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1990.05.21 - People Magazine (Axl)

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1990.05.21 - People Magazine (Axl) Empty 1990.05.21 - People Magazine (Axl)

Post by Blackstar on Thu 8 Nov 2018 - 6:09

Guns N’ Roses lead singer Axl Rose, 28, married his longtime girlfriend, Erin Everly, 24, in a middle-of-the-night ceremony in Las Vegas on April 28. Erin is the daughter of Don Everly, one of the Everly Brothers, and was the inspiration for Rose’s hit, “Sweet Child o’ Mine.” For the ceremony, Rose hid his legendary tattoos with a long-sleeved shirt (no tie, though). “They were really well-mannered and very courteous,” says Cupid Wedding Chapel manager Charles Biondillo, 32….

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