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1996.12.17 -Online Chat with Duff (mostly about The Neurotic Outsiders)

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1996.12.17 -Online Chat with Duff (mostly about The Neurotic Outsiders) Empty 1996.12.17 -Online Chat with Duff (mostly about The Neurotic Outsiders)

Post by Soulmonster Wed Jun 22, 2011 4:56 pm

DUFF McKAGEN Hey this is Duff. I am here. Ask me questions.

JOHN TAYLOR Hey this is John. I am making coffee, because I need to wake up. Stimulating questions please!

lepremierbitch Duff, are the rumors true about you not being in GNR?

DUFF McKAGEN I will not elaborate, but yes I am & everything is going to be cool as far as that is concerned.

RH Is Guns N' Roses going to release something new soon?

DUFF McKAGEN We are starting the record in February.

JH Duff/John: Are [Image]Neurotic Outsiders going on a tour this Winter??

DUFF McKAGEN Well, we are going to do what we can, when we can. Guns is doing a record so of course Matt & I will be in the studio for at least 3-4 weeks in February, but would like to tour as [Image]Neurotic Outsiders when & where we can.

Tizzi John, do you still follow soccer like you use to when you were younger? I see that England has a big game coming up in February for World Cup qualification.

JOHN TAYLOR No, I have never really been a big soccer fan. I like to watch when I turn on the TV. When I am in England, I like to go to games. I don't follow the leagues.

lucky1 John, how's Atlanta?

JOHN TAYLOR She is great.

JH Duff, what are Axl's plans for GNR now?


comeundon John, how is the solo album doing in Japan?

JOHN TAYLOR I had a great time promoting it. It's a first for me, but I can't compare it to anything that I have done before. It's just great to have it out there.

Linda Duff, do you feel like you have to jump when Axl says to, or you are out?

DUFF McKAGEN Absolutely not when it comes to AXL's permission. What was printed in Rolling Stone is incorrect & I'm pissed off about it.

javafox Duff and John: Looking forward to another NO tour. What's up with Asia and the European festivals in the summer?

JOHN TAYLOR We don't know. We would like to, but finishing the Guns' record will come first. At least I think that's the priority.

Linda Duff, what's it like to work with Steve Jones who has always been kind of an idol to you?

DUFF McKAGEN It's amazing working with Steve. It was really bizarre at first, but I tried to play it cool. I suppose to me it's like being some kid basketball player & all of a sudden playing on a team with Michael Jordan. That's the impact it had on me.

JOHN TAYLOR What do people want for Christmas?

cgrrl I would like a full sized Taylor under my tree.

AtomPunk More NO music!

lepremierbitch Long list.

Chai Um... I want a trip to New Orleans to see NO.

javafox I want a happy life.

JOHN TAYLOR No stress is a great gift idea.

comeundon John, what do you want for Christmas?

JOHN TAYLOR I just got a new suit that I ordered in June, and it's a tuxedo evening suit. I have never owned one before, so I guess that's my X-mas present, really. And I want to get my studio finished, and lose 2 inches off my waist!

CucFan How big is your waist?

JOHN TAYLOR I am 34. I would like to be 32. It's a tight 34.

RH Duff, Are you gonna do a solo album again, like you made "Believe in me?"

DUFF McKAGEN Yes, I've actually started it two weeks ago.

Elena4 Duff, what artist would you like to work with?

DUFF McKAGEN Prince would great. I've already worked with Iggy so that was my be-all end-all. I'm playing in a band with Steve Jones, so I'm covered.

Multiple I'm a singer, songwriter, poet, and musician myself. I was wondering how did you get over your first live performance(s)?

DUFF McKAGEN I was so young, 14 when I performed. I think I probably drank, but I was nervous.

cgrrl John, how did you feel about the death of Bernard Edwards?

JOHN TAYLOR I was very sad. Not entirely surpassed.

Chief1 Duff, what is Izzy Stradlin up to?

DUFF McKAGEN Izzy is racing Porches up in the desert. He's cool.

CucFan John, what do you think of Power Station's new album?

javafox I think the new PS album SUCKS.

JOHN TAYLOR The Power Station album is out everywhere but the US. You may want to call a store that specializes in imports. It's called "Living in Fear."

lucky1 John, is the Power Station LP any good?

JOHN TAYLOR Lucky, it's hard for me to say. I am so attached to it. I would have done things slightly different.

RH Duff, do you want to play any other instrument, like drums or something?

DUFF McKAGEN I do. I played drums on the first Fastbacks single & drums on The Farts Record. I also played drums on my solo record and on Gilbey's record.

TheBigFerret Duff/John, is Matt ever going to sing lead on a NO song?

DUFF McKAGEN We wanted him to. He's actually the best singer in the band.

SecondBitch John, are we ever going to see the video for "Feelings are Good?"

JOHN TAYLOR There is one. I made it very cheaply in NYC 6 weeks ago. It will pop up somewhere. The album will be in stores at the end of January. It's got a different cover.

Linda Duff, have you ever seen your web page, the Duff Dome?

DUFF McKAGEN No, I haven't. I gotta get hip, man.

Chai John, what type of Gibson is your bass. It's GORGEOUS!

JOHN TAYLOR It's a basic Les Paul Gibson bass.

TheBigFerret Duff, I once heard that you liked to play the smaller crowds rather than the large ones. What is so special about small venues?

DUFF McKAGEN It's more intimate. It's just more realistic.

Cynara JOHN: Any plans to ever come back to the B5 Palace so we can chase you around again?

JOHN TAYLOR When the next B5 album is ready for release. In all honesty, I haven't put a lot of energy into the WWW site these last few months.

cgrrl Duff & John, what do you think of record labels having their artists submit to drug testing?

DUFF McKAGEN I think the drug testing is bullshit.

sodapop What would you advise for a struggling new band? Go to LA like you did?

DUFF McKAGEN If there's clubs to play, go play them . If not, you should go to a city. It's a scary thought, but if you are serious about music and you're young, why not?

DUCK John, what are your future plans with Duran?????

JOHN TAYLOR Well, the album should be finished by the end of January, which will put it out in April.

AxlzRose Duff, what bands are you into these days? Do you like Marilyn Manson?

DUFF McKAGEN I like Marilyn Manson. There's a new band in San Diego called Sprung Monkey. I like Poe.

cgrrl John, what do you think of Oasis and the "New British" invasion?

JOHN TAYLOR I like Oasis, Pulp, and Blur.

Lorelei Does Atlanta want a blasted Tickle Me Elmo muppet doll like the rest of the United States?

JOHN TAYLOR It is a great toy. When I saw it on TV I wanted one.

JOHN TAYLOR I bought Atlanta Buzz Lightyear pajamas for X-mas.

JH Duff, could Axl take Slash's place as lead guitarist (would he be interested in that)?

DUFF McKAGEN No and no.

Chief2 What do you think of the music scene nowadays?

DUFF McKAGEN I think it's great. I just think the record companies are signing and dropping too many bands. Little oversaturated.

JOHN TAYLOR Well, music scene is too broad a question for me. I have performed in NJ many times.

DUCK John, are you leaving Duran?

JOHN TAYLOR What a question! That's like asking a lady her age!

Tizzi John, have you seen any movies worth mentioning lately?

JOHN TAYLOR I loved Shine.

JH Duff, there is a rumour that Axl wants a new style for GNR. Has he said something about this to you??

DUFF McKAGEN There are a lot of rumors going on.

TypeOMan Are ever gonna do another solo album?

DUFF McKAGEN Yes, I've just started on one a week ago. I have one song recorded.

JOHN TAYLOR Has anyone heard the new Depeche Mode single?

brooke Nope. Kansas City is not that hip.

javafox More into Soul Coughing than Depeche Mode.

simba Is it good?

JOHN TAYLOR I like the new Depeche Mode single.

comeundon YES! Didn't sound like DEPECHE To me!

Chief2 Duff, do you think that GNR is better off now than it was a year ago?

DUFF McKAGEN Yes, absolutely.

Milan Duff, do you have any song titles or an album title for the new GNR CD?

DUFF McKAGEN We have song titles, but no album title. I don't want to let the cat out of the bag.

AxlzRose Duff, what do you think of Space Hog? The lead singer says GNR is an influence, and I think he kind of sounds like Axl in some of the songs.

DUFF McKAGEN I think he sounds like Robin Zander.

JH Duff, is GNR going to change their style? Is that what Axl wants?

DUFF McKAGEN I don't know. We progress naturally. As far as the rumor that one person wants us to change, that's just not true.

Chief2 John, do you like jazz or the blues. How about reggae or ska?

JOHN TAYLOR I started the day with a Miles Davis CD. I have never been a big blues fan. I liked reggae in the 60's. I like Bob Marley, Lee Perry, and Desmond Decker. Yea, I like the spirit of ska. I might play it if I need to motivate myself.

Chief2 Duff, how many GUITARS do you have?

DUFF McKAGEN 10, maybe.

javafox John, do you own stock in Adidas?

JOHN TAYLOR No, I don't own stock in Adidas.

TheBigFerret Duff, what do you think about the Sonics this season?

DUFF McKAGEN AAAHHHHHH... I'm a card-carryin' season-ticket holdin' motherfucker.

brooke John, who really did the majority of the music writing in Duran?

JOHN TAYLOR It was very shared.

JOHN TAYLOR Thank you for all your words of support and interest. I hope that everyone gets

what they want for X-mas. I hope that next year is a good year for you all.

DUFF McKAGEN Thanks for all the interest in NO and Guns, and my solo project. I've got to go to the gym and rehearsal, so, stay in touch. I think '97 will be an interesting year.
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