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2022.02.07 - Reddit AMA - Slash

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2022.02.07 - Reddit AMA - Slash Empty 2022.02.07 - Reddit AMA - Slash

Post by Blackstar Mon Feb 07, 2022 11:24 pm

Hey, I’m Slash and I’m here to talk about my new album 4 and my upcoming tour with Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators. AMA

Preorder the new album, out 2/11: Check out US Tour Dates starting 2/9: Watch Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators perform the album – Friday 2/11 at 11am PT:

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2022.02.07 - Reddit AMA - Slash Iim31l10


Q: Slash, can you speak to what was the catalyst that led to you and Axl burying the hatchet? I've seen you guys 3x on your last two tours and have been blown away each time. Hard Skool rocks and I'm very much looking forward to your new music. Hope SMKC makes it to Pittsburgh on a tour soon.

Slash: The catalyst that led to me and Axl burying our hatchet was just the two of us talking for the first time in 20 years.

Q: What’s your most ‘Spinal Tap’ moment?

Slash: My life is a Spinal Tap moment.

Q: Do you have a favourite warmup exercise for guitar?

Slash: I'm always looking for a good warmup exercise so I make up new ones all the time, but one of the best for guitar playing is just doing a lot of scales slowly, then speeding up and just trying to get your muscles working properly.

Q: Hi, I'm Eli and I wanted to ask: When you are composing, and a riff comes out, do you ever have a moment that you think, maybe you’d heard it before, and then you realize "oh wait, this sounds similar to this song?” And if that happens, do you just forget about that riff and start over, or do you make adjustments to make it work— with differences to the original song? Any examples would be cool.

Slash: There are moments that a riff sounds familiar and you might have to research it, and if it's identical to something else then you just sort of forget about it, but sometimes it might just be one note that causes it to have the same inflection as something else and you might just need to change that one note. There are so many variables to how to approach that situation.

Q: Why were all the guitars tuned down 1/2 step for all GNR recordings? Just wondering the reasoning behind that. I prefer that sound... Is it for vocals? Just cuz it sounds cooler?

Slash: We have always tuned down a half step just because it makes it a little easier on the vocals, and I do the same with the Conspirators as well. At the end of the day it does actually sound pretty cool.

Q: what is the oddest or most unlikely music that you enjoy?

Slash: I listen to a lot of movie scores. And I also listen to a lot of rockabilly...

Q: Hi Slash! You mentioned in an earlier interview that you started contact with GNR camp a few years ago because you wanted to make sure the footage from the Illusions tour was safe and sound. What's the status of all that footage?

Slash: The footage is in good condition.

Q: Hey slash! Any chance of you ever coming back too play in Stoke? It was an incredible show last time you played the Victoria Hall. I'd love for you to come back so my 7 year old can experience a proper rock and roll show in his home town.

Slash: I've thought about it many times and I actually do plan on doing it at some point, maybe next year. We shall see.

Q: Hey I'm looking for advice, Im 27, I still feel like a kid but I worry that my opportunity to make it as a guitarist is leaving me. Do you think that there is an age limit to get started on what you do? also I see you used to be buddies with Dave Mustiane back in the day, do you think there would have been a possibility that you would have been the guitarist to write Tornado of Souls? Anyway, huge fan ,you were my first guitar hero.

Slash: I don't think there's a statute of limitations on becoming a professional guitarist... I have no knowledge of writing any Megadeth songs, but I did used to LOVE jamming with Dave.

Q: Slash, in a very digital world, is inspiring to see a old-school record being made ALL LIVE! Can you talk a little about the whole experience of recording a album like a live session? What is the pros and cons about that format? You pretend to do it again? Thanks!

Slash: The pros of recording an album like a live session are that you capture the energy & spirit of a band all playing off of each other in the moment. The cons are if you make a mistake you have to live with it.

Q: Hey there!! According to my 5 kids, I’m the epitome of a straight edge “mom’s mom” & they find it hilarious that SLASH is my MOST FAVORITE of ALL TIME- no one else even comes close! When they ask me what I want for my birthday, Mother’s Day, ect… I say every time “to meet Slash!!” Your music has been rocked in MANY a carpool line!! I truly hope you realize the impact your music has made people of ALL walks of life!! Even though I may not look like the typical rock fan, I can promise you that I’m the biggest fan you have!! My question: How do you balance being a dad & showing up for your kids while being the most awesome musician of ALL TIME?? 🖤

Slash: Being a professional musician and being a parent is a little bit tricky, but you just have to be there as much as possible. If I'm on the road and they can't be with me then I try to stay in contact all the time.

Q: Hey Slash! Do you think Slash's Snakepit gets enough recognition? I absolutely love Ain't Life Grand and Beggars and Hangers on. Cheers!

Slash: Yeah I think Snakepit gets enough recognition considering how short lived both bands were.

Q: Slash, Whats your Favourite thing about playing in Scotland? I seen velvet revolver play both times in Glasgow when I was about 14, we asked the sound tech for a setlist but he had already given it away, he then went into his tech stand and said I seen slash practicing using these.. he then produces 2 black Jim Dunlop guitar picks and gave me and my step bro one each and we left grinning ear to ear, I never really genuinely believed or honestly knew if they were real but to this day they belong in a frame with the tickets in my room😂✌🏻🎩

Slash: It's just one of the most kickass audiences around. Scots really know how to have a good time at a show, and they really appreciate the music for the music's sake.

Q: Slash! So your arguably the most famous Les Paul player on the planet along with Jimmy Page And Ace Frehley. If we were in an alternate universe and you instead played a Fender Guitar, what Fender would you have played and why? -Cheers, Tom From New Jersey.

Slash: It would probably be a telly.

Q: what's your favourite song out of your whole discography?

Slash: I have no idea how to answer this question, I don't have a favorite out of my whole discography... my favorite to play live is also too hard to give a straight answer.

Q: Hey man, been to your show with Miles Kennedy and the Conspirators - god damn you guys rocked the f out! My question: how do you get over the initial adrenaline rush when running up on stage at the start of the show? I'm about to start playing live and this is one of my biggest worries, I have a feeling my hands will freeze for the first 5 minutes up there haha, how do you do it, and also, what are some techniques not involving alcohol or drugs to minimize it? Also what are the best ways to promote your new music? Is there even a point in going to a record label these days? How many songs would we need to record to get someone's attention? Cheers for doing this!

Slash: You just have to go for it. You never totally get used to it. Still to this day I still get butterflies when I go on. You just have to work it out in the first 5-10 minutes on stage. Deep breathing I've been told really works, though I've never actually practiced it. Re: promote new music... it's an entirely new landscape out there. I think probably the best way is through social media at this stage. I'm not really so sure about record labels these days. Especially if it's rock & roll. I think probably 3, up to 4 songs are needed to get someone's attention. 3 songs is probably optimum, but maybe even 2. But more than 1!

Q: Hi Slash! This question is from my mum, she's wondering if you are going to watch the new season of The Walking Dead and she's also asking if you like Indian food (I don't know why). She also wants me to mention that it was her birthday yesterday (same day as Axl's haha) Anyway, thanks for your time Slash!

Slash: Yes I'm going to watch the new season. I'm a Walking Dead loyalist! And yes I love Indian food.

Q: Hi Slash, hope you're doing well ! Do you listen to other types of music (jazz, classical, etc.) and does it influence you in your compositional process ? Also, have you ever feel the desire to learn a new instrument and/or learn some music theory?
Thanks for being who you are: because of your influence, you contributed greatly (and still do !) to who I am today musically and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Slash: I do listen to a lot of different types of music, some jazz, mostly blues-oriented jazz, not fusion jazz. a lot of classical, country, rockabilly, movie scores... it all has an influence on the compositional process because some different melodies and chord structures influence the way you think when you're writing songs. I would love to learn to play the harp one day, and at present I'm learning how to play pedal steel guitar.

Q: what's your favourite guitar solo?

Slash: I have millions. I can't choose one that's my all time favorite.

Q: Hi Slash. Which do you prefer playing in? Large arenas or small venues. PS my favourite gig was you guys in the Olympia theatre Dublin, with Charlie Sheen hanging from a balcony. Great night.

Slash: I really like the variety of different sized venues, from the smallest clubs to stadiums and everything in between.

Q: Hey Slash I'm Adam and I'm living in Lodz Poland. I'm a sound engineer and local crew at a many, many Concerts in Poland. Could you tell me please? When you come to Poland with Slash 4 Tour? In which city would you like to play? Take care and keep rockin' Adam

Slash: We should be in Poland in early 2023 with the Conspirators. I would like to play Warsaw because we play all the other cities but haven't played Warsaw for some reason. We might've done it a while ago, but not recently...

Q: Hello Slash!! You as a professional guitarist... What meaning does family, friends and other social circles related to affective bonds have for you? (of course, I'm not saying that these don't matter but I want to know your vision). Two questions in one... What do you recommend to young guitarists who are growing in the world of music but don't know how to start? PDT: I hope you can answer the 2 questions or just some Wink

Slash: Family and friends are super important, especially when you have a career in entertainment because the relationship with your family and friends is the biggest thing that keeps you grounded. 2nd question - my recommendation to young guitarists is perseverance, solid work ethic, sacrifice, and you have to know what you want.

Q: Hey Slash! First of all, thank you for sharing my River is Rising Cover a few months back! I can’t tell you how much that meant to me! Something I’ve been really curious about is whether you have plans to write another book? I love your autobiography, I’ve probably read it three times so far. But considering all the stuff you did after that boom was released, I bet I’m not the only one who wants to know what happened while you were starting SMKC and even when you got back together with Guns! Looking forward to seeing you in Boston!

Slash: I don't have any plans to write another book as of right now.

Q: are there any surprises on the upcoming setlist? also what was the reasoning for working with Dave Cobb this time Around? can’t wait for the new record, it’s gonna be killer!

Slash: There are gonna be a couple surprises on the upcoming setlist. Just basically songs we haven't played in a really time. Dave Cobb is one of the only really down to earth rock & roll producers around, and One of the reasons that I wanted to work with him is that he likes to record live.

Q: Hey Slash, went to your concert in Missoula Montana in 2021 with my mother who saw you guys back in the day. How did you like the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman? Also why did mammoth cancel that day? You are a rock god! What is your favorite museum you’ve visited?

Slash: The Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman is an amazing museum, I loved it. Mammoth had to cancel that day because somebody in their crew got Covid so they had to test everybody and wait for the results. There are actually too many great museums to list. The Museum of the Rockies is definitely one of them.

Q: Hey Slash, do you have any plans to release new colours in the Epiphone range? I have the Anaconda Burst and it's my favourite guitar. Hope you'll come to the UK with SMKC soon, do you ever do meet and greets? Thanks (can't stop playing the three new tracks)

Slash: No new plans for the Epiphone range right now... I don't do official M&G's, sometimes meet with fans after the show outside, but because of covid that's unfortunately not really a possibility right now.

Q: How long do you think you will be making albums with Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators? I'm a big fan of your work with them, already have my tickets to your show, bought them the moment I saw the announcement. You guys are a match made in heaven, and I was already a huge fan of Myles because of his work in Alter Bridge. Couldn't believe it when I discovered you guys were making music together.

Slash: I don't see any reason why I would stop making albums with SMKC.

Q: Hello Slash! My husband and I love you! He plays your music all the time. We almost made it to see you in Moncton, Newbrunswick, Canada once and are REALLY hoping you can come back to Atlantic Canada! Do you think you will tour this way again??

Slash: I'm hoping when the Conspirators tour internationally next year we'll do a whole Canadian tour.

Q: I'm a huge fan of you from Tunisia 🇹🇳 ( north Africa) u are the reason why i picked my electric guitar and started playing rock music My question is : After sending a demo to your band members Do Frank Sidoris sometimes give some ideas on how the songs should be rhyming Or u just write all of them and finish them on your own without considering Todd , Frank, myles suggestions

Slash: Whenever I have a musical idea that I send to the other guys, they just do their own interpretation of it. I don't usually dictate what they should play, Frank Sidoris included. But when I write a new song, at the end of the day we all sort of complete the song together.

Q: Hi from Texas Slash! This is a little off the subject of your fabulous new album, but something I've always wanted to ask you: Did you ever have the opportunity to, or want to jam with Tom Petty or any of the Heartbreakers?

Slash: I never had the opportunity to jam with Tom Petty, but I did jam with Mike Campbell. I would've loved to have jammed with Tom.

Q: What inspired you to make music

Slash: I grew up with a very healthy diet of cool music from my parents and their friends, and I was just always very passionate about music for as long as I can remember. And then when I discovered guitar... that was it. I had to start making music immediately.

Q: Any future dates in Belgium ? Last time i've seen you I hooked you up with a bottle of good old Jack N' Daniels. You signed my guitar way back then also . Slash Snakepit tour . The real question I wanna ask is do you personally scout talented people and do you still work on horror movies?

Slash: I would hope that we'd be playing a date in Belgium on our next European tour at the beginning of 2023. I don't scout talented people but I'm aware of them from time to time. And yes, I'm still producing horror movies.

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2022.02.07 - Reddit AMA - Slash Empty Re: 2022.02.07 - Reddit AMA - Slash

Post by Shackler Wed Feb 09, 2022 9:05 pm

I almost thought Slash did an AMA exactly ten years apart, I guess you've been busy with 2012 interviews lately? Very Happy

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2022.02.07 - Reddit AMA - Slash Empty Re: 2022.02.07 - Reddit AMA - Slash

Post by Soulmonster Wed Feb 09, 2022 9:22 pm

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2022.02.07 - Reddit AMA - Slash Empty Re: 2022.02.07 - Reddit AMA - Slash

Post by Blackstar Wed Feb 09, 2022 9:53 pm

Shackler wrote:I almost thought Slash did an AMA exactly ten years apart, I guess you've been busy with 2012 interviews lately? Very Happy
Haha, I did the same again recently, but I noticed it a little later and edited it. This time I didn't even notice Very Happy

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2022.02.07 - Reddit AMA - Slash Empty Re: 2022.02.07 - Reddit AMA - Slash

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