded by Fernanda (16) in a blue box. She is the vice president of the club that has about 700 members. Most were from Buenos Aires, but there were also from Rosario, Bahía Blanca, Córdoba and they were scattered in their distinctive white T-shirts.

* The girls from the Rock & Pop show "Crazy like your mother" were half astonished. It turns out that they had sent a cell phone to the door of the Hyatt, and when they asked some girls in a daring tone if they would dare "to have a son by Axl Rose" they received the answer: "from anyone in the group!" The truth is that they were misplaced.

* Among the many banners and posters seen on the Hyatt door, some were very specific. A blonde fifteen-year-old had put on over her diver a t-shirt written in fiber that said "AXL ROSE - FUCK ME PLEASE." Another with straight black hair wore a similar T-shirt with the slogan "SLASH - YOU ARE THE LOVE OF MY LIFE" and behind (somewhat covered by the hair) "SLASH FUCK ME - FERNANDA". In what sense does he tell me?

* Other gifts for the Guns specially prepared by the fan club crowd and delivered to the Hyatt door were: a bouquet of roses and a rosary for Axl, a viper leather necklace for Slash, and traditional Argentine leather items for the band in general.

* Two boys from Bahía Blanca that we lost in the crowd before we knew their names - they were truly
privileged in River. Arrived in Baires without a ticket and when the field tickets were sold out, his mother decided to buy them in the privileged box of $ 100 per head, the most expensive location in the stadium. Since she also wanted to go to take care of the children, she had to pay the sum of $ 300. "It was an act of unconsciousness; he dropped the money without looking," gave the brother and sister of the laudable gesture of their old woman.

* The journalists who stood guard at the Hyatt were running all the time not only in search of the Geese, but also of their respective cars: a tow truck was walking threateningly through Posadas, signing the car park wanting to "kidnap" something.

* In search of food to fill their stomachs, some naive people entered the McDonald's in Cerrito almost Libertador to leave, moments later, with an empty stomach and scared by the price of a simple hamburger. It seems that these clubs are only cheap in the United States.


Vans at dawn

On Thursday July 15, 1993, at 7.10, Guns N 'Roses set foot on Argentine soil again, to close here its imposing world tour. It had been exactly six months since their first visit

With a hell of a chill and a bit of delay, the most anticipated band landed at 7:10 am on Thursday the 15th. Flight 121, from London-Madrid, was scheduled for 6: 05 AM. There were many iron Gunners who braved temperature and weariness to get a glimpse of their heroes. Like Gabriela (21) and Claudia (17) who were there since 2:30 and said in chorus “We came from La Plata, to see them. They are geniuses”. Meanwhile Hilda and her friend Lorena, two other brave men, confessed to having arrived at 9:30 pm the night before. The wait had been long and the girls' broken durax eyes gave him away ...

The cargo plane carrying all the equipment was expected at 8 AM, but it went ahead: the gigantic Toponov landed at two in the morning. "I don't know how they are going to do it," said the Chief of Operations of the Ezeiza Airport, "because all night they have only unloaded one truck and now all the flights are starting to arrive.

Since long before dawn, the Gunners and the press ran from the international breakwater to the Aerolineas Argentinas breakwater. Flight 121, at that time in the morning, was a mystery, and on the butt it could be confirmed as belonging to our airline. Consequently, everyone to defy the frosts and move the skeleton towards the breakwater of the company of the condor. But the rumors were contradictory: “that they are taken out on the runway”, “no, no, that they are shipped through the international”, “that I tell you no”, “that after the VIP lounge, they go out through the hall”. The only thing that could be confirmed with certainty is that the Guns would use one of the most secret exits at the airport.

Despite the fact that the boys of Los Angeles have reached the rank of demi-gods, we were able to verify reliably with immigration authorities that the illustrious visitors would not escape the stamping of Passports. "But at very, very Vip, the procedure is done by remote control," a certain Ramiro sent at 6:05, with a clear face. At that time you already had the message that the only point to see Californians was from an unknown "fixed post", which was beyond the pampas. Freezing to the cold, we watched the Boeing take off at 7:10 AM. Several fans with good nose and good data were hung on the containment fence. "Please, Mr. Police, let us pass," implored the fifteen-year-old Florencia with a friend: "Give it, please. The two of them, Fio and Robería, whimpered so much that the aeronautical police officer gave way.

The hunting

Six white vans left with the members of the combo. The options were two: either they went out there or they took them because of the ignorance of Buenos Aires Cattering. As you can imagine, they chose the remote exit ... Repeatedly, we reached the Gunner caravan on the Ricchieri Highway.

Axl was traveling in a Traffic and was accompanied by his assistants. In the microsecond we were able to spy on him, the Guns' ace of spades stretched its legs and emitted inaudible yawns. We had more opportunity to see Slash. The guitar player wore a splendid Marlboro leather jacket and, in honor of his clothing, he lit a stage the moment we had him next to us. The audacious photographer of the pasquín fired his flash towards the completely white caravan without respite, while the private security threatened and insulted and the two Federal patrollers watched bored. The key point, the bottleneck, was the highway tollbooth. There they could "steal" a photo. We arrived with quite an advantage and in another burst of cleverness, we deduced that only mere mortals pay a toll and that the most famous Americans were going to avoid it. We were sent down the lane reserved for emergencies, but the guard cut our faces olympically. Once the possibility of transit was denied, there was no other than to go back: But: who did we have behind us waiting for us to decide to advance or go back? Yes, yes, nothing less than Axl himself in his Traffic. Oh my God !. Our photographer jumped on his mobile to take some snapshots and left this surprised chronicler in charge of the wheel. I have never been a war correspondent, but having Axl's caravan honking the horn at me like crazy and trying to find the reverse of the 147 was a truly stressful experience. With the reverse gear engaged, I was able to make way for the superdivos of hard rock. Not for feeling important but for this scribe, Slash's sidelong glance when they passed us was directed at us and in particular at my incompetence on the wheel. We are never so flattered by not knowing how to drive.



A hotel surrounded

Hyatt guests saw the appearance and operation of the lodge change abruptly on Wednesday night. The next morning several hundred young people clung to the security fence to watch the Guns enter.

About two hundred kids had camped out, since the night before, in the vicinity of the Hyatt Hotel, in order to see Los Gansos's face. Wrapped in blankets and making bonfires to withstand the cold, the pink fans always maintained their temper, despite the 2 ° C below zero of wind chill.

An extensive metal fence around the hotel was erected for the sake of increased security, completed by forty men and the five police dogs, who guarded the perimeter. So much security was too much to accompany the hundreds of fans that the most they did was waste their throats screaming at the presence of their idols.

There they are. The clocks were striking 8. The three hundred people who spent the night at the door of the Hyatt, first thing in the morning had multiplied by three. Many fathers (and mothers, too) accompanied their children to Cerrito and Posadas to witness the arrival of the band. And they stayed, of course.

8.04. Three white vans arrive at the hotel with the very Guns N 'Roses. The fans tried to jump on the mobiles, but the sagacious drivers stepped on the gas and just a roll of Slash was visible.

So far, so much sacrifice had been of little use: so much waiting, so cold, to see a simple curler. Even so, the fans did not stop their claims to see them and in unison, they asked for the appearance of Axl.

Hundreds of Argentine flags, carried by the kids, pointed to the balconies in search of a member of the band. It was at half past nine in the morning of Thursday when Axl poked his head out for the first time to greet his followers.

For five minutes he remained static, staring at the devotion of the kids. Dressed in a white T-shirt and with a red headband, the leader of the Guns leaned his elbows on the balcony rail and with an astonished boy's face, he watched the crowd that paid homage to him. It was total madness, a party. In the end, young Rose raised his hand in greeting and entered his room. Then we were able to find out that he ate his breakfast and went to sleep.



As usually happens in these cases, there is never a lack of a journalist who charges for the mere fact of trying to do his job. And this time it was a photographer's turn ... When it was just dawn, the Guns arrived in six vans at the hotel where some 900 people received them shouting. There were also among the people a few photographers and reporters from different journalistic media. Until that moment, everything seemed calm, even the security personnel - who had installed a fence around the front of the hotel and were guarding it with several dogs - asked people to calm down when they arrived. But immediately afterwards, a photographer for the newspaper Clarín was pushed by Felipe Lovalvo, a custodian hired by the hotel. And not only did that happen, but he threw the camera to the ground and destroyed the flash. According to Michelle Saporiti, Hyatt's public relations manager, “the photographer tried to sneak behind one of the combis,” which is why Lovalvo stopped him with a hand on his chest. And at this, the photographer kicked him in the testicles. Clarín says that it is not true about the kick and that the complaint for "assault and damage" has already been made. Really unfortunate.


Two days in the life

During Thursday and Friday, the hotel's surroundings became a true Gunner camp. According to calculations, the crowd at times reached a figure close to 3,000 people. Everyone expected to see the faces of their idols, if only from the windows. Good old Slash seems to be feeling the cold and he showed something more than his face ...

"Olé olé olé ola, Slash came out" was the shout that invited the long-haired man to greet his audience. All eyes were on the dozens of hotel windows. None seemed to open, until the third from the left counting from above does it timidly. Slash was poking his head out little by little, inches, let's say. The screams become deafening. It had been barely thirty minutes since Axl had shown himself. The excitement and excitement came continuously.

Suddenly the guitarist raises his head and throws a lighter into the vacuum. The fight for that simple object among the people, lasted several minutes. Who got it, no one knew. Meanwhile whoever threw it away had disappeared. But for a short time ...

Nobody expected more from Los Gansos: they had greeted and shown the best wave. But Slash continued with a game that amused him: throwing things at the dealer. He went out to the balcony again, said hello again and began to take off his blue shirt. He showed his naked torso (which was highly applauded, especially by the girls) and threw his garment with such bad luck that it fell inside the Hyatt. But a security guard was in charge of throwing it to the fans. And here a nice one was put together: hundreds of hands had taken the shirt. Finally they all left happy with a little piece of it: they made it a ball.

"We want something"

Slash's shirt was already a precious treasure scattered in hundreds of bits in the pockets of the fans. But with that it was not enough and they did not think to move from the place until they got "something, I don't know, whatever". As an anticipation of what would happen on Friday and Saturday on the River court, girls and boys continued to arrive at the hotel doors in groups that, in a few hours, formed a mass of close to 3,000 people. They all stood at the foot of the canyon, while from a window on the 9th floor, several members of the Guns appeared to say hello and have a little fun.

The most screwed up was Slash, who went out several times to shoot little paper airplanes that didn't fly very well (he doesn't seem to know how to do them) causing howls and runs to catch them. The ecstasy for the girls was the moment when it occurred to him that it was a nice gesture to show the ass. For a few seconds he played with his leather pants until finally he pulled them down and showed the crowd his cheeks in the air.

Another who caused real tears of emotion among the girls was Duff McKagan, the blond man who has so many unknown "wives" in Buenos Aires. More than one despaired when he saw him take his body out the window and that he was more than 50 meters away and his blond wool was barely visible. Not to mention when Gilby, Slash and Duff got together in the same window. Downstairs, the girls' faces were of pleasure, of having close to the biggest star in the sky. From then on, Gilby Clarke was seen several times over a couple of hours. The guitarist stuck his body out of his room and the girls' hysteria broke out once more.

The phenomenon also included a few parents. Some ladies showed the lint and were not shy about shouting as much or more than their daughters, who were amazed at seeing some of the "outlaws" in the flesh - even from afar. The fever also reached nearby shops: a girl, who attended us at a kiosk, asked us desperately - and in a low voice because the place was full of customers - to tell her what was happening at the hotel. The poor woman had to work several more hours and it was impossible to get out.

The standard bearer

Throughout the afternoon the chants asking for Axl to come out kept the girls busy. Until a few minutes before sunset, on the top floor, a window was opened wide, an Argentine flag and a Yankee flag were unfolded (just like last year) and the singer came out to us. -tress. He was wearing a plaid shirt and a red cap containing his red hair, and at his side you could make out the large figure of his bodyguard. It was all the girls needed: to see him. And tell him that they loved him, wanted him, and some other more private things. The most graphic was a girl with a T-shirt that said: “Axl f ... me. Come, I'll suck your ... Which led more than one to offer themselves instead of the vocalist.

It was during this appearance of the leader of the Guns when the dark-haired Slash managed to escape from the hotel to go to the cinema to see Jurassic Park. The guitarist escaped dressed in jeans, sneakers, the same gray jumpsuit that he wore in the hotel windows, and a baseball cap with the visor back. With that look he came to the Metro accompanied by three security people and watched the Steven Spielberg blockbuster for two hours. It seems that no one told him about Tango Feroz.

Meanwhile, inside the hotel, the boys were entertained in relaxed talks, coffee in between, walking through the corridors and talking on the phone. Several times, someone from the entourage, who because of the distance we could not distinguish, amused himself by taking the tube out the window to make his interlocutor hear the howl caused by the mere fact of sunning himself. Axl, for his part, dedicated himself to strengthening the muscles of his legs with a machine that resembles an escalator. She exercised on it for several minutes so as not to lose the state that would allow her to run on Friday and Saturday night through the 70 meters of stage.

The night falls

The musicians had their own plans. If the afternoon had been conducive to Slash's escape, the night hours aroused other temptations. And no matter how pajuerano one is, all those who have passed through here before know that ours is the country of cows, and that there is the best meat. So eager to sink their teeth into a good Creole steak, Gilby and Dizzy took advice on the options. Rather, there was no lack of recommendations from the hotel staff, who played a brave card trying to satisfy Californians palates.

The choice ultimately fell on La Cabaňa, the congressional neighborhood steakhouse, presided over by a huge embalmed heifer that caused Gilby to look curiously upon entering.

Of course, the departure of the Gunners from their accommodation required a real operation, to which the "distraction" combis were not unrelated. It finally happened at 9:20 p.m. While Axl did it shortly after with an unknown destination and heavily guarded.

After midnight, the hotel bar had become that casual refuge that conversations in several languages seek. A melancholic piano was in charge of nuancing them musically, until the returnees Gilby and Dizzy, together with the "home" Slash, wanted to put a little excitement in the lives of the parishioners. So stripping acoustic violas the boys began to reel off the old songs that occupy a privileged place in their rockers hearts. With such spontaneity that some fallen from the bunk believed that the move was part of the services of the luxurious hotel ...

A couple of hours passed until the musicians converged that it was the right moment to seek a good rest. The next day, a day of work awaited them and with some strong emotions.

Thank God it's Friday

Among the several hundred teenagers who supported the barriers of the Hyatt, a figure appears that is out of tune with the rest. He is a brunette who left fifteen a long time ago and walks among the groups with a polyethylene sheet in his hands. "Photos of Guns N 'Roses", says Raúl - such the name of the aforementioned - while tightening a green jacket that, we imagine, would be impossible to close on his belly.

[Part of the page is missing]

At 11:30 a.m. a window finally opened and Duff peeked out his blonde hair in a red jumpsuit. Suddenly the fans of Axl and Slash turned to "duffism" and cheered the drunken fox of the band, who seemed in very good condition. Ten minutes later he reappeared and with the help of his bodyguard he unfolded a large white cloth with the inscription "Official Argentina Fan Club Love Guns N' Roses" that was flaming under the window. Later, to the delirium of the girls, he rolled up his sleeves showing his breast, saluted and left. By then it was common to see some girls, staying at the hotel, stick their heads out and spy on the neighboring windows to see if any of them appeared. Street fans shouted "daughters of p ..", while the "p ..., p ... It was simply reserved for the young women who entered the Hyatt dressed as for a cocktail. A while later, the little game of the windows began: some blacks from the production were greeting people from different rooms, creating confusion among the unconditional. At 1:45 p.m. someone came out onto the gigantic and only balcony in front of the lodge. “Axl, Axl!” They all shouted and it took a while until they realized that it was actually a cameraman who put on his tattooed arms, and leaned on the railing following the indications of the other.

From the side everyone spied on Axl's "zapie", one on the top floor where the American and Argentine flags hung. Suddenly, at 1:55 p.m., a deafening shout woke up the photographers to film the scenes below. At the time Duff came out, this time wearing a sleeveless shirt that showed his lethargy. On the terrace, on the left side, four figures loomed out waving. One of them was unmistakable: Axl himself bickeying the situation and apparently more cheerful than the day before.
Moments later they went inside, and they would no longer see each other. At about three o'clock, the audience, firm, kept yelling at a blond man leaning against the window where Duff had appeared. But it was not Axelito but another of the members of the production who amused himself by misleading the youngsters. The band stayed all afternoon locked in the Hyatt, and did not move until the infamous raid (see separate note) was carried out. After an impromptu press conference to clarify what happened, there was hardly time to get to River. The entire band quickly left for the stadium to offer their followers the polenta of their music.



* As people piled up in front of the hotel, the shouting simulated the holocaust and the photographers spent scrolls and scrolls; the Stickers Brigade of this worthy magazine added the amount of debauchery that was missing. As soon as they showed the Guns rubbings that they had brought to give away and hand out two or three, the girls piled on our long-suffering companions to get them out of their hands. The most intrepid of the VOS command was Marcelo, who got into the mass of people and they ran him to Carlos Pellegrini. Little could the gradote do to get away and decided to throw the remaining stickers into the air. It was a real furor: Marce, we are still looking for him ...



First in line

Just as there were some who did it at the Hyatt, others preferred to stand in line to enter the Monumental. There are those who resisted more than 50 hours in the open

Friday dawned cold but sunny; chronicler and photographer walked towards Núñez adjusting jackets and scarves. At about nine o'clock in River you could already see a queue with about five hundred Gunners who were saying present early and very fond of the sacrifice. The quías wanted to be the first to enter, there was no doubt. Fatima is from Lomas de Zamora, she is 16 years old and she answers, covered by a cape that mixes the Argentine and Yankee flags. "I have been since Thursday at noon," says this blonde who confesses her weakness for the mestizo Slash. And last night? "Last night I stayed here to sleep -he smiles- but it's worth it."

But if you want to be surprised, wait to see our next reporters. “Ask me”, Gabriel (19) approached Vos with a wild smile and a hat with a visor. He is from La Plata and has been there since Wednesday at five in the afternoon. "I came to see the Guns," he clarified as if necessary. But did they bank all the time here? "No, yesterday we took turns with friends, we left someone on duty and went to the Hyatt," he answers without the cold taking away his smile. Because, I don't know if you guessed, Gabriel spent two nights outside the stadium.

And the Sarmiento cake of this rag is for Leandro, Hugo and Fernando, three fifteen-year-old boys who came from Cipoletti, Río Negro. "We wanted to get tickets," they clarified, surrounded by mats and thermos. And since there was nowhere else to go, they settled at the gate of the stadium on Wednesday at 3pm. Morfi? "There are several places, but we get by going to the Shell mini-market." At the corner of the service station there is a queue of about forty people in search of food and beverages.

And the security? "They only came today: when we arrived there was no one," boast the people of Rio Negro. "But there is a good vibe, they even gave us Coca Cola." The sturdy men who surround the stadium with their gray divers make no comment: their indifference is as usual (except when there are pineapples, of course).

However, the optimism of the trio was confirmed by an anonymous gray of the many who walk around the area. "It's all quiet, these are good kids," he says with a wide smile. Meanwhile the helicopters pass every five minutes, without anyone giving them a ball. Everyone is happy, waiting for the show time.

And the police arrived


And as was to be expected with the Guns, there could be a bard who would give the tabloids to speak. On this occasion, the show came from the hand of Juan Alberto Imbesi, a former intelligence service (now we don't know what kind of work) who accused the members of Guns N 'Roses of "possession of stupefied people and obscene exhibitions ”and“ incitement to violence. ”In his judicial complaint, the man claimed to possess confidential information (when not) about the alleged possession of 50 grams of cocaine in the rooms where the Los Angeles gang was staying at the Hyatt The only document that Imbesi presented to support their complaint was a photo of Slash's buttocks, like the ones that appear on these pages. According to him, it is "a non-artistic nude but repudiable and obscene" that "affects the legal right of honesty and especially the modesty of our youth." “Likewise - he continues - as the crime of obscene exhibitions is foreseen, I ask that official letters be released to the Federal Police, Aeronautics and Gendarmerie, so that the group's departure from the country is prevented, so that the trial is perform like any other Argentine citizen, without distinctions that violate article 16 of the National Constitution ”.

Such arguments were enough for Judge Nerio Bonifati and some 30 policemen from the Dangerous Drugs Division to disembark at the hotel at 5.30pm on Friday. That is to say, when the River stadium was already seventy percent full. Some reports indicate that before the operation all the Hyatt's telephone lines were cut. The troops that arrived in two assault cars and four patrol cars generated great nervousness in the area, where the boys began to shout against the police and ask for the freedom of the Guns. And here is the million dollar question: what would have happened on the street and, worse still, in the River court (which was being filled inexorably) if the uniformed men considered that there was some contravention and the band could not play or was arrested? It seems that there are some who like to play with fire ...

The action of the uniformed officers and the judge consisted of turning the mattresses over and checking all the drawers on the 11th and 12th floors to confirm the existence of drugs.

“This all seems like a joke to me,” Axl would say two hours later during an unscheduled press conference in which the prosecutor in the case, Norberto Oyharbide, participated in a totally unusual way. At this height the operation had been negative and the judicial officer clarified that the only thing that had been kidnapped was a bag of vitamins. Axl would add sarcastically "I love coming to Argentina" to get serious later: "I'm fine, but I'm worried about the fans and what happens in the show; I also care what has to do with freedom. For his part, the boss of the international Rock & Pop production company, Daniel Grinbank, assured that “they wanted to make us a bed and it went wrong” and specified that this Imbesi “was arrested in 1984 for assaulting A collective". In the hotel lobby,



River was a party

More than a hundred thousand souls burned to the rhythm of the Guns' music on the closing dates of the Use Your Illusion tour. The Núñez stadium was a boiler that did not lower its temperature during the two hours of shows each night. Despite the raids and provocations, The Axl and Slash band demonstrated that when you step on a stage, delivery to your audience is the only important thing.

"How, here too?" Asked a journalist who came from the Hyatt, as he quickly entered the River press room to cover the recital. Still Los Guarros were on stage and the resigned gaze of the rest of us was a clear answer. As in the hotel, a raid took place on the stage, the dressing rooms and some rooms on the first floor of the stadium in search of drugs. On the lawn, meanwhile, everyone was oblivious to the matter. The expectation for the debut in this second visit of the Guns grew and the clowning, luckily, was already one more anecdote in the Californians' travel diary.

Delirium begins

At 8:50 p.m., the wait ended. The band, which had arrived in River a few minutes earlier, delayed by the police bard, was about to appear before their faithful. The stadium lights went out, the George Harrison Stuck in the middle with you theme began to play through the speakers and the runs of the unsuspecting to win a good place to see the show became general. The screams did not stop, thousands of lit lighters formed a veritable cushion of fire and the image of Axl was drawn on the stage, causing an explosion.

Without making any allusion to the bad time they lived a while before, the quías, who one by one were taking their place, started with It's so easy. By then the magic and the gunner energy had taken over the 55,000 souls that populated the grass and the stands.

When the initial shock had not yet passed, the devastating Mr. Brownstone and Live and let die left the cutie and the punished columns of sound without respite. By then Slash changed the Les Paul that hung him for his double fingerboard viola (which he dominated throughout the evening like a true master), lilac and blue lights put an intimate atmosphere in the slow parts of McCartney's cover and Axl was left as crucified, grasping the microphone stand with his hands extended upward. For a postcard ...

Rock of ants

From the top of the stalls, the show was priceless. A sea of heads moved across the grass, as if a giant boot had stepped on an anthill. On the fence in front of the stage, the bodies of uncles and aunts decomposed or passed out by the heat and the crowds passed helped by security people and the Red Cross. Meanwhile Axl, looking at the crowd, asked in his native language "Do you know where they are?", And shortly after answering in the middle of a hell of screams, "They are in the jungle !!". And as was to be expected, the first chords of Welcome to the Jungle did not take long to come out of the viola of the rolling guitarist. But averaging the theme, the unexpected happened. A power outage on the stage caused the set to be suspended for a couple of minutes, to Axl's apologies. With cut or without cut, the fire didn't drop a degree in temperature and the party continued with Attitude and Duff taking over the microphone. The bass player, with a renewed look in his hair and his classic open-legged posture and the instrument at his waist - a la Sid Vicious -, did not tire of approaching the public all night (although he did tie some other poyito de wave).

The acoustic set

One of the most anticipated moments of the recital was the announced acoustic set. As soon as Double talkin 'jive finished playing, the stage assistants were in charge of setting up in a few seconds a kind of living room on the front of the tables, where the scene would unfold. To open the fire they chose the Stones cover, Dead Flowers. They followed you ain't the first, You're crazy, and Used to love her, a theme in which Tim Doyle - Matt Sorum's assistant - dressed as a pizzeria cadet entered. The boy, after the Guns rocked the two great pizzas to the public, ended up playing the bongos. The band achieved a truly homey atmosphere in this part of the set, which was followed by Patience - chanted by all and with the cricket that were re-ignited, an instrumental bit of Lennon's Imagine by Slash and Gilby, Knocking on heaven's door (by Dylan), Dust in the wind (Todd Rudgren's song sung by Axl alone on piano) and November rain (as the video screens melted into the band with images of rain and thick clouds). Awesome...

To charge

If the acoustic set became the most exciting of the night, what would come in the last part of the show was the most energetic. The final onslaught began with Axl - rape in hand - and Dead Horse. The singer introduced the band and then Matt Sorum's patches shook the walls of River in a forceful solo. The former The Cult sweated the fat drop, ended up naked, and people did not hesitate to give him a closed and warm ovation, while the powerful intro of You could be mine made the stands explode again. The last instrumental section came with Slash's solo which, like last year, included a gunner version of the theme from the movie The Godfather. Despite the cold of Buenos Aires, the guitarist also finished with a bare chest, cutting the reigning screw with the sound of his instrument. With Sweet child of mine, the guys threatened to leave, but as expected, the bonus of the encores did not take long. Don't cry, Paradise City, the rigorous greetings and the fluttering of a microphone to the public by Axl, put the finishing touch to an evening in which the nonsense, once again, had to keep words such as violence or incitement to bard for best opportunity. River was a party ... and some regret it.

Martin Gimeno


Warming up the atmosphere


Historically, in our country, the custom of placing opening groups in the concerts of foreign groups ends up being a lottery. The obvious idea is to make the wait for a show more bearable - which in this case started at 8pm, not too late. But there were people who were waiting to see the Guns since Wednesday! and they weren't very willing to listen to anything other than Axl, Slash and the rest of the gang. Much less if the sound that comes out of the teams is as bad as the one that fell to the three groups.

The first was Schanzenbach, who went on Friday to the stage of the River stadium punctually at 5:30 p.m., as was scheduled. The trio made up of Alejandro Schanzenbach on bass and vocals, Marcelo Ferraro on guitar and backing vocals and Carlos Franqueira on drums had the difficult task of opening fire to the small audience that had entered up to that moment. In that mix of hard-rock, tango and rhythm and blues that characterizes them, they made five songs from their debut album, Cuatro Ca ¬ras, plus a version a la “Rodríguez” from Sábado a la noche, Morís's classic. . The problem was that the public did not pass a lot of ball to them - despite being a good band - and they finished their set without great applause. Different was La Guardia del Fuego, which sounded compact and tight. In the songs they made from the debut album First View, you can see that they have a lot of stages trodden on. People listened carefully to that sound with roots in the 70s and even recognized with a standing ovation the theme Love is stronger, which the guitarist Ulises Butrón interpreted for the film Tango Feroz. They were the only ones who, after finishing their space, returned to the stage to leave as an encore their own version of the classic of Angry Fish, El monstruo de la laguna.

After a long intermission, at 7.30 pm Los Guarros came up and shouting "Good night, sinners" they finished warming up the public that, by that time, was almost filling the stadium. Although the sound was still lousy (the voice was practically indistinguishable), the band did old songs and some of their latest work Venom. They honored our pioneering musicians with The 16 o'clock train, by Pappo and Welcome to the train, by Sui Generis; and legends like Jimi Hendrix (the theme was Heavy Traffic), and Deep Purple, in an impressive solo by Gitano Herrera (presented by the singer as "the best guitarist in the country"). Three-quarters of an hour later, the audience was ready to enter the jungle. Task accomplished.

Ariel Martinez



The presence of the parents in the stadium was one of the characteristics of this second visit of Guns N 'Roses. Luckily the yellow press did not give as much handle to the issue of the (non-existent) danger that a band concert implies and that was reflected in the public. Many mothers - and fathers, of course - religiously bought their ticket and settled on the grass or on the silvers to try to feel the same as the baby.

Standing in the crowd, some even dared to jump and yell at Axl or Slash. We saw it, have no doubts. Susana (39) went with her daughter Miriam (15). The case of this mother is special because she did not accompany the girl out of fear, but because she likes rock. “I already went to last year and Metállica and this one was great, generic. I was impacted by the number of people and the enthusiasm of the boys, ”he said. (How great the lady). Those who surely in December of last year forbid their children to attend the recital, this time they were encouraged and accompanied them.



After the show, everyone agreed that the recital was a real fierce. Axl, Slash, Duff, Gilby, Matt and Dizzy proved to be a team capable of shaping the cutie and even some parents.

Fearful mother

A sign of these two concerts was the presence of the parents in the stadium. There were really many and among them Liliana (41), a mother who admitted going "with great fear". “But I took it off,” he admitted, “it was very good. What did I like the most? Axl, Slash ... the furry one, and I loved the drummer ”. At his side was his daughter, Marianela (15). She, like so many, hallucinated with Axelito and was on the verge of tears with November Rain.

"Better than last year"

Many wanted to comment on what they had experienced during the last hours, encouraged by our presence. That was the case of Carina (17) and Maximiliano (16). For her it was "cooler than last year, with much better sound." He also knew how to admire the impressive moments in which the mulatto Slash used the strings of his many guitars. Maxi, meanwhile, was the first time he had seen them and described the show as "spectacular." But he also had plenty of praise for the cartoon that was projected on the giant screens when it was all over.

In band

Nothing better than going to a party with a group of friends. Forming a huge bar that was provided for the photo, were Alejandra (19), Pablo (23), Lorena (16) and Geraldine (16). Among all they commented that this year was a better recital than last year. That the screens were excellent and that Slash is the best. Among the favorite songs were You could be mine and Mr. Brownstone, of which Lorena swore to know the lyrics by heart. The dissatisfied one was Geraldine: "I didn't like the stage and the choirs were missing."

Knowledgeable on the subject

Convinced of having seen a show that left them satisfied, at the exit we met Alejandro (21) and Rubén (22). The first one liked it more than the previous ones, "it was calmer," he said. And the second, almost like a specialized critic, declared: "They came more armed as a band, they made music to enjoy."

Roses for Slash

Paula's comment (18) was words more, words less, a common denominator of the people. “It was great, spectacular. I was struck by the acoustic part, everything that they added new. This round was more recital than show. It is also amazing how Slash plays ”. On the other hand, the boys (who didn't give us their names) were not very satisfied with the Guns N' Roses, although we don't really know if they were at the recital or not.

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