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1995.03.DD - Unknown TV program - Interview with Slash

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1995.03.DD - Unknown TV program - Interview with Slash Empty 1995.03.DD - Unknown TV program - Interview with Slash

Post by Blackstar on Wed Aug 21, 2019 5:57 pm


Interviewer: So weren’t you a Jellyfish fan before you found him [Eric Dover]?

Slash: I didn’t even know who Jellyfish was. I didn’t even meet him, actually when he recorded the song, he went up to the earthquake 94 house – that’s what we call it.

Interviewer: Oh, the one you lived before.

Slash: Where the Snakepit studios is – and yeah, it’s where I used to live. And he went up there, wrote it in one night, and then I got the tape the next day and they said, “Well, this is Eric Dover.” And I went, “Oh, he wrote this last night?” And it was like, Beggars And Hangers On which I totally relate to, and I went, “Oh, okay.”

Interviewer: So is this great to be able to go back to packing your own gear and stuff? I mean, because I’ve seen Guns a few times and that is huge.

Slash: Yeah, that’s like an institution. No, this is just a bunch of guys carrying their bags around, just getting on a bus and going to a gig and having a good time.

Interviewer: Yeah. Actually we’re gonna be playing a video in a couple of seconds, but are you gonna be getting back together with Guns anytime soon or are you gonna be doing more the Snakepit -?

Slash: I’m gonna do this – like, we’re already writing for another one. So we’ll tour on this one for the next five months or so, go home, see what Guns is doing and deal with that. And then at some point, whenever Guns is on hiatus or something, I’ll just get on the phone and go, “Hey dudes,” you know, “we’ll do a Snakepit record” (laughs).

Interviewer: Excellent. We’re gonna hear from Snakepit right now, this song totally rocks. Actually, we made this CD of the week, we plugged this for a week straight. Too cool.

Slash: Seriously? That’s awesome!

Interviewer: Absolutely. This is Beggars And Hangers On from Slash’s Snakepit.

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