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1989.04.18 - MTV - Interview with Duff

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1989.04.18 - MTV - Interview with Duff Empty 1989.04.18 - MTV - Interview with Duff

Post by Blackstar on Wed Oct 24, 2018 12:33 am


Kurt Loder: Okay, next up, “the Big L”, for LP, we like to think - new LP, more precisely. Something that's very much on Guns N’ Roses agenda these days. We ran into Guns bassist Duff McKagan at that [Tom] Petty party on Tuesday night, and he gave us this update on the band's next album.

Duff: We're just writing songs for the new record and we might get into studio in about a month in an effort to record it, but it could take about five years and... (chuckles). Now...

Kurt Loder: Are you looking forward to getting us out in 89 a new thing or the time table doesn't matter?

Duff: It doesn't really matter right now, you know, because the way we record it doesn't take us a long time, but we want to make sure it's right for us. You know, we don't write commercial songs and I think it's gonna be pretty evident on this next record, you know. So yeah, if we want to make sure it's us coming out, you know, we're not gonna rush through it just to get some product out to sell it to, you know, kids who... "Guns N’ Roses", you know. It's not like that, you know. It’s got to please us first and really be us first, you know.

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