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2001.02.DD - Clarin (Argentina) - It's Confirmed: Guns N' Roses Is Coming

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2001.02.DD - Clarin (Argentina) - It's Confirmed: Guns N' Roses Is Coming Empty 2001.02.DD - Clarin (Argentina) - It's Confirmed: Guns N' Roses Is Coming

Post by Blackstar on Mon Apr 13, 2020 6:49 pm

The reincarnation of Guns N' Roses, the same band that played before 200.000 people at Rock in Rio III, will arrive in Buenos Aires in November to play a concert at the second edition of the Buenos Aires Hot Festival. The Buenos Aires public will have the chance of seeing the band, that former president Carlos Menem called a outlaws' band, for the third time.

It was also announced that this year the cycle Four Stations will be reissued: Autumn Hot, in April; Winter Hot, in July; Spring Hot, in September, and the second Buenos Aires Hot Festival, in November. National and international artists will play, but now only Guns N' Roses has been confirmed.

The Guns that will visit Argentina only has one thing in common with the band that visited us in the past: Axl Rose, who is calmer that in the past. He continues being made the mysterious one and playing hide-and-seek with the photographers. During their stay in Rio de Janeiro, he hardly left the hotel and the only ones that could photograph him were their fans. He went to the beach at dawn accompanied by three bodyguards.

Then, he came to incognito Buenos Aires and went for a walk in the city. He ate barbecued steaks and went out with the president of their fan club. But, although the possibility existed that he would play at the Buenos Aires Hot Festival, he preferred to wait for the band too be more "oiled". Also transcended that the group requested a high price to play (in Rio, the organizers paid them more than a half million dollars).

The new incarnation of Guns is completed by Buckethead (guitar), Brain (drums), Tommy Stinson (bass) and Robin Finck (guitar). Of the original members, the piano player, Dizzy Reed is the only one left. Musically, the things have changed a little. The 2001 model Guns flirt with techno rock, although they continue leaning on in a structure of guitars. And their strong numbers continue being the old tracks, as Welcome to the Jungle, Nightrain and November Rain.

When they arrive in Buenos Aires, the intention of the group is to have released the album Chinese Democracy. It's the first album from the band in ten years and it will come out in June. In Rio the group performed some of the new songs for the first time. Among them, the title track, a ballad rocker. For the time being, Guns avoids interviews and they build up the mystery around the new disk. Maybe to create expectation and to try to revive that mystic that Guns N' Roses knew how to have in its days of glory.


Thanks to Gonzalo for translating this!


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