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1987.07.17 - L.A. Weekly - Scoring The Clubs (Drunk Fux Show)

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1987.07.17 - L.A. Weekly - Scoring The Clubs (Drunk Fux Show) Empty 1987.07.17 - L.A. Weekly - Scoring The Clubs (Drunk Fux Show)

Post by Blackstar on Mon Aug 26, 2019 2:40 pm

1987.07.17 - L.A. Weekly - Scoring The Clubs (Drunk Fux Show) 1987_030

1987.07.17 - L.A. Weekly - Scoring The Clubs (Drunk Fux Show) 1987_029


Drunk Fucks, Jesters of Destiny, The Zeros at the Coconut Teaszer.

Guaranteed gobs o' fun from the Drunk Fucks (and, girls, you know how much "fun" that can be!), who feature Duffy from Guns & Roses, L.A.'s klown princes of retard-rock, and Todd, who recently had his ass canned from Jet Boy. Tons o' cover songs, played "just for fun"! Also playing are Jesters of Destiny, a funny, smart, '70s-inspired band, and the Zeros, who are white and play rawk & roll, too. (Keena N. Wynn)


COCONUT TEASZER, 8117 Sunset Blvd., W. Hlywd. Two dance floors, two DJs. Downstairs it's jazz and blues, featuring lots of well-known artists, while upstairs it's the best of everything from R&B to gutter-rock & roll. Great and reputedly (how should I know?) strong drinks. And the food ... The shrimp is to kill for! After hours Fri.-Sat. 1:304 a.m., 18 okay. For booking call Len Fagan at (213) 6544887. Full bar, over 21 with ID. (213) 654-4773.


Tues., July 21 - Double Duff Night with The Drunk Fucks la band that's just as subtle as its name), featuring Duff from Guns and Roses, as well as many other local glam-rock superstars; Bruce and mad metal mayhem in a mid-'70s mode (complete with lots of "Yeah!"s and "All riiiight!"s). Jesters of Destiny; and goofy glam and funny-guy rock from The Zeros, a band who have had more different hair colors than they know chords.

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