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1998.02.06 - MTV News - Ex-Hollywood Rose Bandmate Sues Axl Rose, Guns N' Roses

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1998.02.06 - MTV News - Ex-Hollywood Rose Bandmate Sues Axl Rose, Guns N' Roses Empty 1998.02.06 - MTV News - Ex-Hollywood Rose Bandmate Sues Axl Rose, Guns N' Roses

Post by Blackstar on Tue Feb 25, 2020 1:22 pm



Weber and Rose played together in a band called Rose in 1983. Izzy Stradlin joined the group a short time later and the name was changed to Hollywood Rose. They split up not long after with Rose going on to front the band L.A. Guns and eventually the historic Guns N' Roses.

Weber, says co-publisher Ehrlich, slipped into oblivion while successfully fighting a drug problem. Guns N' Roses released an EP in 1986, then signed with Geffen to release their debut million seller, "Appetite For Destruction." Weber is credited with three songs recorded by G N' R and included on early albums. Weber later launched court action that was resolved in 1991 involving those tunes, but according to Ehrlich, those records are sealed. Weber, says Ehrlich, is now in the process of putting a new band together in Los Angeles which he is likely going to again call Hollywood Rose.

Last year reports surfaced that Weber was planning on releasing Hollywood Rose material and that Rose had blocked him from doing so. But Weber told press sources that he didn't want to release the old tapes, and that he had only called Guns manager Doug Goldstein to let him know he had them but was immediately warned he would not be allowed to release any of the material.

G N' R manager Doug Goldstein told the "L.A. Daily News" that he's talked with all his clients and they all deny that Weber co-wrote the songs. One of the songs, says Goldstein, was written before Rose and Weber even knew each other. Ehrlich, however, says he has video to prove it, which Goldstein told the paper he has never been seen. Ehrlich says he has now sent it to Axl Rose.

A spokesperson for Geffen, like Goldstein in the "L.A. Daily News," dismissed it as a nuisance suit.

"Whenever a band sells millions of records," Geffen's Bryn Bridenthal told MTV News, "you can count on frivolous publishing lawsuits following right behind."

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