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1988.12.DD - Japanese TV - Interview with Slash, Duff and Stevn

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1988.12.DD - Japanese TV - Interview with Slash, Duff and Stevn Empty 1988.12.DD - Japanese TV - Interview with Slash, Duff and Stevn

Post by Soulmonster on Sun Jun 05, 2011 3:42 pm


Interviewer: You have an unwanted [?] right, has anything changed for you?

Duff: Well, as opposed to?

Steven: Yeah, we can go out and buy a bunch of toys.


Steven: And I can eat whatever I want. Toys, food.

Duff: As far as personally there's no difference, I don't think in any of us. I mean, yeah, I mean, now we can do stuff you never been able to do before. Which is great, you know, when we have time to do it. Before, like, we wouldn't have been able to...we'd both share a room, there'd be two people in a room and you couldn't order anything from room service because you didn't have any money, you'd have to eat at the show or something. And now we each have our own room and we can order room service.

Interviewer: What's the reason for your success?

Duff: What is the reason? Timing. We didn't time it, it wasn't like, "Okay guys, let's get together here in 1985 and then," but it was just, we're at the right time at the right place, you know. There wasn't very many honest bands.

Interviewer: How did the band form? How did you meet the other members [?]?

Steven: Walking down the street. Just, I was walking down Sunset Boulevard and just hanging out, walking down the street and said hi to somebody, we were talking and went and had a couple cocktails, and found that Izzy played at [?] and Axl walking down the street. Slash I met in junior high school. I went to school, we have bad history together [?], troublemakers, super bad guys.


Duff: Super?

Steven: Super bad guys.

Interviewer: So let's play word of association. I say a word and you each tell me the first word that comes into your head.

Steven: "Pussy".

Interviewer: I say the word first. [?] "Police."

Duff: "Politics."  "Shit."

Steven: [?]

Interviewer: "Hobby."

Duff: "Maybe."

Steven and Duff: [?]

Interviewer: "Top Gun." [?]

Duff: "Harley Davidson."

Steven: I don't have one [?].

Duff: Bikers.

Interviewer: [?]

Steven: [?]

Duff: "Bourbon," "Jack Daniels," of course.

Interviewer: "Groupie." [?]


Duff: Ah yes, that's... Next!

Interviewer: Nothing?

Someone: A way of life [?]


Slash: It's not that we are that great or anything, but at least, you know, at least we're realistic and we're sincere about what we do. I think, you know, that and some other stuff that I have no idea why we've managed to get to [?] It's not easy to, I mean, it's like, because, I mean, we're like affected by shit the same way that most normal people are affected. We don't, like, pose so that we can fit into the business. So it's like you don't get up in the morning depressed and you put on a smile on your face and go out to the offices and start going through the bullshit. We're, like, get up depressed, go to work depressed, and it's like, you know, one way or the other, you know. If we're happy, we're happy. That's just the way it is. So the album is, sort of like, very emotional, you know, and all the shit we do is usually very emotional. We have a really shitty crowd we get, you know, affected by it, we get pissed off, sometimes we really insult [?] the crowds because it's like, "Well, fuck you!" [laughter]. So somehow, I guess, that works, I guess. I mean, I don't think we would be as popular in 1976 or 77 as we are now because it was, I think there was more bands sort of like us. So I think would have been different. But we're the only band like us right now so it's just timing and shit, you know, and that's why you can't like try to pretend like you're the bigger one [?] because it's bullshit.

[cut. The rest of the interview has not been transcribed. Slash goes through his guitars for the Japanese shows. Talked about practising and jams a bit]
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