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1991.05.25 - MTV - Interview with Slash

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1991.05.25 - MTV - Interview with Slash Empty 1991.05.25 - MTV - Interview with Slash

Post by Soulmonster Sun 19 Jun 2011 - 12:44

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1991.05.25 - MTV - Interview with Slash Empty Re: 1991.05.25 - MTV - Interview with Slash

Post by Blackstar Mon 10 Dec 2018 - 12:44


[Unedited footage before the interview:

Kurt Loder: We’re on?

TV crew guy: Whenever you’re ready.

TV crew guy: We’re losing battery, do you want me to change it now?

Slash: It sure is, but...

TV crew guy: Okay, Kurt, we’re on.

Loder: Duff doesn’t like his view either.

(A TV crew guy sets up Slash’s mic)

Slash: My view doesn’t fucking... I’ve got a view of... Oh, actually next to my bed there should be a bedroom?

Loder: Yeah.

Slash: That was hopefully that. The closet.

Loder: Jesus...

Slash: I thought I woke up and...

Loder: You don’t mind the Hard Cock Cafe t-shirt, eh?

Slash: I wouldn’t (?)

Loder: Okay.

Slash: So the other one said “fuck”. Okay.

Someone in the room: Good choice.

Slash: What’s wrong with Hard Cock Cafe?

Loder: Nothing at all. It’s the new MTV.

Slash: Yeah, come on. Open up.

TV crew guy: I think we’re on.

Loder: Okay. We’re on? Okay. Has another...

Slash: I was hoping to make this short and sweet.

Loder: Sure. It’s not gonna be long. We’ve already done most of it.]

Loder: Has it not been driving you crazy not to be out on the road all this time? I mean, are you glad to get back?

Slash: Are you kidding? Are you kidding? I’ve been fucking going nuts.

Loder: That’s what I mean, yeah.

Slash: I’ve been a complete basket case for... I’ve been through the mill since we got off the road last time (laughs).

Loder: Three years, right?

Slash: When we embarked on this thing, fucking (?) aside, but when we were to go do a theater tour, right? When we popped back to Los Angeles I just stayed in a hotel (laughs). I didn’t even go home.

Loder: So you’re glad to be back on the road.

Slash: Oh I’m very glad to be there. Yeah.

Loder: Have you been enjoying the day just like the pre-tour shows you did, and this one...?

Slash: Well, this one... You know, I mean, I haven't swallowed this one yet. Cuz it’s like, the first time we’ve ever headlined in front of how many people? Ohhh (seems to have an ache)

Loder: 40,000.

Slash: I have an agony... How many?

Loder: 40,000.

Slash: Well, I mean, yeah. Exactly. So in that sense, yeah, it was fucking major. And then... You know, the theater tour was killer, because it gave us a chance to get back and get toe-to-toe, and realize where the band really was. Where as opposed to, like, going out there and jerking off for 40,000 people that are just screaming just for the hell of it. You know, you start to see that you really have to do something, that we really have to actually play and perform, you know, above or at least apart. And that makes you work hard. Otherwise you turn to a lazy old... you know. Which is not happening.

Loder: Has the band changed in, like, any significant way? Because you got, like, a keyboard player now, you got a new drummer...

Slash: No, cuz it’s been so long, and then we worked the whole thing into the album in time to get the f... (chuckles). When we worked through the album and all that, you know, we’re pretty much used to it. You know, we’ve already sort of built up. You know, we got used to working with Matt like that. And then Dizzy came in where it was just piano, which I'm used to listening to anyway with whatever other bands it is that I'm listening to. It's got piano in it, so it just got, sort of like, happened.

Loder: So you’re not in the market for, like, a big synth sampler player on anything, apparently, right?

Slash: No, no Kurt, come on.

Loder: Well, you never know.

Slash: Big synth sampler player... You can see that on the record. Synth sampler. Probably he is on it, too.

Loder: No doubt there are some people out there saying, “Well...”

Slash: You know, there’s actually some synth on the new record, but it’s not, like, Milli Vanilli didn’t do (laughs).

Loder: (Laughs)

Slash: No, I mean it’s not that kind of stuff. It’s just with the band playing and there’s some other stuff, like, thrown in. And just because we were screwing around it’s very Guns N’ Roses. We did work with somebody – I won’t mention his name – that was using samples on the drums and, like, when Axl and I discovered it, we flipped, literally. We were like, “What?” You know, we saw this list, 'Guns N’ Roses samples'.

Loder: Really? Ugh...

Slash: Yeah. It was... Yeah.

Loder: There’s no doubt there are some fans out there saying, you know, these guys made a record back in 1987 and they haven’t done a full album since then. What’s taking it so long?

Slash: Actually, you know, there’s a lot of stuff that’s taking long and that made it take a long time. I mean, all this success made it take a long time, that sudden realization of, like, being huge. I know it blew my mind and threw me for a loop, right? Especially cuz we’ve been... we were, sort of like, just not from that school at all. So that took a little while. I mean, that took till just recently for me to adjust as far as home life goes. And then there was the associated drug problems that ensued. And then there was, you know, the situation with Steven and then finding somebody to replace Steven and, you know, finding somebody to fit into the band, fit into the folds, right? Which was no easy task at all. So, like, we couldn’t put an ad in the Post, you know. And then, after that, it was getting us in a studio. No, working out the material with Matt and then getting in the studio. And we did the studio stuff really quick, like, the basics, and then I went and did guitars and all that stuff. Then we just spent a lot, we enjoy being in the studio, and although we did wanna go out on tour, we had all this material and we wanted to do it good, so I mean... yeah. Plus we just sat around, like, sort of watch the music scene turn into sludge again. I was terrified so we just hung out until the timing was right. And now we’re out there just... We’re touring, we’re headlining, granted, but we’re touring on our own merit, so to speak.  You know, when the record comes out, it’ll take whatever it is we’re doing now that much further, but at the same time we are out there and doing it just as a band. If we can entertain 40,000 people without any kind of material for them to recognize, which isn’t really fair, but at the same time it’s really good for us and it’s making us work hard. And we’re still gonna give you a good show. And if I remember correctly, that’s how we started out in clubs. And we hadn’t even had a record out or anything. So it brings us more back down the cult level. Not the band The Cult, but yeah.

Loder: The level of a cult.

Slash: Yeah. Not the level of a cult either.

Loder: Well, no, I didn’t mean...

Slash: I mean, yeah. You said it, not me (laughs).

Loder: Did everything you recorded go onto the records or there’s stuff left over?

Slash: We still actually let the cat out of the bag. I think we still have three songs left.

Loder: He died.

Slash: No, no, they’ll be on the record. They’re gonna get done while we’re here in Wisconsin. Just vocals. You know, we’ve had so much to do. And so some vocals that were left over... I mean, it’s, like, 36 (?) songs.

Loder: So you’re saying this record isn’t done yet, right?

Slash:  No, I’m not saying it’s not done yet. I’m saying that there’s three songs left (laughs).

Loder: It will be out in late July.

Slash: It will be out. It’s supposed to be out on my birthday, actually.

Loder: Oh, what day?

Slash:  July 23rd.  

Loder: What made you decide to put out two albums instead of a double album?

Slash: For one, we didn’t wanna look that pompous and we didn’t wanna make anybody go out and have to spend, like, 30 bucks or whatever it is for a double record. Double records just seem to be just, like, out-of-date anyway. And we’ve been in the concept, when this concept started to form, of separating it and making it so you go out and buy one and, if you like it, then maybe you buy the other one. You have a choice of the two and stuff like that, that made it more fair to the public, you know.

Loder: You’re missing out the opportunity for a double gatefold spread (?)

Slash: Well, that doesn’t matter, come on. I don’t think anybody... I mean, you know, like the old... I mean, when it comes down to it, all you have really ended up doing was listening to the record and reading the lyrics sheets, right? Which live records, you know, double records hardly ever had lyrics sheets (chuckles). So, I mean, there’s a lot, I mean, as the great sleeves and so on-so forth, so identically it’s just music.

Loder: Are they arranged differently? I mean, are they set up as different moods?

Slash: I can’t tell you all that stuff! It’s not released yet. That’s supposed to be, like,  the whole cool surprise of it, as it comes out.

Loder: To discover it.

Slash: I mean, we’re throwing programs now, which are basically, like, the first little hint of what the whole package is like, you know? But otherwise I’m not gonna tell you any jack or whatever.

Loder: Not gonna ask. What made you decide to go with Skid Row...

Slash (talks over): I will, anyway, so...

Loder: What made you decide to go with Skid Row as an opening act? Was that an immediate first choice?

Slash: Well, the Skids were, like, the friends of ours and stuff and actually, like, the only band that has sort of that attitude around that was, like, genuine and brash. And, I mean, when you think about it, it’s a great (?). It’s all the bad attitude (chuckles) and whatever it is that we do. I mean, I couldn’t see going out with such and such and such, like, you know, Great Lion, Great White Lion Tigers or whatever (laughs).

(Loder and people in the room laugh)

Loder: Didn’t really know that you’re mean, huh.

Slash: You know, because I mean, we wanted the whole thing to be just, like, really happening and fucking power amp, you know, functional stuff. It’s a lot more like Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner.  

Loder: (Laughs) You’re dropping an (?) box on your head. Did the... My mind went absolutely blank.

Slash: Oh really? Does that happen to you too, Kurt? Cuz you really seem so sharp.

Loder: Constantly. You know, sometimes I’m very slow. So having gotten over the stardom thing, has your life assumed a normal order now? (?)

Slash: No, I’ve adjusted my screwed-up life to... this, you know. This... I mean, basically it’s still the same, I just have more responsibilities, you know. And I can’t just drop everything and just, like, take off like I used to – although I still do sometimes now. Just, you know, life took on a whole different shade, basically. You know, it wasn’t like... I think everything changed as far as my being aware of what’s going on, business-wise as well as my own financial situation. And then, you know, like, going on the street and being reminded at constantly that I’m not on the same level as everybody else is on the sidewalk just cruising around, because people recognize you all the time. That’s really just weird for me cuz I’m sort of like, you know. But...

Loder: How do you deal with that now?

Slash: I drive (laughs).

Loder: (?)

Slash: No, I’m cool. I don’t really... It’s not a big deal. It just took a little bit, you know? A lot of other bands have gone through it and deal with it differently. I mean, it was like a big smack in the face to us in a way and we just, you know... I can’t really speak for everybody in the band, but, like, I avoided it with whatever was around that would, sort of like, just dull it (chuckles).

Loder: Yeah...

Slash: Yeah. And that really wasn’t the right way to go. And eventually that took its toll on me and I stopped, and just started dealing with it, you know? And it’s no big... It’s, like, a small price to pay, really. But it was more of a personality crisis for me than it was anything, and the attention being focused all the time and...

Loder: It’s not, like, the Grateful Dead over there, like, board meetings every month or anything yet...

Slash: I don’t know, I just went to a board meeting just recently. They could be more frequent, unless we’re on the road doing the same shit (laughs).

Loder: God... Duff told us that you did a video with Arnold Schwarzenegger and he said you’ve seen his movie. Have you seen it?

Slash: Yeah.

Loder: This is the most expensive movie ever made.

Slash: I know. Up to today.

Loder: Yeah. Did you see all that money up on the screen?

Slash: It’s a heavy ditty movie. Did you see it up on the screen?

Loder: No.

Slash: I don’t know. Can you see that much money?

Loder: It’s something that you see in the production values, you know (?)

Slash: I personally can’t picture that much money, literally. But as far as the movie goes, it is intense, it’s a lot more involved and complex from the first one. It’s longer, it’s got a lot more ins and outs to it, however you wanna put it. And we had a great time. It was fun. Hang out with Arrnold, you know?

Loder: Arnold is a fan, I gather, right?

Slash: I guess. I mean, I guess he liked the songs and stuff. We hung out really. We got along really, really well. And he gave the whole band jackets from the movie and these great French leather biker jackets, right? With bullet holes, everywhere. And the one jacket I got was from my favorite scene. I mean, they’re at random and he gave them to us, right? And I got my favorite one, which is, like, he gets shot six million times and they all come through his back, right? So I got that one. The sleeves come down to my fingernails (laughs). Anyway, I gave that to my security guard and he flipped. And I gave Arnold my top hat.

Loder: (Laughs) Do you think he wears it anywhere?

Slash: I have no idea. He wore it and took pictures. I tried to take a shotgun from (?). I don’t think anybody in the parking lot would have been happy with that.

Loder: He has really more of this kind of thing going. Did he call up and wanted you to do a song specifically?

Slash: No, I think he requested a couple of bands just to, sort of, sample - I don’t know exactly how we got involved in it – and he heard You Could Be Mine, which is, sort of like, the first release – or is the first release. I guess I can say that much.

Loder: It’s a ballad, right?

Slash: Okay, I’m looking over, seeing if it’s okay. It’s... no, it isn’t a ballad.

Loder: No?

Slash: No, it’s a rocker. It’s the first release on the record and it’s in the movie, and so we shot in New York and we shot some, like, footage of us coming out of the dressing room, there's a  stage door at the Roxy in L.A., where we come face-to-face with Arnold in his Terminator gear and it was all pretty funny. And...

Someone: Whooa!

Slash: ... pretty rotted by that point (laughs).

Someone: Jesus...

Slash: And we just (?) and it just got done. And I just, you know, want to make sure that it comes out cool, so it’s not really one of those movie band things where they don’t tie together and I want it to be all intense. But I’ll be around for the editing stuff, so...

Loder: Since you’re driving a lot these days, do you still get the chance to talk to, like, kids on the street? I mean, do you run into them occasionally?

Slash: I don’t run them over (chuckles).

Loder: No, you’re not, I mean (?).

Slash: No, I don’t hang out, like, in clubs as much as I used to because it’s just generally not... I used to hang out in clubs and get so s-faced that I would cause disaster all the time. Now I go in to have a casual drink, right? And then there’s people swirling me all the time or there’s funny rumors being spread about me or my old lady or some stuff like that, and so it gets to be a general pain in the ass. But I’ve always been all, you know, the type to take the time to talk to people, you know, as far as it didn’t get to be out hand and someone wasn’t trying to rip me off or grab something of mine – you know, the general bullshit. So... (flicks ash fallen on his shirt) Did I just make a lot of noise here? (laughs)

Loder: (Laughs) The reason I asked that was cuz given the amount of material that Guns N’ Roses has done since ’87, which is not a lot in band terms, has this (?)

Slash: Well, there’s enough material in these new records (?)...

Loder (talks over): To make them four albums.

Slash: ...for making, like, four albums easy from any normal bands.

Loder: But I mean, when you consider what’s been put out, it’s just amazing the identification that the fans have. And we talked to kids out there, they really had some strong, like, connection with the band. I just wanted you to be aware of that.

Slash: I think about it all the time, I think about it all the time. I appreciate it, cuz it makes me feel like part of a gang (chuckles). No, really, it does. It’s like, regardless of what – nothing against you – you might say or any of your so-called colleagues out there, it’s like, when it comes down to it, that’s where we are happening, you know? It’s with the people that we’re playing for. And they’re, like, right in there and they understand us and we understand them, so it’s like, you couldn’t crack through that, with  headlining, like, L.A Times with something on - unless it was, like, really, really bad (laughs). I mean, you have to be something that is unlike us in character, but that’s what we’re all about.  I think about it all the time because, like, tonight was a huge shock just to see that. That reaction and that feel so... to relate to that many people and feel so close.

Loder: And do all this new material.

Slash: Yeah, I know. That was like,“What the hell is that?” (laughs)

Loder: (?)

Slash: Train crash and stuff.

Loder: Do you have any favorite rumors about yourself that you’d like to squelch?

Slash: Squelch?

Loder: You know. (?)

Slash: Um, not really. I don’t care.

Loder: Because we were talking with Duff earlier and he said he’s working out now. I’d never thought I’d hear that but, he’s like, his life has turned around apparently.

Slash: Yeah...

Loder: Is that pretty much true of the whole band, it is in upstanding outfit?

Slash: No comment. No, I took care of myself for a while and I still am, more or less. Like, I’m no angel or anything, I didn’t turn into that. But before... Before this started happening, I was, like, sitting around drinking beer, watching cartoons at my girlfriend’s house and, like, doing nothing all day until rehearsal. And I realized I’d better get off my ass and, like, so I started exercise for a while. But then we, you know... That’s not my style. I mean, seriously, it’s just not. The only reason I’m wearing this stupid thing is that I have nothing else to wear, do you know what I’m saying? And so now I get my workout, you know, I mean I’m back to normal just from the shows and for some reason I wasn’t ever in good health in the first place (laughs). Yeah, so I won’t go by way of Duff’s statement.

Loder: Was bringing Dizzy into the band because you felt that the music you’re doing now requires, like, an extra dimension?

Slash: No, we just did cuz we wrote the songs that way. You know?

Loder: And he was an old buddy?

Slash: Almost pseudo-roomate, let’s put it that way.

Loder: Yeah, he told us that you used to, like, share a garage or something together, right?

Slash: An alley studio.

Loder: (Laughs) Jesus...

Slash: So?

Loder: That’s good for me, is that good for you?

Someone in the room: Sure.

(Happy Birthday song from outside the room).

Loder: Is it your birthday yet?

Slash: I told you it was in July. What, are you on drugs? (?)

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1991.05.25 - MTV - Interview with Slash Empty Re: 1991.05.25 - MTV - Interview with Slash

Post by Blackstar Mon 10 Dec 2018 - 12:50

This interview was apparently recorded on the same day as the interview with Axl, on May 24/25 after the concert in Wisconsin.

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1991.05.25 - MTV - Interview with Slash Empty Re: 1991.05.25 - MTV - Interview with Slash

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