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1990.07.30 - Metal Hammer - Adler Quits Guns?

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1990.07.30 - Metal Hammer - Adler Quits Guns? Empty 1990.07.30 - Metal Hammer - Adler Quits Guns?

Post by Blackstar on Sun Aug 25, 2019 10:23 pm

Thanks to @Surge for sharing this article.


1990.07.30 - Metal Hammer - Adler Quits Guns? 1990-010



Steven Adler has now left Guns ’n’ Roses to be replaced by The Cult’s drummer Matt Sorum. At least that was the most recent rumour. A spokesman for Geffen in New York categorically denied the claim. Meanwhile Slash from Guns n’ Roses got up and jammed with The Black Crowes when the blues based band played a show at the Cat Club in New York recently and the band with the new drummer jammed with Iggy Pop.LA

Guns N’ Roses have recorded a cover version of the Bob Dylan classic ‘Knocking On Heaven’s Door' for the new film with Tom Cruise. The drums for the track were recorded by Matt Sorum thus sparking off the rumours.

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