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1986.07.07 - Music Connection (short article)

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1986.07.07 - Music Connection (short article) Empty 1986.07.07 - Music Connection (short article)

Post by Blackstar on Wed Aug 29, 2018 2:24 am

Many thanks to @troccoli for sharing with us the rare articles and interviews he has collected, as well as many other amazing GN'R memorabilia.
The original picture of this article can be found on his site here:

SMOKING GUNS: Guns N’ Roses recently finished 27 songs as a demo project for their label, Geffen Records. The demo sessions, produced by Manny Charlton (late of Nazareth), were recorded at Sound City Studios. The band also announced that they will be playing their “Farewell to Hollywood” concert on July 11th at the Troubadour, after which they leave for England to begin recording their debut album, scheduled for a fall release. Meanwhile, Geffen will release some of the demo material as an “authorized bootleg.” That oughta hold you for a while.

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