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2019.02.09 - Seznam Zprávy (Czech Republic) - Interview with Slash

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2019.02.09 - Seznam Zprávy (Czech Republic) - Interview with Slash Empty 2019.02.09 - Seznam Zprávy (Czech Republic) - Interview with Slash

Post by Blackstar on Tue Feb 12, 2019 2:51 am


Slash: Now, looking back at it, it was a fine record and it was an easy record to make, cuz I never called the record companies, nobody called managers, and we made the record and then dealt with all the red tape afterwards. So, all things considered, it was sort of a blessing that we did it in a very organic, kind of just musician to musician way. You know, I got a chance to work with a bunch of really great people. It was cool.

Interviewer: And also before they left us forever, like Chris Cornell, Lemmy...

Slash: Yeah. And also one of the guys that sang on that record was – it is not on the record, but we had a recording, but I couldn’t release it, which was Chester Bennington. Chester wrote this great song which was very telling about his state at the time, which I had no idea what was going on in his head and what he was suffering from, and so, ironically enough, that same music is what Lemmy sang on.

Interviewer: And coming to the end of our time, I would like to ask you, what are your still some dreams to still accomplish until you’re here in this world?

Slash: Well, I mean, right now is doing this tour. We just started it, and so I’m looking forward to that. I mean, that’s, like, all encompassing. It’s like, we’re doing Europe and then South America, then we’ve got the festivals in the summertime, and then we have a U.S.-Canada run. So it’s really about that. We’re squeezing a lot of miles into a very short – no pun intended – a lot of miles into a short period of time. And then I’ll go back and get to work with Guns N’ Roses and see where that goes. So, really, for me it’s not about long-term lofty dreams or long-term goals. It’s about what’s happening right now and just moving forward.

Interviewer: Understood. All the best, have a great time. Cheers, mate. Thank you.

Slash: Alright.

Interviewer: Thanks.

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