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1989.09.DD - Circus Magazine - Duff: The "Normal" Member? (Duff)

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1989.09.DD - Circus Magazine - Duff: The "Normal" Member? (Duff) Empty 1989.09.DD - Circus Magazine - Duff: The "Normal" Member? (Duff)

Post by Soulmonster on Sat Jun 11, 2011 11:27 am

Duff: The "Normal" Member?

If there's one word GNR bassist Duff McKagan uses to describe himself, it's "normal". While that may not be the first thought that comes to mind when people think of the combustible quintet, the lean blond from Seattle insists that, as far as he's concerned, GNR are regular guys doing a very fun job.

"We've often been taken too lightly because the press figure that we're just a bunch of drunks, too childish, or whatever," he admits. "People will try to take advantage of that aspect of us. Then, when they come face to face, they realize that we're not actually like that. Our organization is really tight and efficient."

No matter how crazy the surroundings become, Duff is determined to go on with his life. For instance, after planning his wedding for over a year, Duff announced that he intended to get married on May 28, 1988. Except that he quickly learned the band was committed to a date opening for Iron Maiden. Taking matters into his own hands, McKagan found a replacement for that one day, said his "I do's", and was back on the road for the next night's show.

Duff's memories of leaner days contribute to his fondness for the punk sound and lifestyle. When McKagan bolts onstage wearing a t-shirt from the original NYC punk club CBGB, he's not putting on airs - he's been a long time fan of early British punk rockers such as The Ruts and The Damned.

In the faraway days before AFD and GNR Lies became multi-million sellers and Top 10 airwave classics, Duff remembers walking around arenas where his band was opening for Motley Crue, "and just freaking - our little band as a part of this huge, major thing." Yet, now that GNR is the huge, major thing, Duff still keeps everything basic. "We have no frills. We rely on the band itself to kick ass and pull out all the stops."
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