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1996.09.DD - MTV - Interview with the Neurotic Outsiders (Duff, Matt)

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1996.09.DD - MTV - Interview with the Neurotic Outsiders (Duff, Matt) Empty 1996.09.DD - MTV - Interview with the Neurotic Outsiders (Duff, Matt)

Post by Blackstar on Sun Mar 29, 2020 6:49 pm


Vanessa Warwick: ... hooking up with a celebrity side band causing quite a stir at the moment. I’m talking about the Neurotic Outsiders. While Guns N’ Roses was splitting up and making up, their bassist, Duff McKagan and drummer Matt Sorum teamed up with Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols and John Taylor of Duran Duran to play some down and dirty punk ‘n’ roll. The quartet eventually became a fully-fledged band when they were approached to play a benefit gig at L.A.’s infamous Viper Room. We managed to catch up with the Neurotic Outsiders whilst they were in London recently to find out, amongst other things, where their inspiration and their songs came from.
Steve Jones: A bunch of the songs on the record I had before the band formed. Then, once the band formed, I decided to (?) the solo record and use them songs in this.
Duff: Which was fine with us, by the way (chuckles). He gave me the tape of these songs and it was, like, my favourite tape. I had it in my car, you know?
Matt: We never really rehearsed either. I mean, we were doing gigs at the Viper Room in L.A., and each time we would play at soundcheck, we’d add another song, you know, another cover, and each night we played we had a different singer come down and sit in with us. Originally it was just intended to be a fun jam and then the record company people started coming around and, you know, turned it into this thing. And now we’re in London (laughs).
John Taylor: It was like the antidote to the Machine.
Matt: Yeah!
John Taylor: And then a guy from Maverick, he was coming down to the gigs and he said, “I wanna make a record with you guys.” It wasn’t really something that we’d thought about, but we were like, “Oh, okay, what do you mean, a live record?” “Oh, a proper record like in the studio, with a producer.” And, you know, it was one of those things. We didn’t have to hustle it, you know? It was just something that happened very organically.   
Vanessa Warwick: Well, on the live front, the Neurotic Outsiders play a one-off gig at the London Astoria on the 26th of September. We’ve already heard what inspired their new material, but I wonder who or what provided the inspiration for their first video, simply titled “Jerk”.

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