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1988.01.29 - L.A. Weekly - L.A. Dee Da [Axl/Drunk Fux/Show at the Cathouse]

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1988.01.29 - L.A. Weekly - L.A. Dee Da [Axl/Drunk Fux/Show at the Cathouse] Empty 1988.01.29 - L.A. Weekly - L.A. Dee Da [Axl/Drunk Fux/Show at the Cathouse]

Post by Blackstar on Mon Aug 26, 2019 7:48 pm

1988.01.29 - L.A. Weekly - L.A. Dee Da [Axl/Drunk Fux/Show at the Cathouse] 1988_070

Transcript (excerpts):

Hard As Nails, Cheap As Dirt played to a packed house at Nightmoves in Huntington Beach last Saturday, and singer Smitty didn’t seem to be hampered at all by his recent operation, though he was sporting a cast. But then, considering the state he’s usually in, we can’t imagine anything fazing him. Former king of the O.C. scene, Jimmy Dekker (a.k.a. Jimmy Trash), was on hand, claiming that the legendary beach-punk-pop band The Crowd are definitely back together and writing and rehearsing a whole new slew of songs. Also in attendance at the hard, cheap and dirty show were all of TSOL, thrilled to announce that they’re going on a West Coast tour with Guns N’ Roses, who, in turn, are thrilled that as soon as their tour is over, they’ll be on the road with David Lee Roth. Got that straight? Axl Rose was recently in the studio with mentor (and we don’t mean El Duce) Alice Cooper, working on a single that will be used on the soundtrack of some “hush-hush” movie. Meanwhile, formerly broken-handed Gun drummer Steven got the cast off his hand just in time to do a number with The Drunkfux at their recent Coconut Teaszer gig. Quite a night, this one: Other Guns Duff and Axl shot off jamming with the Drunkfux, while Bonnie Bramlett, currently undergoing a major career resurrection with the red-hot Bandaloo Doctors, joined in on an appropriate “Honky Tonk Women” with the Gun-Fux. The Doctors’ last gig at the Teaszer after a monthlong residency is the 28th, and we hear some very special guests are planning to show up.


A PASSION FOR PLASTIC. A word to all you drivers out there: Unless you’re close personal friends of Guns N’ Roses, you’d best have car insurance. Cathouse, Scream and Probe banded together to raise legal-expense money for a certain DJ-about-town who apparently didn’t heed — or need — our advice. His pals Guns N’ Roses played a special unannounced show for his benefit last Thursday. Among those watching the show from the Probe’s commodious DJ booth were Billy Limbo (in a wig that made him a ringer for pal Joseph), Rock City News' Miss August, Kara, Rip's Stella, Josh Richman, and Mio Vucovic. Oh, Michael Stewart and his Junkyard boys were in there deejaying for good measure. Riki Rachtman was showing off the work of a body artist and must now face a full-length tattoo of his mud-wrasslin’ gal-pal every time he picks up a fork, as she is rendered in all her bodaciousness on his forearm. Vince Neil and Taime Downe happen to support the art of nip ’n’ tuck, as they were seen fondling a set of very, shall we say, silicone-inspired dates, courtesy of the Hollywood Tropicana. Vince finally fled Implant City to the comparative safety of the stage, his excuse being the need to join G&R on their last song. We, on the other hand, could barely tear ourselves away.

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