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1991.08.16- L.A. Weekly - Table Manners

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1991.08.16- L.A. Weekly - Table Manners Empty 1991.08.16- L.A. Weekly - Table Manners

Post by Blackstar on Sat Aug 31, 2019 3:27 am

1991.08.16- L.A. Weekly - Table Manners 1991_031


Table Manners

THE HOT CONCERT TICKET OF THIS SUMMER’S DISMAL SCHEDULE WAS, OF COURSE, the Guns N’ Roses/Skid Row double at Inglewood, but the action took place at the tour-ending party held at the Troubadour on August 4. A three-hour wait for the band, then a 3-hour-36-minute-19-second set (Axl Rose timed this one on a stop-watch), made the last show of the Forum stint a long night for fans. Not long enough to tucker out our heroes, however. According to several of the lucky invitees, the scene on the Troub’s balcony was straight out of Fellini, with naked groupies making out with each other on the tables. That’s not really out of the ordinary for these kings of the debauched, but perhaps the highlight of the orgy was. Apparently, Mr. Rose found himself cheek to cheek (his upper, her lower) with one of the top-heavy Guns fans and proceeded to do what is now called “the Pee-wee bop" in front of the other guests (including members of his family), who held their amazement in check like the good, jaded Hollywoodians they are. The kicker, unbeknownst to Axl, was that these were pros: one of the girls turned to a party-goer and was heard to say, “I get paid $75 an hour for this.” Guess no matter how big GN’R get, it’ll always be pay to play.

“It was a typical raunchy end-of-the-tour party, not open to the public,” offers Geffen publicist Bryn Bridenthal. Besides, “how bad could it be? There was no property damage.”

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