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1990.06.01 - L.A. Weekly - L.A. Dee Da (Axl, Duff)

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1990.06.01 - L.A. Weekly - L.A. Dee Da (Axl, Duff) Empty 1990.06.01 - L.A. Weekly - L.A. Dee Da (Axl, Duff)

Post by Blackstar on Fri Aug 30, 2019 1:14 pm

1990.06.01 - L.A. Weekly - L.A. Dee Da (Axl, Duff) 1990_028

Transcript (excerpt):

NEWLYWED GAMES: If you’re wondering why you didn’t read anything here about Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose’s recent Las Vegas nuptials, perhaps it was because something told us it wasn’t exactly white-picket-fence time for these newlyweds. And sure enough, wire services reported last Thursday that Axl had already filed for divorce from Erin Everly, his wife of just one month.

GN’R bassist Duff McKagan, who was the first to hop the divorce-go-round when he split from former Lame Flame singer Mandy, squired his new gal-pal to the Sports Arena a couple of weeks ago to see Madonna and to Bordello the next night for Whitesnake guitarist Steve Vai’s record-release party.

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