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1992.10.DD - MTV - Interview with Slash

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1992.10.DD - MTV - Interview with Slash Empty 1992.10.DD - MTV - Interview with Slash

Post by Blackstar on Thu Mar 14, 2019 11:02 pm


Voice-over: In the Guns N’ Roses tour with Metallica there was another riot. The show in Montreal started off on a bad note when Metallica’s James Hetfield suffered severe burns from a pyrotechnic explosion. Then Guns started playing, but when Axl cut his band’s set short because of problems with the monitors, the unhappy crowd started rioting. But the band trudged onward playing three-hour long blood-sweat- and-tears concerts to sold-out stadium crowds.

Slash: We stuck in there and made our points. That was a great achievement as far as I’m concerned. It was definitely the hardest tour at least - for Guns N’ Roses, that we’ve ever done.

Voice-over: And Slash gave up his bachelorhood to marry model Renee Suran.

Slash: I tried anything to avoid tying the knot because I was scared to death of it, and there became a situation where it was one or the other, and I opted for getting married and staying with her. And once I did that, it changed me completely.

Slash: The hysteria that’s going on in South America about us coming over there is sort of apparently unequal; like, we sold an amazing amount of tickets at an amazingly fast amount of time compared to the acts that usually go over there. So, we’re just going to South America. I don’t know if we’re gonna call back and say, you know, “This is where we’re at.” I mean, because that’s a whole different country altogether and you just want to just go and focus on playing there. So, we’ll see how things develop. I don’t know if anybody in the States is gonna hear from us for a while. I mean, I think everybody’s probably sick of us at this point anyway, so, yeah, they'll be glad to let us go away for a while. (laughs)

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