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1996.07.30 - Netscape Chat with Slash

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1996.07.30 - Netscape Chat with Slash Empty 1996.07.30 - Netscape Chat with Slash

Post by Soulmonster on Wed 22 Jun 2011 - 13:45

Neil Zlozower, rock photographer and new-found internet junkie, invited Slash to come down for an online chat session via Netscape. Similar to IRC, the chat line got overloaded at one point, and mayhem broke loose. The "moderated" channel crashed, so we moved over to the unmoderated one, where some people didn't exactly appreciate what Slash was doing for them.

[Andreas]: I've put together the questions that got answered and of course, everything Slash said. So, this isn't the entire chat session (Don't see why anyone would like to see a lot of unanswered questions though Smile.


(18:17:42) ZLOZ : Hey, slash just walked in the door

(18:19:15) ZLOZ : computer got bumped...trying to get reconnected on Slash line

(18:20:27) ZLOZ : Slash is sorry for the delay --- Bad LA Traffic!!!

(18:24:59) ZLOZ : He's Here!! and ready to go . Ladies and Gentlemen SLASH!!!

(18:25:19) SLASH : Hi I finally made it!!

(18:25:55) SLASH : This is my first chat on a computer

(17:39:49) Ravi : (11:05:10) Ravi : woohoo! slash rules!!
REPLY: (18:27:23) SLASH says to Ravi: Thank you

(18:30:08) SLASH : Gun has been trying to get the next record together and in the meantime, i've been working on soundtracks and just jamming arount town. i'm playing in Budapest on the 14th of Aug with a Los Angeles based blues band.

(18:30:58) SLASH : I have no idea???

(18:33:45) SLASH : I never had any idea that the l.p. prices would go up and no, I would never expect anybody to have to pay more money than they should for one!!

(18:36:27) SLASH : Sorry if things seem a little confused but were having techinal problems with all the equipment!!

(18:45:34) SLASH : Man Sorry!! Were overloaded and having problems!!

(18:46:10) SLASH says to Psycho Holiday: No, GnR are not breaking up!! Thank you

-----------When Slash now says something, his name is zloz-----------

(18:56:20) Robyn : Hey Slash if you can see this, you rule man! Just thought that I would let you know again! =)
REPLY: (18:56:42) zloz says to Robyn: thank you!! are you a boy or a girl??

(18:56:24) Linda shouts to ALL: What is the last thing you saw - something to psycho holiday? And how come we can't just talk? I mean why do those guys get to talk and we don't??
REPLY: (18:57:13) zloz says to Linda: wrere here!!! It's been way overcrowded

(18:57:58) zloz says to Jeff_Boerio: I'm just not sure yet??

(18:58:11) Ravi : Slash, what is your major contribution to GNR other than the AWESOME guitar?
REPLY: (19:01:07) zloz says to Ravi: Just songwriting

(18:58:19) T'sJCW : HI Slash- I want to know if the t-shirt I ordered from Blue Blood is your design. There were two, they said Art by Slash and looked like they could be your work. And guido wants to know if you'll do Letterman again. That's it for me.
REPLY: (19:02:12) zloz says to T'sJCW: I don't remember the shirt off hand. I don't know if Letterman asks me

(18:58:21) Raul : Is Izzy back in the band? Or is Axl the new rythm guitarist? We have heard those 2 rumors.
REPLY: (18:58:52) zloz says to Raul: no, Izzy is not back and Axl is rythym guitar on his own songs for the time being

(18:58:35) Bull : Slash, we've seen you tour with the Gunners in one of the biggest tours ever, then you went on your own and did small clubs with Snakepit. What kind of tour can we expect to see with the release of GN'R's new album?
REPLY: (19:03:05) zloz says to Bull: At this point, it's really hard to say!!

(18:59:11) Ravi : is slash even herE?
REPLY: (19:04:58) zloz says to Ravi: Yeah, Im here!! Zloz is speaking for me because I can't type!!

(18:59:11) Linda : Slash, do you think GNR will ever allow tapers at their shows? How about Snakepit?
REPLY: (19:06:01) zloz says to Linda: No, GnR will never allow tapers at their shows if we can help it! But?? Snakepit doesn't care

(18:59:26) Pelto : Will there be a Gibson Les Paul Slash model?
REPLY: (19:06:40) zloz says to Pelto: There already is but it's not for commercial sale yet!

(18:59:27) zloz says to pit: I have have no idea what I feel like right now!!!!!!

(18:59:28) dave says to zloz: Slash i heard that you dropped outta school in 7th grade, is that true? if so did ya ever go back?
REPLY: (19:07:21) zloz says to dave: No, I dropped out in the 11th grade!

(18:59:36) carlos : How are your side projects doing?
REPLY: (19:08:12) zloz says to carlos: Really well. A couple of soundtracks coming out.

19:00:30) Linda : Did you play on the last Eazy-E album and the Beverly Hills Cop III soundtrack?
REPLY: (19:10:10) zloz says to Linda: Yes, I did but I never heard the Eazy -e album but I did play BHC #3

(19:00:35) zloz says to Linda: Tell Dawn I said "hello", and no I did not see your web site!! I have never seen a web site before tonight!!

(19:01:09) Icer : Slash, my mom says "hi!"
REPLY: (19:11:08) zloz says to Icer: Tell mom I said hi back. How old is she?

(19:03:32) zloz says to Robyn: I don't know yet?? That's the big problem!!

(19:03:42) Robyn says to zloz: Slash you are the nicest person that I ever met..=)
REPLY: (19:22:18) SLASH kisses Robyn on the cheek: Thanks for the kind words, its been interesting

(19:07:45) Icer : have you named the new album yet?
REPLY: (19:08:38) zloz says to Icer: No, Just extending it.

(19:08:21) Raul : What is the true current status of Gn'R?!? Is an album BEING
REPLY: (19:10:36) zloz says to Raul: No comment

(19:09:11) zloz says to Milan: Not on this thing!

(19:14:08) Aeee : slash is axl playing rhythm guitar on a few a lot or no songs at all
REPLY: (19:15:56) SLASH says to Aeee: I really have no idea what's goin on with the next GNR cd. I still haven't played with them yet.

(19:14:15) zloz : I have an appointment with Ted Andreadis to put together the songlist for our Aug 14th show in Budapest tonight so I got to get out at 7:30 pst

-----------Now isn't Slash zloz anymore Wink-----------

(19:14:44) SLASH : Hey all, its me I just moved over from zloz PC

(19:15:58) Robyn says to SLASH: Personal question for you, but someday would you like to have kids?
REPLY: (19:16:41) SLASH Grabs Robyn to dance with:Not now but maybe someday.

(19:16:22) Bart says to zloz: What type of music do you listen to?
REPLY: (19:17:41) SLASH says to Bart: I listen to a lot of different types of music...but we don't have time to list it all

(19:16:39) Bull : Slash, tell us about your birthday party!
REPLY: (19:18:33) SLASH says to Bull: I played at the Baked Potato in studio city for my birthday in California

(19:17:18) Icer : is this gonna be gnr's last album?
REPLY: (19:20:32) SLASH says to Icer: Our last album? I have no fucking idea.

(19:18:04) Icer : do you have future plans for the snakepit?
REPLY: (19:21:45) SLASH says to Icer: I'll do a Snakepit cd hopefully after GNR's next record

(19:18:21) Ravi says to SLASH: do you like Bob Marley or the Black Crowes?
REPLY: (19:22:47) SLASH says to Ravi: I like both Marley and the Crowes

(19:18:25) Mr. Brownstone : Who has been your favorite artist to play with other than GNR
REPLY: (19:23:29) SLASH says to Mr. Brownstone: My favorite other artist besides GNR to work with is Iggy Pop

(19:20:01) Raul : Slash, how often do you talk to Axl? are you two getting along very good lately?
REPLY: (19:24:47) SLASH says to Raul: axl and I are having a very civil relationship as we speak. Thanks for the concern

(19:20:07) Romero says to SLASH: Slash,What do you think about the Kurt cobain`s suicide?
REPLY: (19:26:03) SLASH says to Romero: I think Kurt Cobain's suicide was unfortunate but its what he wanted...RIP

(19:26:27) Yoni and Roy : SLASH! Please just pay attention to us here in Israel, it's five in the morning!!!
REPLY: (19:31:57) SLASH says to Yoni and Roy: Hi! Get some sleep!!

(19:29:32) SLASH says to Icer: I will do another chat in the near future on Geffen Record's Web Site. Keep your eyes and fingers open

(19:29:48) dave : Slash, Do me a favor, Have GNR release a video with all of GNRs vids on it, since god forsaken MTV will never play another GNR video again cuz it ain't grungy enough
REPLY: (19:30:13) SLASH says to dave: No!!

(19:31:18) SLASH : Since I gotta go soon I'm gonna start roaming and scrooling through the questions. I'm amazed at the response. Thank you!

(19:33:08) Raul says to SLASH: Slash please answer this!! When will you meet with Axl and together with all the GN'R members finish the CD and TOUR? We need a TOUR!
REPLY: (19:33:35) SLASH says to Raul: Axl and I have been meeting recently and everythings progressing

(19:33:57) Romero says to SLASH: Slash,how much guitars do you have?I Can`t play very well,but i love this thing
REPLY: (19:35:03) SLASH says to Romero: At last count I have 87 guitars

(19:35:26) SLASH : anonymous: Bye

(19:36:20) SLASH : Last 2 questions...

(19:36:22) Yoni and Roy says to SLASH: Slash, how was the gig with guns in ISRAEL THREE YEARS AGO?
REPLY: (19:37:42) SLASH says to Yoni and Roy: The gig in Israel was great, but the press response was inaccurate about how important the gig was to us.

(19:39:51) SLASH says to Yoni and Roy: they seemed to think we used that particular show as a rehersal but it was the second leg of our international tour and it was the first time that we had played with Izzy in two years. But we had a REALLY good time and we love the country

(19:43:50) SLASH shouts to ALL: Thanks everyone for your response. I'll come back soon. I gotta getback to work... It's been real!!!!!

(19:44:20) SLASH shouts to ALL: C YA!
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