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1989.02.10 - L.A. Weekly - L.A. Dee Da (Axl)

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1989.02.10 - L.A. Weekly - L.A. Dee Da (Axl) Empty 1989.02.10 - L.A. Weekly - L.A. Dee Da (Axl)

Post by Blackstar on Wed Aug 28, 2019 7:55 am

1989.02.10 - L.A. Weekly - L.A. Dee Da (Axl) 1989_014

Transcript (excerpt):

ROCK STARS CLUB: English Acid's posing area might be mobbed, but the small dance floor is rarely crowded — you’ll seldom catch rocker dudes dancing: hey, it’s just not cool, okay. That is, until Axl Rose takes to the floor. At a recent edition of E.A., Guns N” Roses' Axl shook his tail feathers all night to everything from “Play That Funky Music White Boy” to Sid Vicious’ “My Way.” Funny, the dance-floor was packed that night. English Acid joins all the other clubs moving over to Peanuts; next Wednesday, Janis De Soto starts thing off with a White Trash Valentine Love-In A Go Go with the Zeros, Cluster Brothers, Kommunity FK, Cold September and Stars From Mars. And 18-year-olds can get into this venue . . .

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