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2020.03.16 - No Guitar Is Safe Podcast - A Chat With Slash

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2020.03.16 - No Guitar Is Safe Podcast - A Chat With Slash Empty 2020.03.16 - No Guitar Is Safe Podcast - A Chat With Slash

Post by Blackstar on Wed Apr 08, 2020 1:22 am

Interview conducted in January at NAMM but released in March

Transcript of the really interesting part:

Jude Gold: Do you play the original Appetite guitar that much? Does it sit behind...

Slash: No, actually I just took it back to the locker the other day. I had it in the studio working on some Guns stuff, so...

Jude Gold: And so what is the plan for Guns? There is a tour coming up?

Slash: There’s everything!

Jude Gold: You still didn’t put something new, I mean...

Slash: No, there’s a new... We’re doing a show for the Super Bowl series and then we’re doing a South American tour, and a European tour in the summer and also coming back to the States. And it is not the Not In This Lifetime Tour. So it’s not labeled that.

Jude Gold: Are you tracking right now? New stuff?

Slash: Oh, there’s all kinds of stuff going on.

Jude Gold: Yeah, all kind of stuff going on.

Slash: (Laughs)


Another excerpt transcribed by Blabbermouth:
In a recent interview with Guitar Player's "No Guitar Is Safe" podcast, Slash spoke about what it felt like for him to step back out on stage with GUNS N' ROSES for the first time in over two decades at the band's April 2016 concert at the Troubadour in West Hollywood, California.

"That was our first gig back," Slash said. "I think probably the last time that we ever played there was in 1985. I don't think we even played there in 1986. Probably '85 was the last time we played there. "[The April 2016 concert was] our first show together after 20 years. We obviously had more gear and more crew than we did back in the day, I'll tell you that much. And it was loud. But it was a lot of fun. It was an almost poignant moment to fucking stand there and look at that crowd in that sort of room and have that kind of nostalgic feeling."

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