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1996.09.09 - Rockline - Interview with Duff and Matt (mostly about The Neurotic Outsiders)

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1996.09.09 - Rockline - Interview with Duff and Matt (mostly about The Neurotic Outsiders) Empty 1996.09.09 - Rockline - Interview with Duff and Matt (mostly about The Neurotic Outsiders)

Post by Soulmonster Wed Jun 22, 2011 12:48 pm

"Jerk is played"


commercial break


Duff - This is Duff McKagan

John - And this is John Taylor from the Neurotic Outsiders.

Steve Downs - And we're back with the Neurotic Outsiders. Gentlemen, how you doing?

Duff - We're here.

Steve Downs - Everybody's there.

Steve - … frustrated.

Steve Downs - I hear that. Steve, who's responsible for this?

Steve - The… [inaudible] is responsible for this, it's his fault.

Steve Downs - I see.

Matt - Yeah, it was all my idea. God, was that nuts. It started at the Viper Room… Umm, this guy named Sal, that runs the place, gave me a call for a benefit for a guy that had cancer, and asked me to call out all my celebrity friends, so we could raise some money for this guy. So, I called all my knuckle-head, you know, somewhat celebrity musicians that I knew, to come down and at the end of the night… uuh, Steve and Duff and John and myself got up on stage and played a few songs. And then we had such a good time we started playing there every Monday night for a couple of months. And then, before we knew it, there was record company people and all that stuff. And the rest is, you know… on record now.

Steve Downs - As they say. John, could you give me an example of what you think might be musical common ground between the four of you, maybe a song or an artist that might represent that?

John - Iggy and the Stooges' "Raw Power" album. Or possibly Genesis…

Matt - [laughs]

John - "Gentle Giants". [everybody laughs]

Steve Downs - Let's go to the phones now. Ryan is up in Thunder Bay, Ontario tonight, listening to 94FM. Ryan, you're on with Neurotic Outsiders.

Ryan - Hey guys, the music sounds cool. My first question is for Duff. I wondered if you had any plans on doing a second solo album, 'cause your first one's real good.

Duff - Oh, thanks man. Uuh… I have a studio in my house and, you know, I go down there and I always kinda put together songs. So, I'm kinda busy right now. You know, Guns is… is doing their thing and we're out touring with Neurotic. And that's… Our album's coming out tomorrow. So… I'm pretty busy right now.

Matt - [laughs]

Steve Downs - He's tied up. Ryan, thanks for the call there. And as Duff mentioned, the album is in stores tomorrow, Neurotic Outsiders. Kim in Meriddan, Connecticut, listening to 107WCCC in the Hartford, New Haven area. Kim.

Kim - Hi. How did you all come to know on another? And my second question is, what expectations, if any, do you have with your band?

Steve - Well, we don't have… We all just know each other 'cause we all live in... This is Steve. We all live in LA, we just see each other around and that's how we kinda met. You kinda run into everyone if you live in Hollywood.

Matt - [laughs]

Steve - And we don't have any expectations, really. You know, as long as we're happy with what we're doing musically, then if anything comes with it, it's great. And if not… you know, so what.

Steve Downs - TJ, in Ft. Lauderdale tonight, listening to 94,9Z in Miami. TJ, you're on with Neurotic Outsiders. T

John - Hi guys, how you doing?

Matt - Good. T

John - My question is for John. Over all the years with getting all kinds of stressful attention from many, many strangers, how is it that you keep your objectiveness about… umm, you know, intentions and fans and criticism. And how did you end up being so patient and kind with the people that you deal with?

John - Wow.

Steve - He's a real mean sod, really. [everybody laughs]

John - I think it's… I think it's down to the company that you keep, you know, umm… You know, I'm… That's… I don't know. You know, you just… You just do. You know, I mean… You know, we're… Like, we've been doing a few shows… We just done four shows in a row, we met… We've all been very patient with fans after the show. And we sat… We all stood around signing hundreds of autographs the last few days, and I guess when you're happy and you're having a good time then it's not… it's not… None of that stuff is painful, you know. Sometimes when everything seems… Sometimes you get on an up and it seems like everything is uphill, you know, and the band is not getting on. And you could be sitting back in the limousine with a bottle of chilled champagne and life can be a real drag. You know, and sometimes, you know, it's not. And at the moment, life is not a drag. Nothing is too much trouble.

Steve Downs - I think I heard about the gig you did up in Santa Cruz, was it? Where you went in completely, totally unannounced, nobody knew the band was coming and I think there was about 40 people there. And they're talking about that show now… The 40 who were there, of like, you know…

Matt - I don't know if it was that many.

Steve Downs - Oh, really?

Matt - More like five.


"Nasty Ho" is played


Steve Downs - Rett is in St. Louis, listening to KC95. Rett, what'll it be?

Rett - Hi. Need to talk to Steve Jones. Steve, I saw you all last week with the Pistols in Vancouver. Great show, you did great work on Andy Taylor's album "Thunder" along with Iggy Pop on "Instinct". My question is, are you gonna be adding any more dates to the Neurotic Outsiders tour.

Steve - Umm, unfortunately… We're only doing so many shows right now, and then I'm gonna go…


Interview cut out due to technichal difficulties


Commercial break


Steve Downs - Steve, any chance of the tour going beyond the dates you're doing in September?

Steve - No, because Pistols… Like I said, we got work in the… [inaudible] again. After we've done this little tour that we're doing now, we're gonna do a few more shows here and then we're gonna go to Europe and play in London, Paris and three shows in Germany. And then I go to New Zealand, Australia, Japan and South America with the Pistols. So… [inaudible]

Matt - Maybe in December, though, right Steve?

Steve - Yeah, maybe December or January.

Steve Downs - Rick in New York tonight, listening to 92.3KROCK. Hi, Rick.

Rick - What do you guys do on your down-time to relax? D - We don't have any down-time. [everybody laughs]

Matt - Me and Duff are flying back to LA 'cause we're rehearsing with GN'R every night. And then, you know, Steve's out with the Pistols, John goes to London and work with Duran Duran. We're all pretty busy. So…

Steve - We don't even have time to jack off. [everybody laughs]

Steve Downs - Hey, that's busy! Rick, thanks for the call.


"Good News" is played live


Steve Downs - Duff, sounding good there. What a great tune!

Duff - I think I lost my voice. [everybody laughs]

Steve Downs - Let's go to Theresa now. She is in Buchanon, Michigan. 95 WAOR in South Bend. Theresa, how'd that sound in South Bend?

Theresa - That was great.

Steve Downs - What's your question?

Theresa - I got a question to Duff. I've been a fan of Guns N' Roses since like, '84 and I was wondering what the real truth about why Guns N' Roses split up. The original Guns N' Roses.

Duff - Ok. Well, let's see, '84… We didn't get together till about '86 and we got signed in '87. [webmaster note: both Duff and Theresa are wrong here, GN'R got together in March 1985 and got signed in March 1986] The original… Steven was a heroine addict and we had to kick him out of the band, basically. And Izzy later on in the Illusions tour decided it be better for him and his health to take off. And… I mean, you know… That's basically it. That's the original… [inaudible]

Steve Downs - Thanks for the call. Mark in Palm Springs, listening to 93.7 KCLB. Hi Mark.

Mark - Hey guys. Hey Downs.

Steve Downs - Yo.

Mark - How you doing?

Steve Downs - Good, what's your question?

Mark - All right, this is for Steve and John. Are you guys pretty much split the lead down the middle? And my second question was, did you guys play under any alias before you chose the name the Neurotic Outsiders?

John - Steve actually take the bulk of the lead vocals, and Duff and I sorta share the… No, I think he's referring to lead vocals. You're referring to lead vocals, right?

Steve Downs - Mark is gone.

John - So, Steve takes the bulk of the vocals and Duff and I share the other half. If we're talking about lead guitar, like, Duff and Steve both, you know, play lead, at different times. And different aliases, band names. We toured with the Kings Of Chaos for a while. I think we did one gig as that.

Matt - Tea Bags & Trailer Trash.

Steve Downs - I like that. [everybody laughs]

Matt - Just so everybody knows, Duff's playing guitar in this band. He's the bass player in GN'R. So, maybe some people were confused he's playing bass. John Taylor is the bass player for Duran Duran. So… you know, Duff's playing guitar on this.

Steve Downs - Duff, is it true that Guns N' Roses is the first band you've been the bass player in?

Duff - Uuh… yeah. When I was 15 I played bass on a punk single, by a band called The Veins, but that was it.

Steve Downs - So in essence you may be more comfortable with the six-string, or… I understand you play drums as well?

Duff - Yeah, I mean… just… I grew up in a musical family, so… Playing, as long I'm playing something, I'm pretty comfortable, you know.

Steve Downs - Mark, thanks for the call. Let's talk to Jayce in Oklahoma City, listening to ROCK 100 The Cat tonight.


Here the interview is cut off, probably not for more than a few seconds


Matt - … so, you know, it was something fun for us to do, you know. We started out just playing down at this club in LA, just so we could jam, you know. And we had no intention of doing a record or anything. It just became like, a fun thing for us, and we're all friends and we had a good time. And now that we got this band together, GN'R decides: "Ok, we're gonna do a record". So, hopefully, you know, we're gonna come out with a GN'R record soon as well. It's kinda thrown a little bit of a quality problem in the Neurotic Outsiders because, you know, we got a lot going on, me and Duff. And…

Steve Downs - All of a sudden all the old bands wanna start playing again.

Matt - [inaudible]… is single most responsible for putting GN'R and the Pistols back together, maybe.

Steve Downs - And Duran Duran is regrouping again on their album, they've been working on for a while, is that right John?

John - Umm… Well, we're going to… Neurotics are going to Europe in a week or so. And I'm planning on staying there for a while and doing some work. I hope we'll be…


Another cut in the interview here


Bob - … two questions for you. I wanna ask Steve what the word "slag" on his guitar strap mean, and why Duff chose to play rhythm instead of bass.

Steve - The first question is… This is Steve. "Slag" means like, whore. You know what I mean?

Steve Downs - Yeah, we know that one.

Steve - Understand? [everybody laughs]

Steve - It's an English term for whore. You got it, jackass?

Steve Downs - Yeah, we got it. We understand that one all the way. And Duff, we sorta talked about this but, was it your call or… somebody ask you to maybe jump over on the six-string?

Duff - Well… The first few gigs… the first like, maybe eight gigs, John and I were switching off... umm… you know, bass and guitar. But John says I play guitar better than he plays guitar.

Matt - [laughs]

Duff - So…

Steve - It just got too messy changing backward and forward, you know. It took like forever.

Duff - I like the one where John say I play guitar.

Steve Downs - You like that answer better [laughs] Thanks Bob for the call.


"Always Wrong" is played


Steve Downs - Back to the phone now. Peno is up where the guys are, in Toronto, listening to Q107. Peno, did you see the show last night?

Peno - No, I didn't. But I'm sure it was a good one.

Steve Downs - What's your question?

Peno - My question is for Duff. I've read and I've heard a lot about that you've quit drinking basically, you had a pancreas problem. I'm wondering how you're doing health-wise and hoe it's taking its toll on you during the tour.

Duff - Well, my health is very good. Thanks for asking. Yeah, my pancreas basically… umm, expanded then exploded. So, that was two and a half years ago.

Steve Downs - That doesn't sound very good.

Duff - No, a little painful. So, I've just kinda… I really turned things around and I do martial arts and… and I just think totally different way about life. So, nothing takes its toll on the road now, you know. I'm ready for anything. So, thanks for asking.

Steve Downs - If you're playing is reflected to that, whatever you're doing is good for you, because it's sounding great. And…

Duff - Yeah, it makes everything better, makes everything clearer, you know.

Matt - You speak in the English language again, too. [laughs]

Duff - Yeah, thank you.

Steve Downs - Makes it a lot easier to communicate. Thanks Peno for the call there. Riley in Houston tonight, he's listening to ROCK 101 KLOL down there. Hi, Riley.

Riley - Hi, this is a she. This is for Mr. Taylor. I'm just wondering if the music you're playing now is something you… [inaudible], you know, all those years ago when you started, or it's something you evolved to?

John - Umm… Well, you know, I was a big fan of the Sex Pistols when I was a teenager and they were very… very influential in me, you know, picking up a guitar and forming a band. And, you know, along the way I've gone into a lot of different kinds of music and… You know, this is… You know, it feels like, on the one hand it's like going back and getting in touch with your roots, or something. But… yeah.

Steve Downs - I tell you what, it's nice to hear the bass playing… [inaudible] on that last track. The frequencies are so low, I think the elephants in Africa could hear that. I mean, it's just… You're reaching down deep there. It's a style that seems to be distinctive to you. And it's great to hear it there again. Riley, thanks for the call.


Commercial break


Steve Downs - John, what do you got in mind?

John - Oh, well this is a little tune that we… [inaudible] titled "Feelings Are Good"


"Feelings Are Good" is played live


Steve Downs - … in Texas, listening to Q102 in Dallas tonight. Katie.

Katie - Hi, I have two questions tonight. My first question is for John Taylor. When you decided to work with the Neurotic Outsiders, did it prompt anyone from Duran to do side-work as well?

John - To do side-work as well?

Katie - Yeah.

John - Well, yeah. The… Well, Warren and Nick are both engaged in a project. A three-album conceptual project that they're calling "Bored With The Internet". "Bored With Prozac And The Internet", or something. I don't know what… if that's gonna see the light of day, but, you know… I mean, they got a lot of time on their hands, too, you know. Duran… We recorded a lot of backing tracks last summer, and we we're expecting to have it finished, but… Yeah, they got a lot of time on their hands too. Simon's been… You know, he made a single with Nile Rodgers that he put out in Japan, I believe. I've heard it, but…

Steve Downs - Katie, what's your second question?

Katie - Why did you drop "Boy" from the name of the band?

John - Well, it was just too big a mouthful, really. You know, and we didn't wanna be confused with Boy George.

Matt - The Pet Shop Boys.

Steve Downs - I'm not sure any of that would have happened, but.

John - Steve Jones is gonna speak on the subject.

Steve Downs - Yes, Steve.

Steve - It sounds gay. [everybody laughs]

Steve Downs - Cuttin' to the chase, as always, Steve Jones. The was at one time called the Neurotic Boy Outsiders and as Steve explained there, it's been now just, of course, Neurotic Outsiders. Nick in Jacksonville, listening to ROCK105. Hey, Nick.

Nick - How you doing?

Steve Downs - Good, you're on Rockline with Neurotic Outsiders.

Nick - Yeah, I'm just wondering what made you guys wanna get… [inaudible] like Maverick?

John - We didn't think Maverick was all that big actually. Guy Seerie is the talent scout and he's about 24 years old and he… He's a very charismatic… umm, young guy. And he… you know, we have the same interests, you know. And we didn't really feel… We felt, as a label, that they were very artist-aware, and I think the idea of signing with a label that was run by a woman was kinda sexy. And… you know, it didn't really feel like… uuh… uuh… I think it was lots of money.

Matt - They gave us loads of cash. [everybody laughs]

Steve Downs - It kinda pushed it right over the top there.

Matt - Actually, Guy was at like, every gig we ever played, right in the front row, you know. He wasn't like, in the back with a suit on, or something. He's a really hip, young cat and that… We liked all the people there, so we went with them.

Steve Downs - I think people assume that since the label is headed up by Madonna, it's this big… large label, and it's… And it's really not, it's much like many other smaller labels.

John - I think Steve Jones is actually gonna have a few words…

Steve Downs - Steve, you got something to say on that subject?

Steve - We haven't even met Madonna.

Steve Downs - There you go.

Matt - [laughs]

Steve Downs - I rest my case. [everybody laughs]

Steve Downs - Brian in Carson City, Nevada, listening to KDOT. Hello, Reno's best new rock. Brian, help me out here.

Brian - Yeah, when do you guys gonna release another single, what's it gonna be, are you gonna make any videos?

Steve Downs - Steve, anything?

Steve - You sound like your on… [inaudible] mate. [everybody laughs]

Matt - I think we're gonna come out with another single, as soon as the first one comes… After the first one comes out. And the video and all that, you know, that's down the line.

John - We've done a video for "Jerk", which, you know, if you harass MTV, which I think you all should, that hopefully it's gonna get seen on MTV. But right now you can see it on M2, whatever that means.

Matt - It's really cool. We have an all-girl mosh-pit.

Steve Downs - Really?

Matt - If you call MTV… You gotta see this thing, this is cool.

Steve Downs - Sounds like reason enough there. Brian, thanks for the call. Steve, in a sense, the unfinished Sex Pistols American tour of about 20 years ago, sorta got completed. I wondered if anybody ever came up to the box office with the old ticket, from 20 years ago, on one of these gigs and said: "Ok, I'm here to cash in". Or if… Or if any of you would honor him?

Steve - Actually there was some bloke in San Francisco with the last Winterland ticket.

Steve Downs - Is that right?

Steve - But I wouldn't sign it. [everybody laughs]

Steve - 'Cause I'm a jackass! [everybody laughs]

Steve Downs - This is the song that deals with the very subject there, of the Sex Pistols. It's called "Union".


"Union" is played


Steve Downs - We're gonna go to Vegas, which I think was one of the first places you guys played, outside of your Monday night Viper Room gigs, was a place in Vegas. Chuck's listening to COMP92.3 in Las Vegas tonight. Hi Chuck.

Chuck - Hey guys.

John - Hello.

Chuck - How you doing?

Matt - Great.

Steve Downs - What's your question?

Chuck - Duff, first of all, you sound great. You're coherent and I love it.

Steve Downs - [laughs] There's one vote for coherency.

Chuck - Working with Jerry Harrison, what was that like and how did that come about?

Matt - Jerry is a great musician and… uuh, I had heard a record… This is Matt speaking. I heard a record called "The Bogmen" And… uuh, I really loved the way it sounded and when we got ready to pick a producer we all put names in a hat and… And he came down to a bunch of gigs and was really… He didn't just like… He researched the band, came to a few gigs and we… First I wasn't quite sure if I even liked the guy. John liked him, and then… you know, I grew to like him. And I really like him now. 'Cause I love the way the record came out. He did Live and Crash Test Dummies and a bunch of other cool records.

Steve Downs - And of course, for years, member of the Talking Heads.

Matt - Talking Heads. He was in a band called Modern Lovers, too. Which is a very early punk band, in around the Iggy period, you know.

Steve Downs - Chuck, thanks for the call there in Vegas.


Commercial break


"Jerk" is played live


Steve Downs - Oh, lord of mercy! The Neurotic Outsiders. … [inaudible], Ontario is where Shantell is, listening to Q107 tonight. Shantell.

Shantell - Hi there.

Steve - Hello.

Shantell - Hi. First of all, I wanna say that I was at the show last night, and it was excellent.

Steve Downs - Band played…


The interview is cut off here

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1996.09.09 - Rockline - Interview with Duff and Matt (mostly about The Neurotic Outsiders) Empty Re: 1996.09.09 - Rockline - Interview with Duff and Matt (mostly about The Neurotic Outsiders)

Post by Soulmonster Mon Oct 21, 2019 2:39 pm

I just realized this interview is actually from 1996, not 1995. I will make all necessary updates.
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