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1990.08.27 - People Magazine - A Thorn In Rose's Side (Axl)

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1990.08.27 - People Magazine - A Thorn In Rose's Side (Axl) Empty 1990.08.27 - People Magazine - A Thorn In Rose's Side (Axl)

Post by Blackstar on Sun Sep 09, 2018 4:40 am


Peter Castro
August 27, 1990


Guns N’ Roses lead singer AXL ROSE wants the West Hollywood sheriffs department to leave him alone. Rose has filed a complaint against his neighborhood cops following what Rose calls their unwarranted raid on his apartment on Aug. 1. Rose claims he’s the victim of police harassment and heavy-handed intimidation. (A police spokesman says the cops were responding to a complaint of loud music and noise coming from Rose’s apartment.) “My wife [ERIN, 24], my friend [Skid Row lead singer SEBASTIAN BACH] and I were sitting there on the balcony having dinner, and my wife suddenly saw about seven to nine police cars pulling up below,” says Rose, 28, in a rare interview. “She thought someone had been killed. It took some 13 or 14 cops about 40 minutes to organize downstairs. They thought they were pulling some big sneak attack or something. My wife couldn’t see through the eyehole to see who was knocking, so she opened the door, and there they were, and they said to me, ‘Step out,’ and I said, ‘Yeah, right.’ This cop shoved my wife, walked into my place and is saying that I invited him in. He’s lying. That’s assault and trespassing, and I want an investigation. I don’t know if they’re out to get me, but they hate my guts, and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because if you’re working the [Sunset] Strip and you saw long-haired guys with earrings who have no socially redeeming qualities going out with these girls you wished you had, it might tend to piss you off after a few years.”

The other big news here, of course, is that Rose is back with his wife, the daughter of singer DON EVERLY. Rose, who last May filed for divorce after 26 days of marriage, now says,” [Our marriage] is good when we’re communicating. Then it opens up a lot of doors and things of hope that I really didn’t see or believe in before and just read about in books. Being married is more a part of me. The ‘institution’ of marriage itself is mumbo-jumbo paperwork, but the union of two people when you get that involved just blows me away.” Rose is even talking fatherhood. “I’m looking forward to it,” he says. “We already have the children named. We wanna have a boy named Shiloh Blue and a girl named Willow Amelia.”

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1990.08.27 - People Magazine - A Thorn In Rose's Side (Axl) Empty Re: 1990.08.27 - People Magazine - A Thorn In Rose's Side (Axl)

Post by Soulmonster on Sat Sep 21, 2019 12:29 pm

From Del Rio News Herald on August 9, 1990:

1990.08.27 - People Magazine - A Thorn In Rose's Side (Axl) Del_ri10
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