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2018.11.20 - Asia World Expo Arena, Hong Kong, China

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2018.11.20 - Asia World Expo Arena, Hong Kong, China Empty 2018.11.20 - Asia World Expo Arena, Hong Kong, China

Post by Soulmonster on Thu Nov 15, 2018 7:59 am

2018.11.20 - Asia World Expo Arena, Hong Kong, China Index12

November 20, 2018
Asia World Expo Arena, Hong Kong, China
01. It's So Easy
02. Mr. Brownstone
03. Chinese Democracy
04. Welcome to the Jungle
05. Double Talkin' Jive
06. Better
07. Estranged
08. Live and Let Die
09. Slither
10. Rocket Queen
11. You Could Be Mine
12. Shadow of Your Love
13. Attitude
14. Civil War
15. Coma
Band introductions.
Slash guitar solo segueing into Theme from Godfather
16. Sweet Child O' Mine
17. Wichita Lineman
Jam - Wish You Were Here
18. November Rain (with Layla intro)
19. Black Hole Sun
20. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
21. Nightrain
22. Patience
23. Don't Cry
24. The Seeker
25. Paradise City

November 20, 2018.

Asia World Expo Arena.

Hong Kong, China.

Axl Rose: Vocals and piano
Slash: Lead and rhythm guitar, and backing vocals
Richard Fortus: Rhythm and lead guitar, and backing vocals
Duff Mckagan: Bass and backing vocals
Dizzy Reed: Piano and backing vocals
Frank Ferrer: Drums
Melissa Reese: Keyboard and backing vocals

2018.11.20 - Asia World Expo Arena, Hong Kong, China Index210

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2018.11.20 - Asia World Expo Arena, Hong Kong, China Empty Re: 2018.11.20 - Asia World Expo Arena, Hong Kong, China

Post by Soulmonster on Wed Nov 21, 2018 8:57 am

Guns N’ Roses play a marathon three-hour gig in Hong Kong: the hits, the hair, the big guitar solos

* Axl Rose, Slash and the rest of the hard rockers from LA put on a monster of a show at AsiaWorld Expo
* Welcome to the Jungle, Sweet Child o’ Mine and Chinese Democracy were among the 25-song set list

Nostalgic rock fans from Hong Kong and beyond dug out their leopard prints and leathers last night and swarmed to AsiaWorld-Expo for the return of ’80s rock legends Guns N’ Roses for the first of two concerts in the city during the Asian leg of their world tour.

Ticket prices spiralled into thousands of dollars, but gig goers got what they paid for: although the hard-rocking hit makers are notorious for keeping fans waiting, the bumper three-hour Not in This Lifetime show warranted a sharp 8pm start to pack in 25 songs before the final Airport Express departed.

Formed in Los Angeles in 1985, the group have undergone numerous line-up changes and constant turmoil during their career, which spans six studio albums, making them one of the most storied and iconic rock bands. After a particularly bad spat in 1996, frontman Axl Rose went on to perform as Guns N' Roses without guitarist Slash, who embarked on a solo career, until the pair ended their decades-long feud in 2016 and set out on tour together again – purely for the love of music, of course.
The Post had originally been due to interview Slash before the show, but plans unravelled after the band’s management refused to allow any questions about Guns N’ Roses, insisting that the focus must remain on the guitarist’s solo work. If tensions remain between Rose and Slash, they kept things civil onstage, albeit with as little interaction as possible.

Last night, the band swung into action with some classics from their Appetite for Destruction debut album, It’s So Easy and Mr Brownstone. There was speculation before the show that the band would leave out Chinese Democracy, the title track from the 2008 album of the same name, to avoid ruffling any feathers in Beijing while performing in Hong Kong and Taiwan.
However, after the band played the song live in Taipei at the weekend, things were looking promising. “You might know the name of this song,” Rose said wryly as he introduced the track, which deals with the lack of free speech in China.
While Rose remains a formidable frontman, his voice struggled uncomfortably in the higher range and rarely reached the banshee-like projection of his younger years, with Better and You Could Be Mine sounding especially strained and lacking in power.

A sharply choreographed set identical to the band’s other Asian shows left little room for improvisation, though moments engineered to feel spontaneous were carved from dazzling flashes of guitar wizardry and nine covers of songs by other artists, such as Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun and Misfits’ Attitude, the latter delivered with venom and punch by bassist Duff McKagen.

Rose and Slash naturally command most of the spotlight onstage, but one of the upsides of the extended set was that it also provided moments for the other members to shine. McKagen and drummer Frank Ferrer’s rhythm section sounded fat and heavy during Shadow of Your Love and Rocket Queen, while Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door featured a particularly stunning solo from guitarist Richard Fortus.

The enthusiasm of the crowd seemed to ebb around the two hour mark as the band ploughed through a lacklustre, tedious rendition of the aptly titled Coma. But the energy picked back up when, after segueing into some genuinely jaw-dropping fretwork during a 10-minute blues solo session, Slash began to play the instantly recognisable opening riff of Sweet Child o’ Mine. However, the moment was spoiled by the sea of mobile phones being raised across the arena, with many fans filming the entire song and blocking the view of others.

When the grand piano was wheeled out, it was clear what was coming. Instead of lighters out (anyone brandishing an actual flame was tackled within seconds by a team of security guards), the arena filled with a sea of white LED screens as Rose’s diamond skull-encrusted fingers fluttered over the keys during signature singalong ballad November Rain.
Characteristically overblown and indulgent, the performance at times felt painfully long and tested the patience of nearly all but the most devoted of fans. When the sunny tones of closer Paradise City arrived after a lengthy encore, it wasn’t a moment too soon for some.
Some advice for those with standing tickets for tonight’s show: wear comfortable shoes and bring refreshments.
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