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1999.09.22 - Rolling Stone - Axl Speaks Out! (Statement on "Oh My God")

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1999.09.22 - Rolling Stone - Axl Speaks Out! (Statement on "Oh My God") Empty 1999.09.22 - Rolling Stone - Axl Speaks Out! (Statement on "Oh My God")

Post by Blackstar on Tue Mar 10, 2020 5:35 pm

Axl Speaks Out

By Richard Skanse
September 22, 1999

Guns n' Roses frontman issues statement on "Oh My God"

Oh my God, he talks!

It's been a long, long time since the world heard from the once outspoken Axl Rose, but the floodgates appear to be swinging wide. Late Wednesday afternoon, the elusive Guns n' Roses frontman issued a nearly 400 word-long statement expounding on "Oh My God," the first new song from the band since their cover of the Stones' "Sympathy for the Devil" appeared on the soundtrack to Interview with the Vampire.

"Oh My God" will appear on the Nov. 2 soundtrack to the Arnold Schwarzenegger one-man-against-the-devil action film End of Days. The song has been briefly teased in TV commercials for the film, which opens Nov. 24. As previously reported, the track features fretwork from former Janes Addiction/Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Dave Navarro. Other players on the track include Dizzy Reed and latter-day Gunners Tommy Stinson, Paul Huge and Robin Finck (who has since returned to Nine Inch Nails).

Rose's statement, which was released through his label, Interscope/Geffen/A&M, reads in full:

"So here's the story behind this music...

The chorus: OH MY GOD etc. deals with the societal repression of deep and often agonizing emotions -- some of which may be willingly accepted for one reason or another -- the appropriate expression of which (one that promotes a healing, release and a positive resolve) is often discouraged and many times denied. Emotionally the song contemplates several abstract perspectives drawing from personal expression as well as from the film (End Of Days) and its metaphors. The appropriate expression and vehicle for such emotions and concepts is not something taken for granted.

Musically the song was primarily written by Paul Huge over two years ago, with Dizzy Reed writing the musical hook of the chorus. Former member Duff McKagan as well as former employee Matt Sorum failed to see its potential and showed no interest in exploring, let alone recording the piece. When the demos were played for the new band, Josh, Tommy and Robin were as they say 'all over it.'

Once the opportunity was presented, the song was given priority in our recording process. As the verse, performance and lyrics were decided on, for us (that especially includes Interscope chairman Jimmy Iovine) the choice became obvious. We were more than pleased Mr. Roswell (the film's music supervisor) agreed! Our thanks to Arnold and all for the consideration -- it is an association in which we have always felt honored.

Paul Huge, Gary Sunshine and Dave Navarro appear on the song as well as Robin Finck. Robin's part was written by Paul and extensively manipulated by our producer, Sean Beaven. Robin was not involved in the writing of the final recording though did participate in the arrangement. All lyrics were written by myself. Additional programming (jack boots, screeching tires, etc.) was by Stuart White.

The fight of good vs. evil, positive vs. negative, man against a seemingly undefeatable, undeterrable, unrevealed destiny, along with the personal and universal struggle to attain, maintain and responsibly manage freewill can be and often is frustrating to say the least. In America our country's constitutional right to freedom of expression gives us a better chance to fight for that expression than many in other countries enjoy. It can be a big gig, like kickin' the crap outta the devil!

Power to the people, peace out and blame Canada."

- Axl


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