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2000.12.09 - Musikbyrån SVT - Interview with Slash

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2000.12.09 - Musikbyrån SVT - Interview with Slash  Empty 2000.12.09 - Musikbyrån SVT - Interview with Slash

Post by Blackstar on Fri Nov 30, 2018 5:03 am


Johnny Griparic: Are we doing it in Swedish and English?

Slash: I have no idea.

Griparic: (Talks in Swedish?)

Slash: He’s gonna talk shit about me.


[Live footage – Slash’s Snakepit]

[Voice-over in Swedish]

[Live footage – Slash’s Snakepit]

Slash: Money hurts everything. When it comes down to it, it’s how much of the good fight you can put up to do what it is that you want to do, and deal with the corporate aspect of everything.

Griparic: Us being with a small one, you know, in fact we can make calls and get through to the people to make things happen, instead of the secretary of the secretary.

Slash: Yeah, right, the underling (laughs). Yeah, “I’m a friend of the brother’s secretary that got the message that said that you wanted to talk to fucking so-and-so.” (laughs)

Griparic: And get a call back in two weeks.

Slash: Alright...

Interviewer: And if you call them, they don’t say, “Hey, I’ve got Dr. Dre on the other line.”

Slash: Oh yeah, that actually happened to me once. It wasn’t Dr. Dre, it was a guy from Limp Bizkit. They said, “I’ve got to put you on hold for a second, the Limp Bizkit guy is here at my office.” And that was like, that was that, that was it, you just nailed it right on the head (chuckles). That was the exact moment when I was like, “This has gotta go.”

[Clip from Yesterdays video]

Slash: When Duff and I quit, we were the three last partners in that group. When Duff and I quit, it was a question as who wants to deal with the name. And me and Duff were like, “We don’t want it. What are we gonna do with it?” you know? (chuckles) And Axl chose to keep the name and go on, and promote it as such, so...

Interviewer: They’re playing at the Rock in Rio festival. You won’t be there.

Slash: We’re not playing the Rock in Rio festival, but we’ll be around the corner (laughs).

Criparic: In Argentina.

Slash: Yeah.

[Clip from Yesterdays video]

Slash: There’s just been a lot of, like, so-called Guns N’ Roses shows that were supposed to happen, even when I was in the band (laughs). And it never did, so it’s just like, we’ll wait to see when it happens. You know, I hope it does and I hope it goes on. I hope he gets a record out and – you know. And there’s some pretty heavy people at the helm right now working on the Guns record, so I don’t think anybody’s fuckin’ around, because I think too much money and time has been spent, you know, so they have to do it (chuckles).

[Clip from Don’t Cry video]

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