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1990.08.DD - Hot Metal - Guns N' Who?

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1990.08.DD - Hot Metal - Guns N'  Who? Empty 1990.08.DD - Hot Metal - Guns N' Who?

Post by Soulmonster on Sat Nov 17, 2018 7:13 pm

1990.08.DD - Hot Metal - Guns N'  Who? BEVoKgCASFulUj50BXY9+August90

Thanks to @Euchre for sending us this article!


Guns N' Roses news story Number 467: it seems that Steven Adler has once again fallen prey to the temptations of illicit substances, and the new GN'R album - which is apparently being recorded as we go to press - will feature Cult drummer Matt Sorum. And wait for it: the band have actually recorded a track (don't faint!) entitled Civil War.

But then again, an anonymous record company staffer was heard to mutter, with no trace of humour; "We'll be lucky to see an album from them by the end of 1991, if ever..."
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