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1992.05.20 - Czechoslovakian TV - Interview with Slash, Soundgarden and Faith No More members (Slash)

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1992.05.20 - Czechoslovakian TV - Interview with Slash, Soundgarden and Faith No More members (Slash) Empty 1992.05.20 - Czechoslovakian TV - Interview with Slash, Soundgarden and Faith No More members (Slash)

Post by Blackstar on Sat Dec 01, 2018 5:39 am


[Footage from the Soundgarden concert]
[Cut to interview with Soundgarden]
Interviewer: (Introduction in Czech)
Interviewer: Are you feeling like stars now?
Chris Cornell (laughs): No, no.
Interviewer: No? Are you working to be stars? Are you going to be?
Chris Cornell: No, the only true stars are, like, dead (?)
Kim Thayil: (?) various constellations.
Matt Cameron: We want to be wizards.
Interviewer: Okay. And do you think that Faith No More, for example, they are?
Chris Cornell: Not really. Maybe, I don’t know.
Kim Thayil: Just the bass player, Billy. He is a true star.
Interviewer: Really? You mean it seriously?
Kim Thayil: No. I’m actually being quite sarcastic (chuckles).
[cut to footage from the Soundgarden concert]
[cut back to the interview with Soundgarden]
Interviewer: About your music something.
Chris Cornell (to Thayil): Yeah. Can you do that?
Kim Thayil: Well, we came up with a pretty good definition yesterday. It was “early 70s U.S. Muscle car driving through the prom”. Not to the prom, but right through the dance floor of the prom. So this...
Chris Cornell: (laughs)
Interviewer: And your tonight show, will be really loud?
Chris Cornell: Yeah.
Interviewer: Much more loud than other two bands?
Kim Thayil: Oh, no (chuckles). It won’t be...
Matt Cameron: No, It won’t be as loud.
Kim Thayil: Usually, the way they set it up, they usually don’t allow the first band to be louder than the headliner.
Chris Cornell: Yeah, it’s a rule. It’s when you start...
Kim Thayil: It’s etiquette in touring in at least the U.S. and parts of Europe.
Interviewer: Okay. We know that you are big friends with Faith No More. Can you say how was built, the friendship?
Chris Cornell: We are mutual fans, I guess, of each other’s bands. We played a show together by chance and we liked each other’s bands, and eventually toured together in the States and just became friends that way.
Interviewer: Okay. And how will you feel in the biggest stadium in the world tonight?
Chris Cornell: I don’t know.
Kim Thayil: Is this really the biggest stadium?
Interviewer: It’s the biggest, but (?)
Kim Thayil: Bigger than Sao Paolo or Rio?
Interviewer: Yeah, it’s really biggest. They said.
Kim Thayil: Really?
Interviewer: They said.
Chris Cornell: We’ll feel small like ants.
Kim Thayil: Everyone should get their opera glasses if you’re in the back rows, so that you can watch us. Those opera visors.
Interviewer: What are you looking forward?
Chris Cornell: Oh yeah.
Kim Thayil: Oh, what are we looking forward?
Chris Cornell: Oh what are we looking...
Kim Thayil: Well, I suppose, doing the tour, selling a bunch of records and going home.
Interviewer: Okay. Thank you very much.
[cut to footage from the Soundgarden concert]
[Cut to interview with Faith No More]
Interviewer: We are from music magazine BAGO and we’d like to ask you, do you know that you are really famous here in Czechoslovakia?
Mike Patton: Um, I didn’t know until today.
Interviewer: Okay. And do you know that many people like to come to tomorrow night’s show more than for Guns N’ Roses, to listen to your band?
Roddy Bottum: We know it (chuckles). No, that’s what people say, we’ve never been here before so it doesn’t really seem realistic.
Mike Patton: Yeah. It seems like people are playing a joke on us. I mean, do you guys maybe not like Guns N’ Roses, so you’re trying to make them jealous or upset or something? By telling us these things? We’ve never even been here before.
Interviewer: Okay. And how do you like the rock clubs, underground clubs, like (name of a club) and Rock Cafe, where you’ve been yesterday night?
Mike Patton: We went to [name of the club] last night. It was fun, I liked it.
Interviewer: And you?
Roddy Bottum: I liked it, but I prefer riding on bicycles. We’ve had bicycles in the last couple of days, we’ve been doing a lot of that. That’s a lot more fun than clubs to me. [Name of the club] was fun. I liked it.
Interviewer: Yeah?
Roddy Bottum: Yeah. Fun crowd, fun kids.
Mike Patton: Maybe we’ll play there the next time we come here.
Interviewer: In [name of the club]?
Mike Patton: Yeah. Do they have live music there?
Interviewer: Yeah. Yeah, very often. Don’t you listen yesterday night?
Mike Patton: It was a deejay.
Interviewer: Okay. So I want to ask you, what will you perform tomorrow?
Mike Patton: Lots of songs (laughs).
Interviewer: From last album?
Mike Patton: Yeah. A lot of new songs, actually. We have a new record that’s coming real soon and we’re gonna play a lot of new song from it. And some cover songs and a few old ones.
Interviewer: And Billy Gould said in one interview that you are fan of Public Enemy. Is it true?
Mike Patton: Who? Me or just everybody? Yeah, we like Public Enemy, sure.
Interviewer: Okay. And I want to ask you more...
[Members of the crew are carrying something, singing a military-like tune]
Mike Patton: Americans.
Interviewer: Americans? Um, but what about this song, Epic?
Roddy Bottum: What about it?

Mike Patton: (Laughs)
Interviewer: What about? What about?
Roddy Bottum: Have you ever heard it?
Interviewer: Yeah.
Roddy Bottum: It’s on our last record. We’re pretty much sick of it.
Mike Patton: We hate it.
Roddy Bottum: We put out that record, like, a couple of years ago, and we toured with it, and played it a lot. And every time we play that song people go nuts, but we’re a little tired of it. It will probably be more fun for us tomorrow to play some of our newer stuff. It will be more fun.
Interviewer: Okay. And your new album will be darker and harder or...
Mike Patton: A bit, yeah. Some of it is a lot, yeah, harder and more disturbing, and a lot of it is a lot lighter and more disturbing.
Interviewer: Really? And I have heard that some country & western song will be on this new record.
Mike Patton: Sure. We’ll play it tomorrow. You’ll hear it.
Interviewer: Really? Okay.
Mike Patton: Yeah, it’s horrible.
Interviewer: Okay. And do you know some music from this area? From East Europe? Do you listen something? Have you heard something?
Mike Patton: We don’t know much, no. I’d love to hear it. That’s why we wanted to go out, maybe tonight. We wanted to go out last night and see a Czech band, but no one would tell us. What’s a good Czech band?
Interviewer: Oh, it’s many...
Mike Patton: They’re, like, hardcore bands or straightedge?
Interviewer: Yeah, it’s many bands there. Many bands there.
Mike Patton: Yeah?
Interviewer: But I cannot say which one is best for you, you know.
Mike Patton: Which one do you like?
Interviewer: Oh, it’s many groups.
Roddy Bottum: I would just have to say many groups.
Interviewer: (Laughs)
Mike Patton: Many groups.
Roddy Bottum: Many, many groups.
Mike Patton: I just like music as a genre.
Interviewer: As?
Mike Patton: Forget it.
Interviewer: Forget it. Okay. Okay.
Mike Patton: We’re just making stupid jokes.
[cut to footage from the Faith No More concert]
[cut to footage of Slash arriving at the venue – Voice-over in Czech]
[cut to interview with Slash]
Interviewer: Hi Slash.
Slash: Hi.
Interviewer: My name is (?)
Slash: What’s happening?
Interviewer: Very nice to meet you and thank you for coming to tell to our viewers, TV viewers and music magazine BAGO. Can you say us how long are Guns N’ Roses on tour now?
Slash: We got another, I’d say, about six months. Somewhere in there.
Interviewer: Aren’t you tired?
Slash: No!
Interviewer: No?
Slash: Uh-uh.
Interviewer: And how do you gain the new energy for next show?
Slash: Um, because it’s fun. I like doing it (chuckles).
Interviewer: Okay.
Slash: The rest of it is boring. It’s the show stuff that’s fun.
Interviewer: And who chose the support bands?
Slash: We did.
Interviewer: Do you like their music?
Slash: Yeah. (?)
Interviewer (talks over): Can you say about them something?
Slash: Well, Faith No More was some band that we got turned on to a while back when they put their first record – not their first record, their third record came out and we loved it. So that was one. Soundgarden we got turned on to at some point. I don’t remember when, but we just thought they were great. So when it came to support bands, we like to play with people that we like and...
Interviewer: And how is Jack Daniels?
Slash: It’s good. They don’t have it here, though. Can’t find it anywhere.
Interviewer: Because your press manager said that you...
Slash: I drink this stuff too, you know (shows his Black Death vodka t-shirt).
Interviewer: Oh, Black Death, yeah. I have heard. What about? Can you say something about Black Death?
Slash: Yeah. It’s vodka (laughs).
Interviewer: Yeah? And you’re one who’s...
Slash: We have an agreement.
Interviewer: Agreement?
Slash: Yeah.
Interviewer: Okay.
Slash: And so I support them and it’s the only vodka that I drink.
Interviewer: Because your press manager, Wendy, says that you are fan of Jack Daniels?
Slash: Yeah.
Interviewer: And Axl, um, homeopathic pills. Are you so different in lifestyle too?
Slash: Um, yeah. I’d say so. I’m a little crazy (chuckles).
Interviewer: (Laughs) Okay. And what we can expect tonight?
Slash: Um, we’re just gonna go up and play. That’s basically it. That’s about as much prediction as I can give you, you know?
Interviewer: Okay. Thank you very much.
Slash: Alright. Piece.
Interviewer: Thank you very much.
[Voice-over in Czech]
[Footage from the Guns N’ Roses concert]

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