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1988.12.DD - Interview with Slash and Duff

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1988.12.DD - Interview with Slash and Duff Empty 1988.12.DD - Interview with Slash and Duff

Post by Soulmonster on Sun Jun 05, 2011 3:19 pm




Interviewer: Of most of the songs all five you have the credit for, but how's the songs actually [interrupted]

Duff: Axl wrote 'em all.


Slash: That should be the name of the Metallica album. "Axl wrote 'em all".

Duff: "Wrote 'em all".

Slash: No, it should be ours. Next album, "Axl wrote 'em all." No, we've divided up and...I mean, it's basically: Axl writes the lyrics and we all write the music, and we all, basically, enjoy writing with each other and...

Duff: Some of that better songs are written kind of as a joke because there's no pressure and you can just kind of just "wagh!" and it's done and there it is. And all sudden it's on the record and it's a single.

Slash: And then you have to go out and play it, all the time!

Duff: Every night!

Slash: And to me, when we go out on stage, it is still the most dreaded song in the set, just to go out and play 'Sweet Child O' Mine', just to do the very first notes. It's like [humming the intro guitar] and it's like "Noooooo." I mean it's a good song though, you know, I mean I enjoy the song when I listen to it but it's not fun to play.

Interviewer: And what kind of a guy is Axl?

Slash: He's a good singer, man.

Duff: He's a good singer.

Slash: No, he's cool. He's temperamental, he's a pain in the ass, but we love him too. He is really... He's been great since we've been in in Japan, he's been really cool. So it's like the kind of thing where when Axl's, like, easy to be around, he's great; when he's hard to be around, he is a pain in the fucking ass.

Duff: And you do everything you can to keep away from him.

Slash: Yeah.


Duff: Sorry! Sorry!

Interviewer: Do you think you will still be playing, you know, Guns N' Roses at that time, ten years from now?

Duff: Aaahh…

Slash: It doesn't matter.

Duff: It doesn't. We're just a rock and roll band.

Slash: You know, two months from now, that sort of matters; ten weeks from now, it matters a little bit more; ten days from now...

Duff: It pretty much matters.

Slash: ... it matter more; ten minutes from now, we're contemplating it.

Duff: Ten years, though. Oh god.
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