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1992.06.DD - Canal 33 Sputnik (Catalan TV) - Interview with Slash

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1992.06.DD - Canal 33 Sputnik (Catalan TV) - Interview with Slash Empty 1992.06.DD - Canal 33 Sputnik (Catalan TV) - Interview with Slash

Post by Blackstar on Tue Feb 19, 2019 11:03 am


[Clip from Live And Let Die video]
Slash: Hi, I’m Slash from Guns N’ Roses and you’re watching Sputnik.
[Clip from Sweet Child O’ Mine video]
Question on screen: Que és el rock & roll als 90? (What is rock ‘n’ roll in the 90s?)
Slash: It’s musical integrity and attitude; doing anything you want and not having anybody tell you how to do it or what to do; not conforming to the business and the industry; and just fucking going out and kicking ass. It’s like – it’s a real basic, sort of animal instinct kind of thing.
[Footage from the Ritz 1988]
Text on screen: Els Guns N’ Roses recollien les influencies de classics com Stones, Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, New York Dolls, Sex Pistols, The Who, Aerosmith é Neil Young (Guns N’ Roses are influenced from classics like the Stones, Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, New York Dolls, Sex Pistols, The Who, Aerosmith and Neil Young).
Slash: Everybody has the kind of music that they grew up with, and that’s basically what – it’s sort of the mold for you to do what you wanna do. You have your own personality and your own character, but you have the thing that inspires you to create. And you have to have influences. You gotta have something that makes you go, “Yeah, that sounds great. That’s what I wanna do.” And those are examples of the bands that we all grew up with, that we really liked.
[Clip from Don’t Cry video]
Question on screen: Que hauria estat de G & R sense escandols? (What GN’R would have been without the scandals?)
Slash: I have no idea. I don’t care about that stuff. It’s media hype. I don’t think the people that listen to us really care about it. I think it’s more a celebrity status thing where you get in the press and people pick up magazines and read them. But the kids that show up at the concerts, all they really care about is seeing us perform our music than really care what we did the night before or what we’re gonna do tomorrow.
[Clip from You Could Be Mine video]
Slash: It’s easier to be pissed off now that we are successful and famous than it was when we were living on the street, to tell you the truth (chuckles). You know? It’s like, now we have to, like, maintain our own ideals and our own integrity and stuff, and to write the way we want to write, and not have to conform to this business. So we’re actually a little bit more against the grain than we were when we were just kids on the street, cuz no one gave a shit about us then, so we were having to fight to get here. And now that we’re here, we’re having to fight to stay normal.
[Live footage from Paris 1992]
[Text on screen about the European tour, the upcoming shows in Spain and the stage production]
Dale 'Opie' Skjerseth: Hi kids, welcome to Guns N’ Roses. I’m Opie. I’m the production manager for the show and my job consists of putting together the tour and the crews from city to city that we go and make sure that everybody has a good show. What we got here is a Guns N’ Roses stage, lights, PA... We have everything – video, everything, so you kids can enjoy our show, make everything comfortable just like home.
Slash: Playing a big tour like this and playing in front of this many people is a little bit more of a turn-on than playing clubs all the time. You know, the odd club, doing a club gig is fine, but this is a great achievement for us and it’s also new for us, so I have to say that the stadium tour is definitely happening (chuckles).
[Live footage from the Freddie Mercury Tribute concert]
Slash: We’re just a rock ‘n’ roll band. That’s the way I look at it.
[Clip from You Could Be Mine video]

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